Rise of Isengrim

Created by Mizzaryy Jan 4, 2017

Last Updated Jan 4, 2017 (Pre-Patch 2)


  • Attack 35
  • Ranged 20
  • Siege 14
  • Total Strength 69
  • Total 25
  • Silver 4
  • Gold 4
  • Scrap Cost 2990
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  • 35
  • 20
  • 14

Brief Summary of Build

Disclaimer: I is too poor to afford decoy. 


I chose to build around isengrim since ST has a tendency of being able to easily gain a card advantage but unable to capitalize on it since other factions can put up a lot more power in lesser amount of cards. Isengrim, even after nerf, is able to pump out a lot of str from nowhere and translates the card advantage into raw power. 



Card Combos

Milva last round with card advantage is basically a scorch, a decoy, and an 8 str card all by itself. 

Johnny + Ciri or Ciaran on the last round. 

Fireball trap+blue mountain= use this to deny medics.

Isengrim + elven mercs + blue mountain comandos = lots of str 


General Guide


Game plan: 

This deck focuses on gaining card advantage through ciri, ciaran, yaevinn, and the faction ability of ST. 

Isengrim is a key card to be played round 1 or round 3 depending on the situation. If your starting hand is mostly comprised mostly of the card advantage gaining pieces mentioned above then feel free to open with isengrim because winning round 1 opens the path to gain insane value stalling in round 2. On the other hand, If you lose the first round then save the isengrim for the last round for a big push. It is important to note that Isengrim last round depends a lot on you having cards to make the best use out of it, so do your best to gain card advantage and maybe force the enemy to pass early on round 2 so you can go into round 3 with a lot of cards to get the most use out of isengrim. 


Card Replacements

Ciri, Isengrim, and Milva are the backbones of the deck and shouldn't be replaced.

Iorveth can be replaced with any value gold card.

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