Swim's Budget Consume(Rank 13)

Created by swim May 7, 2017

Last Updated May 9, 2017 (Pre-Patch 2)


  • Attack 82
  • Ranged 9
  • Siege 25
  • Total Strength 116
  • Total 25
  • Silver 4
  • Gold 1
  • Scrap Cost 1690
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Brief Summary of Build

This is a very cheap version of the consume list that I would highly recommend to newer players.  The idea is very simple: your vran warriors and arachas behemoths will give you consistent value over time, while nekkers give you a lategame wincondition.  Ekimmaras are used to reset your passive carryover to a larger unit, should you be forced into a position where you might carry over something undesireable.  Mardroeme can be used to restore your nekker's base STR after they get hit by an opponent's Cyprian Willy.  This deck performs exceptionally well as a budget list because not only is it one of the strongest archetypes in the game, but it derives that strength mainly from its very high synergy bronzes, which are very cheap. The deck will hit a wall right around 3300 MMR in terms of being able to climb further without any golds and with only a few mediocre silvers, but up until then it's really quite strong.  

Crafting Order:  Old Speartip: Asleep -> 3x Nekker -> 2x Vran Warrior -> 2x Arachas Behemoth -> 3x Arachas -> 2x Nekker Warrior -> Dagon -> Everything else

Starter collection list: 

With your starter collection, try to focus on snowballing as much as possible. Play a little greedy with your power, trying to maximize your potential points on no more than 2 units, and if the opponent uses scorch early, go full throttle on a single unit, as they will very rarely be able to control it anymore.  Put any potions you unkeg into this deck at this time, and since this is a budget deck, most strong silver and gold cards you unkeg will fit in the deck until you can finish the final version. Replace 1x each of Nekker Warrior, Ekimmara, and Mardroeme before anything else.  

Finished non-budget version of the list:

Final Version Crafting Order:  Kayran -> Crones -> Avallach -> Huge Toad -> Grave Hag -> Geralt: Igni -> Caretaker

Unfortunately, I am unable to make a video guide for this deck like I wanted to as I'm very busy making preparations for my trip to Poland.  As always, feel free to check out my stream to see me create more decks like this, or to ask me any questions.  :)

Card Combos


Nekker: A core component of this deck and a major lategame finisher.  Mulligan for 1 in your opening hand (you can keep 2 if you have 2 nekker warriors or are worried about cyprian).  The idea with them is to use nekker warriors on them early, such that you'll hopefully have a deck comprised of 5/7 nekkers.  As you consume other units, the Nekkers will grow, and later into the game, when it might look like you'll end with leftover nekkers in your deck, you can simply devour them with Vran Warriors or Ekimarra to pull more out for more value.  Try not to do this too early into the game though, as you'll only be lowing your value potential by eating your nekkers before they're bigger.  

Nekker Warrior: Essential to the idea of the deck, as you want to be able to put more nekkers in your deck.  If you find yourself without a nekker, you can use this on an Arachas to pull more the next time one spawns.  

Vran Warrior: Your value-over-time card.  Play it very early, generally playing one on melee row (eating nekker warriors and ghouls) and one on ranged row (eating arachases to spawn more).  If you have a lot of nekkers in your deck and you want to start pulling them out (typically later in the game), you can eat them with Vran Warriors to gain huge value.  Whenever possible, be super cognizant with your monsters passive with this card.  For example, this card might be your passive's second choice; you might ekimarra your first choice that's blocking this card from being kept, while placing the ekimmara to the right of this card, such that the Vran will be your carryover.

Arachas Behemoth: Huge part of your combo.  Play these early on to spawn arachases every turn, allowing your ranged row Vran more targets to eat.  The first arachas to spawn from this will pull out 3 arachases from your deck.  

Arachas: These are basically just in your deck to get pulled out by the first Arachas spawned from your Arachas Behemoth.  

Ekimmara: Basically a Vran Warrior with lower potential, but the ability to swap rows and consume immediately.  These are best used for transferring your passive carryover, either resetting it by using this to eat a big Vran if you think the opponent is looking to pass soon, or by eating a newly played unit that's preventing your Vran from being carried over, and placing this to the right of that Vran so that it becomes your carryover.  Use this in round 3 to pull out more Nekkers as well.  

First Light: Keep in your hand in the mirror match, so that you can clear the skies of an opponent's Dagon without having to use yours to do it.  Rallies can be very useful for finding Nekkers in certain games, but keep in mind you won't keep rally targets with your passive. 

