Ruben & Dunkoro's Punisher Radovid

Created by RubenVDB Feb 7, 2017

Last Updated Feb 12, 2017 (Pre-Patch 2)

King Radovid V

  • Attack 25
  • Ranged 26
  • Siege 28
  • Total Strength 79
  • Total 25
  • Silver 6
  • Gold 4
  • Scrap Cost 4500
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  • 25
  • 26
  • 28

Brief Summary of Build

Greetings, Dunkoro and Ruben here, members of Team Gwentlemen,


It is no secret that both Dunkoro and I love Northern Realms, they are interesting and have some very fun core mechanics that any card player likes to see. They are much more about base value and less combo's than other decks, any card can work on its own and delivers a lot of value. This is a control decklist whose main purpose is to be able to control the game state and proceed to win with efficient, reliable units.

In the current meta, disrupting Skellige or consume monsters can be game winning on its own. Making them fail to set up their machine is one of the things I love most about this deck, we'll go more in-depth in the explanations. This deck also delivers lots of card advantage (CA from here on). It's very core to the deck, since getting ahead and having the freedom of waiting to play aeromancy and scorch can win you the entire game.
Let's go in to some more details



We felt like Reaver Hunter died way too fast and because of our lack of medics, it kinda messed up a lot. People knew that if they killed that, we could get in some trouble later on. So we decided to replace it with Reaver Scouts, we tested this for a lot of games and it's been working very well so far. Adding the third kaedweni siege support adds a lot to counter weather monster. The Lacerate can be very useful now because of swim's new dwarf deck. It's very row stacked and it can truly mess up your opponent.


Important to read

Hello everyone, with the recent hotfix a lot has changed already in a short amount of time. Skellige is seeing a lot less play already, Yennefer convinced us to run Vernon Roche now. But there are 2 silver slots that you can change to personal preference since they all fit. Change these according to what you come across on the ladder! The individual explanations are in the card combo section.

Choose your 2 silvers out of these options: 

(replace (or keep) King of Beggars and Nenneke in the decklist)

 Nenneke OR King of Beggars OR Myrgtabrakke or Aeromancy OR Dimeritium Bomb OR Ocvist                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Card Combos

This is not a deck that contains many combos, instead it relies on base value of the cards on their own.

So instead we will be explaining the main purpose of most cards here.


  • Radovid: Radovid is in the deck to kill high value targets, but especially Yennefer: the conjurer since she is played in a lot of decks in this meta.
  • Ciri: Her main usage in this deck is card advantage. Mainly, she's supposed to be played in round 2 (when you won the first round), then you get 16 strength out of her. 
  • Temerian Foot Soldier and Reaver Hunter: The main purpose of these cards is deck thinning and overpowering your opponent in round 1. It's important that you improve the chance of drawing your silver and gold cards with this deck. Also, one of the main strategies of this deck, is winning the first round.
  • Villentretenmerth: The main purpose of this card lies in round 2 and 3. This card works perfectly with Prince Stennis and Ciri in round 2. If you can play villentretenmerth into Prince Stennis into ciri, your card advantage in the next round will be beautiful. There are many opportunities where he can shine and give you a lot of value.
  • Ballista: This card ties in with the whole idea of this deck. Being a reliable 8 value that can kill or help kill valuable cards while additionally setting up for scorches and yennefer conjurer against different units is amazing. 

  • Priscilla: Its deck thinning, its strength, its reliability, its potential to pull a useful spell/unit, just a great solid card.
  • Roach: Roach is really good in this deck. It thins out the deck a little, it makes your round 2 ciri or villentretenmerth even stronger so that the opponent has to play more cards to go above your strength. Overall Roach adds a lot to this deck. Especially with no Mardroeme's right now.  
  • Ocvist: Ocvist is a card that is mostly played right after the reaver hunters, to pressure your opponent into passing, or guaranteeing card advantage. Again, Ocvist delivers card advantage, which is devastating when added up with all the other card advantage.
  • Bloody Baron: Bloody baron is almost exclusively used for lubberkin. The Lubberkin can spin out of control so quickly, it's pretty insane. It also weakens cards like yennefer: the conjurer from your opponent which is currently played in most decks. In some situations you will use Botchling to keep it for the next round and potentially buff it with Kaedweni Siege Support
  • Yennefer: The Conjurer: This card is so good, there is a reason why it's the most played golden card at the moment. It can fit in any deck and deliver tons of value. That's especially the case in this deck, where you can set it up so she damages a lot more units.
  • Vernon Roche: Vernon roche became extremely good with yennefer becoming a 5 strength. This means he can kill it in non-mirror matches. This wins you games on its own. If you're finding yourself in lots of mirror matches, you can play him on reaver hunter, since we don't run medics, it can be quite powerful, so also beware of it!

