"Poor" Man Weather Control

Created by user-100001691 Mar 17, 2017

Last Updated Mar 17, 2017 (Pre-Patch 2)


  • Attack 37
  • Ranged 13
  • Siege 45
  • Total Strength 95
  • Total 25
  • Silver 6
  • Gold 4
  • Scrap Cost 2190
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  • 37
  • 13
  • 45

Brief Summary of Build

Hello, gentle gwentlemens! my name is RaidJago, but you can cll me Jago, if you please. This is my personal not-so-poor man weather control. currently I am Rank 6, 1700 points and climbing in just a week of ranked. I know you can call BS on this being a poor man deck, but I can assure you you can farm all this cards in less then a week.

Card Combos

Very simple combo here, nothing to be afraid of. the simple waether control (ideally you have Dagon, too), with minions and events, let's you control the board, if you are scared of something really annoying you can remove that with Wild Hunt Warrior or Aard ('cause fuck dwarves, am I right?). the foglets are always on your side and you can play thunderbolt potion on them if you now the enemy has no way to remove that, otherwise you can play it on Wild Hunt Rider. Crones are solid and a first turn Yennefer is an insta-concede. The Water Hag/Drowner combo is very annoying for your opponent, don't let yourself understimate this.

General Guide

The beauty of this deck is that you are not playing against your enemy very much, you are playing against yourself. you have to play with this deck almost always the same way, drawing only one Crone and one Wild Hunt Rider, NO FOGLETS and some weather effects, then you hard control the board, then you remove combos and strong units, piece by piece and you look at your opponent lose all hopes, slowly but surely.

Card Replacements

Well, this is indeed a poor man deck when it comes to replacements. I am planning to craft Caretaker and Imlerith on Aard and Yennefer. You can also play Commander's Horn, if you want. You can actually remove the Crones for some strenght removal, no shame about that. The very core of this deck, however, is Aard - Woodland Spirit - Caranthir - Water Hag, but you can play even Sarah and if you don't have the "choose one weather" card you can replace that with a right assortment of simple weather card. You can even replace the leader, Erin is a very strong weather immune unit and if you play him last you get to have him on field for another round! Isn't that amazing? In conclusion, this is not a real deck, is much more a way of playing the game: weather immune units, control weather, remove threats, leave the opponent with a crowd of 1 strenght units, use well the clan ability and win the game! good luck!

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