Kamu's [Top 5] [5400+MMR] Ambush Tael

Created by Kamu May 15, 2017

Last Updated May 15, 2017 (Pre-Patch 2)

Brouver Hoog

  • Attack 33
  • Ranged 42
  • Siege 27
  • Total Strength 102
  • Total 25
  • Silver 6
  • Gold 4
  • Scrap Cost 6200
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Brief Summary of Build

This is the deck I made to get to the Top 10 with two accounts.

2x Top 10

It's inspired by Lifecoach's Ambush Morenn, but teched against the actual Meta, which is full of Control Scoia Taels and Monster Consumes. It's biggest strength is in the mirror matchup and it's also extremely strong against anything and it just happens to be the most fun deck I've ever played. You buff up Toruviel or one of the two Sappers, then you copy it with your Operator and while you can play your strong copied unit, your opponent can't play it, because of the thread of Morenn. Unlike all the other Scoia Tael Builds, I don't play Yaevinn, because it's not good in the Mirror Matchup and since Yaevinn is no in the Deck, Scorch also loses a lot of value and is replaced by Aeromancy. Without Scorch we can add Smugglers aswell, which are really good against Monsters.

If you are tired of reading the Guide already, you can also watch the Guide on my youtube channel. There you will also find more Decklists and Guides in the future.

Card Combos

Elven Mercenary: Should be included in every Scoia Tael Deck. We can expect around 15 points of value for each of these guys. They are just extremely strong. They thin the deck and play a Special card for free. 


Vrihedd Dragoon: 5 Base strength and 4 points to play in whichever round you want is extremely good for a bronze card. They allow you to milk more value out your opponent. In the best case scenario you play these in Round 2 after winning Round 1. You can also play them, if you realize your opponent wants to give up Round 1 and wants to milk you there or if you have no other choice and you want to win Round 1. They are very solid and should be included in every Scoia Tael Deck aswell.


Hawker Smuggler: Hawker Smugglers can be included when we don't play Scorch. They can be placed on every row and should be placed on an empty row, so your opponent either trades around 1 bronze card for 1 bronze card or will face more points than your usual bronze card has. Either way it's a win-win situation, since your deck is linear and likes to trade card for card of the same quality.


First Light: First Lights are autoincludes when you play Elven Mercenarys and since we do play 3 of them, we also play 3 First Lights.


Alzur's Thunder: It's a card that trades 1 for 1. We usually want that against decks, that grow their strength exponentially. Since we face a lot of Monsters, we should therefore include 1 or 2.


Lacerate: Lacerate is optional and included, because it almost removes all the strength of the Behemoth Combo in one Round. So if we meet a Monster Consume player, he plays 2 Units that benefit from Consume: Nekkers and Behemoths. Unless he eats 1 Arachas, with Lacerate we can just negate all the benefits that Behemoths bring to that combo in the round we play it, so we don't have to care about 2 or 3 Behemoths anymore once we see it in Round 1 and can use our Alzur's Thunder on Vran Warriors.


Vrihedd Sappers: They aren't particularly strong and it usually sucks when you draw them with First Light, but we need them for the combo. We want to buff either Toruviel or Sappers with our Vrihedd Dragoons. We play Toruviel too, so we have around 90% to draw at least one of them. If we play 3, we have around 95% of drawing at least one of them. Since the combo gives us around 20 points extra at the end of the game, the third Sapper gives us around 1 additional point. Since i expect Smugglers to be at least worth 9 stats (1 better than a normal Sapper), it's really close and i think you can play either the third Sapper or the Smuggler. Either option shouldn't break your neck. :)


Roach: Well... Roach is OP, so just play it especially with Milva in the Deck.


Operator: We need the Operator for the combo. It copys the buffed unit, which our opponent can't play, because we have Morenn.


Morenn: The same thing applys to her. We need her to play the combo, because our opponent might play the copied Ambush card. Then we need her to destroy it. Since our average opponent will play the Ambush card most of the time, we can't remove her from the deck. We have to include her.


Toruviel: This card is the best one to buff. She is extremely strong, but we have to keep track on when we have to play her. We have to play her, unless we still beat our opponents in case he passes early.


Cyprian Wiley: This card is a techcard against Monsters. It's very solid, when you play it on a Nekker, because it loses its base strength and will banish and so it won't spawn a new Nekker from our opponents Deck. We can also use Cyprian Wiley to banish Roach or Priscilla/KoB.


Aeromancy: Aeromancy is our replacement for the typical Scorch. We don't play Yaevinn, so we won't have a good Scorch target most of the time. Also it's extremely good against your typical Control Scoia Tael, because they will have their Braenn to be buffed in only 55% of the cases. In the other cases, they usually buff something that can only be played on the range row. So once our opponent played all his First Lights into Rally, we can play Aeromancy on the range row and get an instant win without even having last say.


Milva: If we are first to act, we immediately play Milva. That way we get back the initiative, which should be worth at least around 10 points. We can also play Milva to give our opponent his highest buffed card back to his hand, for example a Vran Warrior.


Ciri: I think Ciri is a great card and as such should be included in many Decks. As Lifecoach says, she is a positive spy, which means, that she will give us a weak Bronze card, while being +6 points instead of -12 like most of the other spys. The face that she is Golden makes her only slightly worse, because she can pull the Roach, which means that our opponent might need 2 cards to overcome our Ciri, if we play her first in Round 2.


Aglaïs: This card is pretty damn strong. It can play every Spell, we played once in the whole match. Usually we will try to play an efficient Aeromancy, Thunder or Lacerate, but if we can't do so, we still can play Rally. This is reason enough to play her.


Saskia: As a last Golden Card, we have multiple Options. I think in a Meta full of Scoia Taels and Monsters, Saskia is the card, that should be played as our fourth Golden Card. What she does is basically increasing our chances of winning Round 1 by a lot and since winning Round 1 as Scoia Tael is worth Gold, i think she is a strong include. As a sidenote: I think she is much stronger than Isengrim.

General Guide



Highes priority is getting a Sapper or Toruviel. Also you want at least one of Morenn or Operator. You want as many Mercenaries as possible and the Smugglers. The rest of the Bronze cards you can Blacklist away. Also get rid of Roach.


General Gameplay


If you are First to act, open with Milva. Get your Smugglers on the board as soon as possible, but keep your score in mind. You don't want to give your opponent a good pass. Try to cycle your Mercenaries / First Lights, but keep track of your opponents board. For example you don't want to draw an Alzur's Thunder when your opponent has nothing on the board. Buff your Toruviel or Sapper. Keep your Saskia as long as possible and try to squeeze out as much value off of her as you can. Keep Aglais for Round 3, if possible. If you can, also try to get your Combo off in Round 3. Play your Operator on your Sapper or Trouviel and play All the Sappers before you play a Random Card as your last card. Keep in mind, that for the Sapper to go off, you need 1 additional card to play after you played your last Sapper. Don't play Morenn, when you have an Ambush on your side of the board and your opponent doesnt, because then you have to destroy your own Ambush card. So if you have Morenn and Sappers, you should play your Sapper as your third last card. If you have Toruviel you won't be able to play Morenn unless your Opponent played his Ambush Copy. So just pass with Morenn in hand.


Ultimately, there's only so much I can cover in this guide, as there are many possible situations, so if you're interested in more indepth analyses and gameplay of this deck, check out my stream and my youtube channel. I will be starting to stream and upload videos on youtube soon. I wish you good luck in your games and have a nice day. :)

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