McBeard's Vran Meal Plan

Created by McBeard Mar 28, 2017

Last Updated Apr 3, 2017 (Pre-Patch 2)

Unseen Elder

  • Attack 30
  • Ranged 26
  • Siege 47
  • Total Strength 103
  • Total 25
  • Silver 6
  • Gold 4
  • Scrap Cost 5040
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  • 30
  • 26
  • 47

Brief Summary of Build

This deck is originally inspired by Guiden's Ge'els list, but I have made a number of changes.

Hi all, thanks for checking out my Patch 8.72.1 Consume Monsters. This deck has been played successfully at 4400+ MMR in the positioning patch world.

If you like the guide, and want to see this, and other decks, please follow me at https://www.twitch.tv/mcbearded. On April 03, I played this deck on stream. Check my past broadcasts if you're interested.

This deck fights hard for round one, but can disengage favourably with Ciri and Avallac'h. Operator on Arachas Behemoth provides you with threats in every round, and your strength generation is key for playing the last card, which will often be Grave Hag.

Pros: This deck pushes incredible strength and demands a lot of answers by the opponent, while still having high-swing plays to keep any round in reach. The bronze core pushes high-value cards out of the opponent's hand to keep up. Even very strong opponents are ultimately edged out by Grave Hag.

Cons: This deck struggles when controlled, and is weak to heavy special card decks running Lacerate, Alzur's Thunder, Stammelford's Tremors, and/or Dimeritium Shackles. This deck is also frequently susceptible to scorch.


Card Combos

Main Combo: Play Alzur's Double Cross to pull Operator, or play Operator from hand. Copy Arachas Behemoth

Place Vran Warrior to the left of Operator

Play Arachas Behemoth as Vran Warrior eats Operator -> Arachas Behemoth spits out an Arachas and musters out the rest of the Arachas from your deck.

Play Avallac'h early, but after you muster out your Arachas.

Is your opponent achieving their first round combo and are you unable to beat it? Disengage with CiriVran Warrior keeps working while you do this, so if your opponent passes, Ge'els can be enough to win the round.

Ciri is hard to navigate. I'm a huge supporter of this card right now.

Giant Toad -> Ekimmara in-hand: Usually the best target for cycling a card.


General Guide

This deck fights hard for round one, and can disengage the round with Ciri, which either buys you the round, or the extra turn. This, along with well-timed plays of Avallac'h ensure that you stay ahead on cards, which is important for winning with Grave Hag.

The deck is hard to overtake with a set up Vran + Arachas Behemoth, but if Vran misses a meal, he can get irritable. Sometimes you have to make some hard decisions with consuming, as there isn't always a great target. Sometimes Cleaver is unlocking, but generally you can push through locks.

Old Speartip is a huge swing card. He's can be so good, he can make up for the lack of Crones tempo by himself.

ADC always pulls Operator, who usually copies a Behemoth. If you have an awkward draw, Vran can be copied.

Don't play any draws or rallies before you muster out your Arachas. Sometimes you'll be stuck with an Arachas in your hand - just remember units on the ranged row are valuable to you, so don't think of it as a bad thing... many times you can feed it to a Vran.

Ge'els can be used liberally. Like Harald, there will be unfavourable rounds for your ability. Avoid this by pushing hard with Ge'els when you see an opportunity to surge ahead. This can produce a pass from your opponent, because your strength could be high enough that you could threaten your own pass.

If you're going second and your Vran has started to crush the all-you-can-eat buffet, push your stubborn opponent if you feel like they won't get ahead. Play more Behemoths, play Ge'els. A long round  with Vran when you're up a card produces a devastating Grave Hag, especially if you're also holding turn-generators like Avallac'h and Ciri.

Matchup information coming soon.

Card Replacements

Ghouls might have a home in this deck, but like having 3 Vran Warriors and 3 Ekimmara a lot.

If you're not feeling Operator, you can replace him and ADC, and maybe Speartip/Toad for the Crones.

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