Mardroeme: Use this to punish any buffing strategies (Vran Warrior, etc), and it can also be used to restore your nekker's base STR.  If you play a nekker at 4 or more STR, and the opponent uses Cyrpain Willy on it, its deathrattle will never go off as 0 STR units don't go to the graveyard.  In that situation, you can use Mutagen to buff your Nekker back to 2 base str, allowing it to be able to pull more.  Note that this requires you to consume at least 1 card before playing the Nekker.

Alzur's Thunder: High value card in the mirror.  Snipe down an Arachas Behemoth to help out-value the opponent's strategy.  Can also be used on targets such as lubberkin.  


OId Speartip: Asleep: Extremely high value card.  Play it on a row opposite 3+ units on the opponent's side and it will immediately transform and offer 14+ points.  Typically you play this relatively late into a round to swing for huge value.  However, be careful about keeping this as your carryover target; you lose a lot of value keeping this as opposed to most anything else.  

Commander's Horn: Pure value card.  You should be able to find 20 value with this card very reliably, and hopefully one of the buffed targets will be your carryover target, providing even more value.

Cleaver: Lock enemy nekkers, or maybe reinforced siege towers.  Hitting Roach is always a decent option as well.  Careful about carrying this over.

Cyprian Wiley: Banish enemy nekkers (cards with 0 base str can't go to the opponent's graveyard, so even if the nekker doesn't die right away its deathrattle is disabled).  Can also be used to destroy high value threats like lubberkin.  If nothing else, use it to banish roach.  


Unincluded Cards

Scorch: Card has a hard time working with monsters, because topdecking it late means its basically always dead since you have a 10+ point carryover.  Too unreliable here.

Manticore: Honestly synergistic bronzes are worth more than this card.  10 points really isn't very much when compared to even filler cards like ghoul. It's also on a bad row, and can mess up your carryover on a dynamic unit.  

Dimeritium Bomb: Redundant with mardroeme and too often a dead card from my experiences.  You can run this one if you're seeing a lot of henselt and mirrors but it was quite inconsistent overall and you'd be better off using other tech such as thunder for mirrors.  

General Guide


Start my blacklisting any excess Nekkers or Arachas you might have.  In general I'd actually recommend keeping 1 Arachas in hand off the mulligan, and if you have 2+ nekker warriors, it can be fine to keep 2 nekkers.  Mulligan away Alzur's Thunder (and cleaver if you have 2+ nekkers) vs scoia'tael.  Generally you don't need more than 2x each of Nekker Warriors and Ekimmaras.  Keep First Light against a matchup that looks like weather.  

Round 1 

The safe opener is to play a Vran Warrior on the Ranged Row followed by an Arachas (keep 1 in hand) on the right side that he'll immediately eat.  This will provide scorch protection and immediately get your nekker out of Cyprian Willy range so that when you play it, if they use WIlly on it, you'll be able to Mardroeme it to restore its base strength, allowing it to pull more nekkers out later.  Then play arachas behemoths to start the train effectively, followed by a nekker in your melee row, a vran to the left of it, and then a nekker warrior between them, putting more nekkers in your deck.  Continue to play 1-2 more nekker warriors if you have them (there's a consideration for using the third one on an arachas if you're not sure you'll be able to pull out all your nekkers throughout the game).

At any point, use Alzur's Thunder to deny growing threats such as Arachas Behemoth, Cyprian Wiley to deny nekkers, roach, and lubberkin, and Cleaver to as a catch-all for both types of removal.  Later into a round, use Old Speartip to swing for huge value, and Ekimmara to manage your carryover.  Ekimmara can be used on a large Vran to reset your carryover to something big, or it can be used on a small card that cancels your carryover (like speartip or nekker warrior), and placed on the right side of a Vran that eats it.  At any given point, be very aware of not only your carry-over but your 2nd and 3rd options for if the current carryover dies, and try to later into a round engineer a larger carryover.  If necessary to surge ahead on power late into the round, you can consume Nekkers with Vrans or Ekimmaras. Dagon will be used as a rally in the vast majority of circumstances, but his ability to bail you out of niche scenarios such as needing to clear skies against weather or punish an opponent's stacked row is always great.  

Round 2-3

You should have a pretty secure carryover at this point, hopefully a total of 25+ points between a vran and a nekker, although keeping a behemoth or something instead is also fine.  It will be hard for the opponent to force you out of round 1 regardless, so you would likely have the dominant position here.  Ultimately, the finisher to this is quite basic.  Utilize the rest of the nekkers in your deck by eating them with Vrans and Ekimmaras; make sure you don't waste out on the potential resource that is excess Nekkers in your deck.  Ensure that you have another powerful carryover going into round 3 and avoid if possible getting punished by an Igni topdeck.  As with many decks in this game, the way round 2-3 play out will ultimately be a reflection of round 1; if you were able to push round 1 very effectively, you should have a pretty easy finisher for the game.  

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