GumGum´s 4k Punisher Version ^frequent updates

Created by GumGumFacePunch Feb 9, 2017

Last Updated Feb 12, 2017 (Pre-Patch 2)

King Radovid V

  • Attack 24
  • Ranged 29
  • Siege 27
  • Total Strength 80
  • Total 25
  • Silver 6
  • Gold 4
  • Scrap Cost 4580
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  • 24
  • 29
  • 27

Brief Summary of Build

This is my Variation of the popular deck my Teammates Rubo and Drunkoro Pioneered: 

http://www.gwentdb.com/decks/10943-dunkoro-rubens-punisher-radovid .

As their Guide covers all Important gameplay and Core-mechanics of the deck i am just gonna explain my different choices and how it changes the deck being:





- 1x Kaedwini Sergeant
-No reaver Hunters


Currently i hang around rank 50 with this deck and a 70% winrate (fuck scoia tho...)



Card Combos

Pavetta ->Sabrina

Shani-> Pavetta

General Guide

Many people look at Regis and deem him bad without thinking further about it.Regis is a 16 value over 2 rounds which matches Ciris maximum potential although she can offer card advantage. Ciri, with her ceiling, being somewhat inconsisten and weak to Radovid (which can´t be undervalued with the current % of Radovids on the ladder) is higher

Overall i would deem those 2 cards equal and both are playable. But since we also play Shani in this Variation Regis has another valid Point. He offers another potential great 10-strength Ressing Target, which if combined with Shani is a solid 17-Strength gold Play.

Pavetta, Sabrina and Shani:

Basically i take those as a 3-way Deal as they offer great synergy and add new options to the board. Pavetta in herself is great, but even more so with Shani and Sabrina siince both offer great synergy-tools. Pavetta offers new possibilities for removal of not scorch-able units and can disrupt the opponent in their setup. This offers a way dealing with Factions not going for high-strength and improves the matchups against Scoia´tel, Mirror-matches and Monster drastically.

While Sabrina may seem inconsistent from looking at her, you rarely will get below 15 value out of her. This Patch also had a very decent buff for her in that it made her agile again and reduced her strength to 1, which makes that you basically dont have to worry about activators at all and she  is guaranteed to always be tje first unit to be destroyed by Pavetta, which is imporant because Sabrina will trigger before the 2nd pavetta activation.

In this deck you mainly want to activate her through Pavetta or a Ballista. Sabrina has the potential to especially swing the Consume-Monster Matchup heavily, since you can get her activited for free by playing her into their Vran Warriors, - be careful when to use her though, she is mostly best in round 1, but you can waste her potential very easily, when you play her at the wrong time, be patient but not too patient.

Kaedwini Sergeant:

Just another tool for Demotion, either to demote Roche or to demote a opposing unit to be able to remove it. Can be replaced.

Why no Reaver Hunters?

Reaver Hunters have been the Victim of the current control and weather(monsters) ,- meta. Especially against Cow´-Nilfgaard it helps having 2 extra sergeant to get them out of range and play around it.

Sergeant work better against Weather as well and cutting hunters makes for less of a stacked ranged-row. We still keep the thinning-aspect with including 2 reaver hunters.

Card Replacements


You can potentially swap Roche or Regis for Triss Butterfly,- another undervalued card, which potentially has high potential in this deck.

The only Reason i dont include her is the current removal meta and she gets removed by every Gold-Removal. Same goes for Yen Conjurer, despite her both cards having great synergy with for example Pavetta.

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