Cahir's Dream Team - now updated for trashing nekkers

Created by mysling Feb 8, 2017

Last Updated Feb 28, 2017 (Pre-Patch 2)

Morvran Voorhis

  • Attack 28
  • Ranged 38
  • Siege 41
  • Total Strength 107
  • Total 25
  • Silver 6
  • Gold 4
  • Scrap Cost 5940
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  • 28
  • 38
  • 41

Brief Summary of Build

This is a control based NG deck aiming to disrupt the opponents deck while still being very hard to disrupt due to not relying on any specific cards. The main idea is to get at least one-half CA so that you can play Cahir in round three to gain insane value from him triggering right after the opponents pass, while also running other tools that can swipe the win when played as the last card, such as Aero/Scorch/Peter/First Light.


Credit also due to Ordev, Rysik, Vaysh and anyone else I'm forgetting who helped test and perfect the list.

Card Combos

Rot Tosser: This card is the real workhorse of the deck and has HUGE synergy with a bunch of other cards.

+ Cantarella: If you go first or the opponent doesn't play a unit in the ranged row, using rot tosser on the ranged row then playing Cantarella next turn means Cantarella is killed right away, netting you an easy CA while denying the spy STR.

+ Aeromancy: Toss the carcass onto a row, weather the row to kill every unit on the row

+ Arbalest/Alzur's Thunder: Kill something small to make carcass kill something big, make something big small enough so it dies.

+Yennefer: Conjurer: Give Yen a few turns before carcassing and rows have a good chance of being at the same strength.

+ Myrgtabrakke: Use to set up huge row wipes

General Guide

The gameplan is to win r1/r2 by disrupting the opponent while putting enough value on the board to win the round. Ideally, you win r1 and stay at least equal on CA with the opponent so you get the last play.

Nekker/dorf meta update:

Swapped a lot of cards to incoroporate bronze frost, Ocvist and Yen again. Sweers is amazing against nekkers and good against most decks since it makes medic live early. Preferrably use it on healer against dwarves, but using it on merc is fine too. Just be aware that he somewhat clashes with frost.



Patch did a number of good things, buffing xarth and nerfing consume helps the deck a lot. Cynthia is probably worth running after the buff. She's also good in the mirror since she can mess up the opponents cahir w/ half a card up. Weather/Dbomb are only good against dwarves now so they are out for Decoy and Cynthia. Igni is replacable by Skellen, Ciri or Triss. Skellen got a lot better with the Morvran changes, so he's a serious contender for the last gold slot.


Put Lacerate back, with dwarfs making a showing lacerate is a lot better. Also swapped Scorch for Aeromancy. Scorch underperforms in a lot of matchups whereas Aero lets you take crucial rounds off Consume and Dwarves while still retaining moderate value in att matchups except weather. Also swapped Ciri for Igni to get a scorch effect in. On paper Igni looks pretty mediocre, but I rarely feel like its dead except if drawn late against certain decks.


Swapped Peter for Myrgtabrakke and Lacerate with Shackles. Lacerate was kind of redundant with rot tosser, and swapping it for Shackles made Peter redundant. Still a pretty meta dependant swap, if your lacerate gets a lot of value you should run Lacerate and Peter instead.


Swapped Yen with Vilgefortz, after the hotfix Yen is a lot less rewarding. Vilgefortz is kind of solid, he's essentially 8 + the top card of your deck.

Swapped Aero with Dimeritium Bomb, Aero is less useful with QG skellige being dead. If you see a lot of greedy monster decks or other stuff where aero would be better you should keep aero.

Swapped Ocvist with Roach, with a lot of the matchups being control and almost every deck running thunder getting Ocvist to go off was too hard. Roach is a solid card that works well with Ciri and Vilgefortz. You also have the added benefit of being able to shuffle it back if you draw it in r2. IF you feel you get Ocvist to go off a lot you should keep him.


