[4.1k] Izembaro's Warcry SK

Created by Izembaro Jul 13, 2017

Last Updated Jul 14, 2017 (0.9.8 Hotfix)

Crach an Craite

  • Attack 75
  • Ranged 14
  • Siege 39
  • Total Strength 128
  • Total 25
  • Silver 6
  • Gold 4
  • Scrap Cost 5200
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  • 75
  • 14
  • 39

Brief Summary of Build

This deck is a true hidden gem. I haven't seen people play this archetype at all. I reached 4.1k MMR with this deck but I'm constantly changing some cards. Overall I am very proud of my creation, and I hope people will try this out and make it their own.

 Edit: I love that this deck is getting some popularity, i even lost to my own deck. While this deck is powerful it isn't the MOST powerful deck in this meta nor easy to play for beginners. But I hope you guys enjoy

General Strategy

ROUND 1: Win this round with your huge tempo. If you can't, lose with 2 cards advantage. (very important against QG decks)

ROUND 2: Bleed this round but make sure to keep your win condition available. Either Hjalmar+holger OR Sigrdrifa ( into Jutta) plus warcrier.

ROUND 3: Finish him!


Card Combos


Mulligan is deck dependent. Against weather make sure to have armorsmith(s). Cards to mulligan are extra warcriers, priestesses and lacerate+mardroeme if not playing against monsters.


Card combo's

Avallach-->Hunter--> warrior--> Crach(Jutta)--> warrior--> warcrier.

Place all the damaged units (jutta and warrior) directly next to hunter for extra value

General Guide

I recently added Avallach to make your opponent overdraw since this deck is weakest against QG and Monsters. (about 45%WR) You cant really overdraw since you have no shieldmaidens and such. This deck does great against NR, ST and NG with about 75% WR.

If enough people ask I can prove the rank and winrates. Any questions I will try to answer

Disclaimer: You will get scorched and Geralt Igni'd, a LOT. This doesnt really matter since you have multiple big strength bronzes, easily buffed up by warcry.

Card Replacements

Many cards can be replaced.


Replaceable golds are Avallach and maybe Coral.  Geralt Igni is pretty good in this deck. So is Geralt Aard if you have trouble with monsters. 


Would keep as is. Maybe  replace Jutta to make Crach pull a warrior, since Jutta is basically a slightly stronger warrior. UPDATE: Gremist is usually just a 11 str body, so if you got anything better, let me know


The hunter is replaceable, and you could take out an armorsmith. Thunderbolt will be replaced if i find a better alternative. Now an epidemic

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