  • Alzur's Thunder: We cut one lacerate for an alzur's thunder and we are completely sold by it. There are many targets that lacerate can take care of in this meta.
  • Dimeritium Shackles: Shackles offers you quite a flexible solution to some situations, this is mostly personal preference, but both me and dunkoro agree that this is a better choice. If you decide to run Dimeritium Bomb though, don't include this card, try to go for a Lacerate. Consume monsters can be devestating, so running this card might really improve the odds vs that deck if you're having trouble with it.
  • Lacerate: One lacerate is very decent at reducing a lot of strength from your opponent or using it to take out single weak targets like Sarah. Alltough, ideally you would take out 3 strength cards with your Ballista's, sometimes you have no other choice.
  • Scorch: Scorch is very useful in this meta, there are so many archetypes that rely on very big numbers right now, so you will get a lot of use out of it. It also works really well with Yennefer: The Conjurer when she lines up your targets perfectly.
  • Aeromancy: A undervalued card at the moment, can counter many decks and has a little bit of the same purpose as Scorch but with a more reliable result.
  • Prince Stennis: Card advantage is one of the core ideas of the deck, and having prince stennis as a target for your Villentretenmerth can be really good.
  • Dimeritium Bomb: Dimeritium bomb can be an excellent replacement for people that don't have all the cards yet, don't run Dimeritium Shackles in that case. Run another Lacerate instead. Consume monsters can be devestating, so running this card might really improve the odds vs that deck if you're having trouble with it.


General Guide


When mulliganing first make sure that you don't have multiple Reavers Hunters or Temerian Foot Soldiers in hand, going as far as not doing the 3rd mulligan if neither is blacklisted. The 2nd order of operations is to mulligan away Ballistas, Kaedweni Siege Supports and First Lights, in that order, making sure to leave at least one First Light if you expect to face weather. Mulligan Lacerate or Alzur's Thunder only if you think you have enough control without them. Don't mulligan silvers or golds unless absolutely necessary (as in; you don't have any reasonable round 1 plays otherwise)

General strategy

The ideal way with the perfect hand would go like this: You play your Reaver Hunters and your Bloody Baron or some other high strength cards to overkill round 1. The opponent passes and you are down 1 or no cards. In round 2 you stall and gain card advantage with the perfect combo: Villentretenmerth into Yennefer: the conjurer into Prince Stennis into Ciri. Ofcourse, most of the times you will only be able to partially recreate this 'combo'. In turn 3 you are 4-5 cards ahead, wait it out a little and play scorch and aeromancy and win with Nenneke + Lubberkin. Ofcourse, this will only happen one in ten times, but this deck is so strong that if you can generally aim to recreate the perfect sequence, you will most likely win.

Bloody Baron almost exclusively provides Lubberkin, which is really good value over even few turns. Lubberkin is so good in fact, that it's the best target for resurrection with Nenneke. Remember to focus on killing important targets with your removal, snowball cards are the best ones to kill before they start being big. First Lights are either to be used early, because they thin, or left late to counter a possible weather, it's up to how likely your opponent is to run weather. Don't use Aeromancy too early; it's best used as a last punch after an opponent can no longer use their First Light to counter it.

First round

First round try to assemble Reaver Hunters and Temerian Foot Soldiers, they provide a lot of power while thinning the deck of bronzes. Push hard to win the first round, because then you can safely go for stalling in the 2nd one, but don't be afraid to give up the first one if opponent is pushing for it really hard. Ciri, Ocvist and Prince Stennis all provice Card Advantage which is there to make sure you can go into round 3 with more cards than your opponent. 

Second round

Ideally you want to stall in the second round, the perfect combo would be Villentretenmerth into Yennefer: the conjurer into Prince Stennis into Ciri. This will give you a lot of card advantage because ideally, Villentretenmerth will have burned away the stuff he played, so he still has to go above the combined strength of yen, ciri and vil (=26 str). You already gained card advantage that round, but your opponent still has to play cards to overpower you wen you passed, this results in insane amounts of card advantage going into the third round.

If you didn't win the first round, you should have enough power with pure strength cards like Bloody Baron or yennefer: the conjurer to win those rounds, it will be more difficult, but try to gain card advantage in these situations for round 3.

Third round

If you did most things right in the first and second round, you should have card advantage. Most decks play removal and other stuff nowadays to mess with your cards. Try and play as many 'untouchable' stuff so that he has no good value out of his removal cards. Most of the times you will have enough card advantage to win this round easily, but sometimes your opponent can still surprise you. That's why keeping cards like Scorch and Aeromancy can be very effective. Reviving Lubberkin with Nenneke also grants you a lot of strength in the last round.

Card Replacements

Not essential


 So far Dunkoro is ranking and playing around these ranks with a very good winrate solely playing this deck.


(for some reason I cannot embed the videos)

Radovid approves +1's

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