Card Explanations:

Nilfgaardian Knight: A huge bronze body with a really minor drawback. Ideally, you want to save these for round two or three, since they work great for bleeding or finishing off the opponent. It can also be used to tank Yennefer: Conjurer so she doesn't hit multiple units. Do note that playing Knight often prevents you from being able to use Scorch, so if you plan to use Scorch in a round don't play Knight that round.

Arbalest: Two arbalest kills an ocvist. Single Arbelast can be used to kill Axemen in r1 if they get buffed by one, which happens a lot. Also kills relentless dwarves after they get buffed by Barclay once.

Vicovaro Medic: Pretty straightforward, steal important stuff against decks that rely on stuff in grave and big stuff against other decks. Only combo of note is that getting BMC from ST lets you replay the medic for potentially a lot of value.

Rot Tosser: Explained above, easily gains way above average value for a bronze card.

First Light: Save if expecting weather, otherwise try to avoid using in r1 unless there is something for Vicovaro Medic to rez.

Lacerate/Alzurs Thunder: Save Alzurs for key units like Ocvist/Axeman/Reaver Hunter/Ancient Foglet/Arachas Behemoth/Vran Warrior, save lacerate as long as possible unless you think the opponent might buff a row with horn/thunderbolt.


Peter: Works like a D-shackles on a 7 body except it doesn't demote. Use it to heal a wounded Ocvist/Knight/Unit in weather or to remove buffs from an Axeman/Ancient Foglet/whatever is buffed.

Auckes: Pretty straightforward, lock up Axeman/Ancient Foglet/Relentless units/Ocvist/Reaver Hunter/Lubberkin.

Scorch: Use when it wins you the round or kills something important. Take care not to block your scorch by playing Knight.

Aeromancy: Use to remove loads of STR from a single row, pretty straightforward. Try to save as long as possible to avoid First Light.

Cantarella: Ideally use it r2 or when you don't leave yourself open to a pass or when you have a Rot Tosser setup.

Ocvist: Just slam him down pretty early in the round. Against radovid you can possibly try to bait out his ability first, but using Ocvist to bait it out is good. Saving him for r2 is also viable. Don't go out of your way to try to get ocvist value.


Xarthisius: A solid proactive gold that lets you remove the best card in your opponents top three cards. You also get to know your opponents next draw. Obviously play him r1/2 tro gain value, but a 9 gold is still okay in r3. Something important to note is that most effects that fetch something from the deck doesn't shuffle the deck even if it feels like they should.

Ciri: Use to gain a card advantage or forcing a pass in r1, pretty straightforward. Try to bait out Radovid before playing her.

Cahir: Play him when the opponent has one card left in hand and he triggers after they pass for a second Morvran while the opponent gains nothing. Against some leaders he can be played early due to them being dead in r3. This mainly applies to Bran, Fran, Ge'els, Eithne and possibly Brouver.

Vilgefortz: You almost always Vilge on your own units, using him on the opponents side is only recommended if you kill something that's really huge and you dont have any other way to counter it. In the NG mirror or against ST, try to keep him for eating cow carcasses. Also note that Roach comes out before you choose what to kill, so you can always eat roach if you dont have anything better. Also, try to play him when you don't risk scorching your own units.

Yennefer: Conjurer: Play her in a round you expect to go long or to bait out a pass or Radovid. Yen has been cut, but she's still viable.



In the starting mulligan, mull away medics, FLs, excess knights and possibly one arbalest/rot tosser or one of scorch/aero. In the smaller mulligans, throw away matchup-weak cards or CA tools that have been used.

Card Replacements

Lacerate can be replaced with third Medic, Shackles or third FL depending on what you feel you need.

Auckes, Peter and Ocvist can all be replaced by some combination of Assire, Decoy, Myrg, Roach depending on preferences. Cynthia also migh be okay as a replacement.

Yennefer, Xarthisius and Ciri can all be replaced with your choice of Triss, Villentrenten, Vilgefortz, Stefan, Tibor, Igni, Regis or even regular Geralt.

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