Trick Around Open Beta Patch 0.9.7

Created by Knowledge Jan 7, 2017

Last Updated Jun 29, 2017 (Weather Update)

Brouver Hoog

  • Attack 77
  • Ranged 10
  • Siege 12
  • Total Strength 105
  • Total 27
  • Silver 6
  • Gold 4
  • Scrap Cost 5410
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Brief Summary of Build


This deck is really fun to play and is a skill check on your opponent. It is based on a strategy I made up in the early beta. CDPR nerfed the strategy a bunch but with the current meta, it is actually more effective than I expected. This deck is resistant to bears and weather because neither hit ambush units when they are played.

Video Guides:

Introduction (Description Includes to 2 hours of Vods for Older Versions)

Vs. Dagon (Included in Introduction)

Vs. Crach an Craite (Included in Introduction)

Vs. Foltest

Vs. Radovid

Vs. Morvran

Vs. Eithne


Card Combos

There are two variants of the main combos of this deck.

King of Beggars Combo 1

Toruveil - > Sapper -> King of Beggars

This combo works allows King of Beggars to get full value from his ability since face down cards don't add to your point total. King of Beggars is the great equalizer who will help you get ahead of your opponent's points. Since your face down cards will have buffs from the Hawker Support and Dragoons, they will help you beat your opponent after King of Beggars equalizes.


King of Beggars Combo 2

Sapper -> Brouver Hoog into King of Beggars

This combo generates 26 potential points from the Brouver/Saskia/KoB and when it is your turn, you are in the lead due to the Sapper.


Isengrim Combo:

Isengrim -> Morenn

Video examples of some of the many targets Morenn might snipe in your games

At worst, this is a 13 point combo. If you hit something bad like a drowner, this is a 18 point combo. If you hit something good, you can get huge value. Hitting a harpy with this combo nets you 25 points value since Morenn triggers before the eggs are spawned negating 6 points the current round and 6 points in the next round. Note that Morenn has extremely high priority so anything that doesn't have 5 strength will not get any value from their ability including cards revived by Shani and locking cards like Fiend and Margarita. Since the meta is full of small units with big effects, Morenn is actually really strong. Given that 18 points from this gold is the "bad" outcome, Isengrim might actually a stupidly powerful card. 


Isengrim -> Toruviel

At worst, this is a 13 point combo. At best, this is a 21 card combo if Toruviel hits 4 targets. Given that elven mercenaries can be pulled back to your side after using first light to pull a sapper, it isn't hard to get full value from Toruviel.


Operator on Sapper -> Wiley

This combo isn't even necessary, but it helps a little bit. Since you are playing Dragoons, you want the longer game that Operator causes. Since Cyprian Wiley destroys ambush cards, you can get full 14 points from Cyperian Wily and also get one more turn of Dragoon buffs.



Card Replacements



Villentretenmerth and Regis: Higher Vampire are flexible golds.

Ithlenne, Ciri, Geralt (if you are on a budget), Shirru, and Renew are all good in this deck.


Ciaran is a flexible sliver

Aeliernn if you want to bamboozle since the flipping of the ambush cards will pull her out

Roach if you want to make the Brouver into KoB into a 30 point swing

Operator and Cyprian Wiley for those who want to pull off the Trick Around Combo

Ida Edeam



Spells and Hawker Supports are flexible slots

Mardromeme, Alzur's Thunder, Brigades 


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