Created by Ralithrin Apr 10, 2017

Last Updated Apr 10, 2017 (Pre-Patch 2)

Morvran Voorhis

  • Attack 41
  • Ranged 18
  • Siege 30
  • Total Strength 89
  • Total 25
  • Silver 6
  • Gold 4
  • Scrap Cost 4720
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  • 41
  • 18
  • 30

Brief Summary of Build

All around controlling deck that seeks to disrupt and then steal the opponent's strength.

General Guide

Basic Piloting:


Counterplay is the name of the game. You need to know what your opponent's basic game plan is by looking at his faction and leader, and mulligan for the key counters. I'll go into more details later, but having 2 of 3 Emissaries in your opening hand is usually a great keeper.


Round 1:

Your round 1 will likely consist of testing the waters with Spy units and Impera Brigades. Try to drop an Impera brigade only after playing a Spy, as playing them at 6 base Strength risks Alzur's Thunder as a response. That said, I recommend against opening with an Emmissary as the risk of drawing a dead Vicovaro Medic or Siege Engineer can be crippling. Instead, try to open with Cantarella (especially if the opponent went first and invested a card already) or a Rot Tosser with the cow going to the lane that your opponent invested in, or whichever lane you believe his strategy relies on. Drop the Impera Brigade the turn after.


From here, you will have to do one of three things: Cut off your investments early, go all in, or try to coax out your opponent's big play before passing. In general, you'll find most Round 1's feigning investment by pumping up an Impera while filtering through your deck with Emissaries, propping up one decently sized unit with an Engineer, then passing. The rest of the time you will try to swing the round with a huge Menno Coehoorn drop (you've been pumping Brigades with a ton of Emissaries and Cantarella...)


Whatever you do, you'll be aiming to make your winning round the long drawn out heavy investment round.


Round 2/3:

This is where you'll be looking to win with a big swingy Letho. Letho needs at least 3 cards, luckily those can mostly be fulfilled by multiple cards in the deck. Letho will need himself, a demoter (D-Bomb, D-Shackles), and a destroyer (Treason, Menno Coehoorn, or Vilgefortz). Due to this, you'll need to head into your final round with the intent of drawing out a big game (5 to 6 actions by your opponent, at least), the 3 Letho combo cards (or a means of pulling them like a readied leader ability + Cahir with a nearly empty deck), and a couple filler cards like Rot Tosser or Impera Brigade/Enforcers/Engineer to draw out plays.


Just play filler, use Morvran's ability, etc, to pad out your actions and allow your opponent to play out their plan, then slap their key cards with a Letho, D-Bomb/Shackles, and Treason.

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