Disco King

Created by Dale Feb 22, 2017

Last Updated Feb 28, 2017 (Pre-Patch 2)

Bran Tuirseach

  • Attack 31
  • Ranged 24
  • Siege 35
  • Total Strength 90
  • Total 25
  • Silver 6
  • Gold 4
  • Scrap Cost 4450
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Brief Summary of Build

With the latest patch Discard SK is back in a big way.  This deck attempts to capitalize on the strong discard synergies available and will often manage to draw/discard the entire deck every game.

Card Combos

There are several potent combos in this deck.  King Bran into both Raiders and Morkvarg represents a three card thin and 16 power on the board, earning it my nickname of Shitchers as it is just three less power than running the Witchers.  With the latest patch Ciri:Dash was changed to activate her effect every time she enters the graveyard, making her an ideal choice of discard with Ermion, Birna, or Svan.  Shieldsmiths represent a lot of continuous power across all three rounds with Morkvarg and Roach as ideal targets.

General Guide

The mulligan is fairly straightforward: Attempt to find one pirate and as many discards as you can find.  This deck can effectively fight for round one with King Bran, Ermion, and Ciri:Dash contesting the power of most other decks.

The timing of your spies can be rather tricky.  Try and use them either after having won round one, or if you can safely threaten surpassing their power in one to two cards.  While Ciri:Dash is an excellent choice to discard, be careful not to overdo it as you may find yourself in a situation where you are out of card draw with her stuck in the deck.

Clan Brokvar Archer, while a one of, is extremely effective at countering enemy Rot Tossers.  If you are not facing Nilfgaard, he also does a good job at setting up Igni value.  Armorsmith is also ran as a one of as a counter to weather.  Clan Heymaey Skald is typically most effective on your siege row as a potent power swing to close out a round.

Card Replacements

Depending on the decks that you are facing the most, the one of's are the most flexible cards in the deck.  If you are not facing a lot of weather try taking out the Armorsmith for an additional Skald or Brokvar Archer.  If you are finding yourself facing a lot of weather, swap out the Archer and Skald for additional Armorsmiths.

The silvers each play a critical role in this deck and are the least flexible.  Roach could be reasonably substituted for Udalryk or Decoy.

Finally, the only gold I think may be worth replacing is Igni for Villentretenmerth.  Further testing is required to see which gives consistently better value.

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