Update v1.5 Mulligan Spelfs [New Patch] (~3350 MMR)

Created by IcyCold Jul 9, 2017

Last Updated Jul 11, 2017 (0.9.8 Hotfix)


  • Attack 36
  • Ranged 30
  • Siege 40
  • Total Strength 106
  • Total 32
  • Silver 6
  • Gold 4
  • Scrap Cost 5510
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  • 36
  • 30
  • 40

Brief Summary of Build

Hi all! This is a deck inspired by Swim's Ithlinne And The 7 Dorfs deck, it is still a work in progress, so any advice or criticism is greatly appreciated.

The main idea of the deck is to use mulligans and spells in your deck to constantly buff your units, thereafter using resilience for carryover to the next round (Usually not needed). 

Q: Why the large deck size?

A: The deck includes a large amount of deckthinning cards, also it reduces chances of bad draws after mulligans

Q: Does running elves instead of dwarves make the deck better?

A: One good feature of this deck is that it doesn't depend on resilient units for its win condition, so the deck isn't weak to locks or resets which is what people tech in to counter the current buff meta


v1.5: Peaked 3378 MMR with the deck, made minor adjustment, updated guide

- Thunderbolt Potion + Dimeritium Shackles (Villentretenmerth counter, about 1 in every 4 decks running it, major counter to this deck) 

Card Combos

Zoltan ChivayBlue Mountain Commando allows for a 29 points swing with 2 cards

With 2 elves on board, Blue Mountain Commando pulls Aelirenn for a 15 points swing

Elven Mercenary pulls Thunderbolt Potion for 14 points swing

General Guide


Get rid of Saskia, excess Blue Mountain Commando, Elven Wardancer, Roach, and bronze spells excluding Mardroeme (situational keep) in that order.

Note: If you have any of these left over after the mulligan, you can still get rid of them using your hero ability

First Round:

Always open with Vrihedd Dragoon

If you still have cards you need to mulligan away and have only one Blue Mountain Commando in hand, play it before using your hero ability

Tip: Use the first few turns dropping Vrihedd Dragoon and Blue Mountain Commando to identify the archetype your opponent is playing. For example, I once played against a Eithné, and assumed it to be Dorfs, but it ended up being Spella'tael. Put simply, when you use your hero power to mulligan the bronze spells in hand like Mardroeme or Dimeritium Shackles, keep key cards good against the archetype you are facing.

If you have nothing to mulligan away, keep Francesca for the second or third round

Usually this deck has nothing to worry about weather with the substantial amount of buffs, but use Zoltan Chivay to pull key cards out of weather if necessary

After getting out your Elven WardancerBlue Mountain Commando and Vrihedd Dragoon on board, start buffing units using Hawker Healer or Elven Mercenary

Tip: Here it helps a lot to know how many points your Hawker Healer or Elven Mercenary can buff your units by, and to know what bronze spells your Elven Mercenary can pull.

Avoid using Zoltan Chivay on your Blue Mountain Commando while you are ahead, since it also pulls Roach giving a total of 24 points

As much as possible, in the first round, you essentially want to burn as many AoE effects as you can, as they will be less effective in the later rounds (topdeck Commander's Horn on round 3)

Tip: Remember to avoid overcommitting and Geralt: Igni as much as possible

Second Round:

If your opponents passed early in the previous round, and you have more or equal cards as your opponent, play out the round, but avoid overcommitting if you cannot win the round as the number of cards you have in hand is crucial for the final round

If you are lacking in card advantage, dry pass the second round and aim for a strong finish in the third


Third Round:

So long as you have sufficient cards and the opponent lacks carryover, you should be able to win the round easily

Keep cards like Mardroeme in case of Spotter or Clan Dimun Pirate Captain


Card Choices:

Saesenthessis: With the number of elves in the deck, Saesenthessis can help to take out one of the opponent's key cards on the board

Scorch: Meta counter, useful when Geralt: Igni is unable to do its job

Nature's Gift: One of the most useful cards in the deck imo, can help pull Commander's Horn for a 20 point swing or Adrenaline Rush when you are ahead

Vrihedd Dragoon: Better than Savage Bear with the lack of weather


Card Replacements

Dimeritium Shackles: Can be useful but results in lost tempo for the deck

Ithlinne: At times pulled nothing or overbuffed cards, feels like a win-more card that is not needed in the deck

Alzur's Double Cross: Can be used to substitute Roach, unfortunately feels useless since it only pulls Vrihedd Vanguard

Witchers: Feels unnecessary as the current silvers are sufficiently powerful

Ciaran: Don't have the card, but seems useful

Yaevinn: Tight silver slots, does not feel useful in current meta with this deck

Lacerate: Good against swarm decks

Vrihedd Brigade: If golden weather decks dominate the ladder ever

Vrihedd Officer: Extra mulligan power not needed for the deck

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