Thin Gold

Created by abagoftacos Aug 6, 2017

Last Updated Aug 6, 2017 (0.9.8 Hotfix)


  • Attack 9
  • Ranged 6
  • Siege 83
  • Total Strength 98
  • Total 25
  • Silver 6
  • Gold 4
  • Scrap Cost 5000
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  • 9
  • 6
  • 83

Brief Summary of Build

The win condition of the deck is winning on round 3 with all golds while simultaneously burning everything your opponent lays down. This is achieved by incredible deck thinning abilities of the Scoia'tael primarily with Elven Mercenary.

Elven Mercenary can chain reaction A LOT of cards with First Light; it's kinda ridiculous. Doing so thins the deck very quickly. Blue Mountain Commando thins in addition as well as Aelirenn, who generally comes out very early on. However, my favorite part is Johnny + Ciri: Dash and if you're lucky, into Milva. Using Johnny on Ciri: Dash will give you an additional gold from your opponents deck. Milva afterwards will bounce Johnny giving you the possibility of playing it on Ciri: Dash again, if you get lucky enough to mulligan or draw her again, which is totally possible with Vrihedd Officer. This combined synergy buffs Ciri: Dash and gives you an extra gold, sometimes two. Hopefully through this process you are able to win at least one round, and by the final round it's not so hard to have a hand of only gold cards, and Scorch. In the final round you can drop Villentretenmerth so that he is guaranteed to burn at least one of your opponents cards. On top of that you often can Scorch at least twice more with Eithne and Schirru. This usually will win the game as you will have about 30-40 points of gold that can't be killed (easily).

Card Combos

Johnny + Ciri: Dash = Extra Gold

Johnny + Milva = Extra chance at another gold if you draw Ciri: Dash again.

You will use Elven Mercenary into First Light only to thin deck very, very quickly on the first round.

Your primary objective is to bounce Ciri: Dash at least once with Johnny.

General Guide

The most important phase of the game for this deck is by far the mulligan phase. When you mulligan you don't want cards that are pulled from the deck, or in other words, can be pulled from other cards you have in hand.

Cards such as: 

You don't want these cards in your starting hand if you can help it.

Ideal starting hand cards are:

I recommend playing several games with the AI until you get a feel for the deck. Using a deck tracker would make this deck even easier as you'd know the exact odds when it comes to mulligan decisions.


Round one: Thin your deck as much as possible. Keep up with opponent as best you can, otherwise make the decision to go to round 2 with a card advantage. Drop Yaevinn if you are going to lose round 1. It will thin your deck further and you won't have a dead card next round.

Round two: if you've won the first round, play everything except your golds. Make the opponent play way more than what they want to because they don't have a choice really. Optimize to have the highest amount of gold power for the final round. If you lost, do whatever you need to win the round. You probably will use a few burn spells and lose a few golds, but chances are you'll play Ciri: Dash again. Try to do big power moves to intimidate the opponent into forfeiting the round.

Round three: Ideally you should have at least Villentretenmerth and Ciri: Dash plus some other gold (I average about 4 golds). You'll also most likely have the ability to Scorch at least one more time. Unless they lock your cards, or demote them, you don't have much worry that they can overpower you if they haven't a large card lead. Don't play around them potentially shackling your card. So far I haven't had anyone who has, and I've lost two games because I was too careful of this.


Card Replacements

I'm not sure to be honest. I don't have a lot of cards outside of this. I scrapped a few golds from other classes I don't play to make this and it's a lot of fun, but I believe it's totally open to further experimentation.

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