(UPDATE) Greyboxer's Viking Metal Warriors

Created by Greyboxer May 25, 2017

Last Updated May 31, 2017 (Open Beta)

Crach an Craite

  • Attack 33
  • Ranged 11
  • Siege 42
  • Total Strength 86
  • Total 25
  • Silver 6
  • Gold 4
  • Scrap Cost 5300
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  • 33
  • 11
  • 42

Brief Summary of Build

Skellige Viking Warriors - extreme carryover strength, weather immunity, reach and power deck. (9-2 day one of ranked)

Youtube link for deck guide (made some changes since day 1): 

UPDATE: 31/5/2017: The core of this deck has shifted from maximizing our own point potential to responding to our opponents win conditions, buying their win conditions, then destroying them (Igni, scorch, mardroeme, coral). We have dropped Donar, Alzurs and Olgierd in favor of Scorch, Ocvist and Udalryk. We can generate really solid CA with this deck, udalryk provides a scorch target, and scorch itself takes care of those huge Nilfgaardian units. Last night on stream i scorched a 41 strength unit that the opponent had buffed with resilience. Prior to that, I knocked out udalryk and three 12 strength reaver hunters vs. foltest. Scorch is excellent. Mardroeeme also works effectively as a scorch vs Nilfgaard, is also a low tempo play in round 2 if weve won round 1, and provides a "heal" for wounded units as well. 

The main idea of this deck is to push extremely hard round 1 while saving up much of that built strength as automatic carryover for the next two rounds. Forcing your opponent to the brink of destruction if they play almost all of their cards, and lose anyway to a well-lined up igni. The core of this deck is built around funneling strength into two units: Morkvarg and Clan Brokvar Hunters, while lining up extremely strong igni and scorch targets for maximum value. 

*Clan Brokvar Hunters make your deck effectively immune to weather. Since weather weakens an entire row (frost) or multiple units at once, we can position our hunters in such a way as to receive a +2 base strength buff EVERY TURN from whatever row has weather, since our hunters are agile. Making weather a PLUS matchup for this morkvarg list, which was historically impossible in Gwent. Last night I had a 25 base strength hunter because the opponent played wild hunt frost deck vs this list. 

Let's talk about the best card combinations first. 

Card Combos

Wild Boar of the Sea: Place Morkvarg on the left and bear, second hunter, or any other unit that we dont mind if it eventually goes to the GY to become priestess food) on the right, then play a clan brokvar hunter on the right of that unit. Every tick Wild Boar of the sea on morkvarg BUFFS the Hunter by +1 BASE strength. This is your early play to get maximum value out of a deep round 1. 

Geralt Igni: Selectively choose your targets for Hunters, Archers and Lugos to line up the maximum value. 

Madman Lugos: You can use him to draw out a hunter into your graveyard if you havent drawn one, or save him for Hjalmar activation. 

Scorch: See recommendation for Geralt: Igni, above. 

Bloodcurdling Roar + weakened morkvarg for a huge swing in power, since Morkvarg comes back anyway. Can also use to consume a weakened unit for combo with a priestess in hand during round 1. 

Mardroeme - Giant buffed bronzes (ScoiaSpell decks, nilfgaard spies). Can play as low tempo in R2 to drag cards out of opponent. 

General Guide

Initial Mulligan: Be aggressive

Crach's Leader ability pulls the highest unit out of your deck, so were guaranteed morkvarg. As such we can aggressively mulligan for powerful cards in our opening hand. 

Keep: All golds, scorch (matchup), bloodcurdling roar, decoy and no more than 2 of each unit. CRITICAL: Make sure you get at least one hunter in your hand. 

Mulligan away: Morkvarg (crach buffs and pulls him), more than 1 priestess (if you already have sigrdifa). You never want more than 2 resurrects in opening hand. 

Round 1: Sequencing is key for maximum value

If you win the coinflip and go second: Deploy a clan brokvar hunter and wound whatever hit the board. Play Crach an craite, bringing out Morkvarg to the left of the hunter. This wounds morkvarg by 1, buffing the hunter. Then play wild boar, positioned to the right of morkvarg. As morkvarg takes 1 buff per round, you can see why this works.  If you dont have wild boar, play a unit to the right of the hunter. You always want your hunter surrounded by units to eat opponents wounding which buffs the hunter's base strength. Deploy another unit to the rightof wild boar, which will now tick for 1 dmg per round, but buff the hunter by 1 base strength per turn, granting excellent value in the later rounds. Continue to play out your cards, looking for the combos mentioned above.

If you lose the coinflip and go first: feel free to Crach to get a nice point swing in case the opponent response with tempo of their own. We want to make every single tick of damage on our own side count to buff a hunter, so we wont deploy Crach an Craite until a hunter is already on the board. After the opponent plays targetable unit, play hunter and carry out the round as described above. 

Towards the end of round 1, consider the final cards in your hand and whether its safe to pass. Generally, you cannot pass without at least 1 CA and a 6 strength lead, because the enemy will often deploy cleaver or auckes and try to ruin your day. Therefore, I suggest going full aggressive and play out most cards with value in order to win round 1, kind of like old Scoia'Tael. Except unlike old Scoia, we have a 20+ strength archer to resurrect in round 2 and 3. 

Important for Round 2/3 turns - Savage Bear: use this to stop Nilfgaard from stealing your giant archers. Prevents opponents in mirror from playing priestesses, this card is insanely good. 

Having won round 2, we can safely pass for card advantage. If both Olgierd and Morkvarg return, your opponent must deploy a double lock to prevent them from coming back round 3. In addition, you could also play one priestess into your giant hunter in order to prevent them from consuming or otherwise stealing it, plus providing you with additional power to overcome. 

CRITICAL: if you lost round 1 - do not focus on more setup round 2. Round 1 setup should be enough to carry you through. So if you lost R1, You must play to win round 2. One of my only losses yesterday came from a cheeky decoy onto Cantarella, which gave the opponent 23 strength and caused me to lose the match by 2-3 points since we never made it to round 3. Remember that your 1-2 punch comes back round 3 as well, providing even more carryover strength, so dont be afraid to make huge swing plays round 2, even if your opponent is trying to bleed you out. Alternate setup with power plays.

Round 3 is simple,  as I am sure you can imagine. we resurrect our biggest hunter (multiple if they were silly enough to play weather vs hunters) and utilize that carryover value plus huge swing hunters to out-muscle the opponent round 3. Play a savage bear first vs NG/SK. 

Card Replacements

Since its the start of Public Beta, you might not yet have all the cards available for this list so here are some solid replacements:

Lugos - > Triss (still activates Hjalmar without the added bonus of discard, though)

Wild Boar of the Sea - > Two Light Longships (drop a clan brokvar archer). 

Hjalmar -> Coral (excellent power swing potential)

Clan Brokvar Archer - > Shield maidens (added deck thinning at the cost of less utility)

Igni: NO replacement. This deck requires igni, since nilfgaard can put up 30 point units with combat engineers, we have to make them pay. 

Critical Silver replacements vs Greed/buff decks:

Donar - > Scorch

Alzur's double cross -> Udalryk

Olgierd -> ocvist 

Please feel free to comment below on your replacements and experiences with the deck, and any thoughts on how we can improve it! LETS MAKE THE ENEMIES TASTE SKELLIGE STEEL!! 

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