#1 Ladder Dagon Fog

Created by asdf11784 May 26, 2017

Last Updated Jun 7, 2017 (Open Beta)


  • Attack 42
  • Ranged 19
  • Siege 35
  • Total Strength 96
  • Total 25
  • Silver 6
  • Gold 4
  • Scrap Cost 4900
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  • 35

Brief Summary of Build

I've changed the list a bit again - Igni was feeling a bit too weak too often for me (I think my opponents were playing around him more because they knew I was running him - if they stop playing around him he might be worth it again), so I put in Caranthir which has been performing well for me lately. I think the problem I had with Caranthir the first time was running him with 3 fogs - I feel like 5 weather effects is around the sweet spot for having enough weathers without having dead cards in hand, so running Caranthir with 3 fogs was probably a bit too many weather effects. The fog was dropped for archgriffin which was just a choice at the time because monsters were very common at the time I switched it in - it also helped becuase my opponents knew how many clear skies I was running so having 1 more surprise weather clear made the difference in a lot of games I think (though, now that I've updated this list I'll very likely need to switch things up again in the near future once people adapt to it).

Card Combos

Fog + foglets (obviously)

Frightener and Drowners + weather (there are a lot of ways to use them, you can use them just to pull enemies into a row for the weather or play the spy into weather, but in some cases you can also use drowners to manipulate the strength values in a row to let fog hit multiple enemies at a time)

BTM + harpy eggs/woodland spirit/foglets

Caranthir + Lacerate



General Guide

More or less play fog early (usually you prefer playing the regular fog over Dagon and save Dagon for when the 7 extra points will be meaningful), and then as always try to make plays that let you get the most card advantage you can before passing (or until the opponent passes of course).

Against decks where you expect them to run weather, wait as long as reasonably possible before playing the crones. You only have 2 clear skies effects in this version of the deck, but the way you make do with them is to play celaeno harpies (after playing fog on the first thing it can damage usually) on the melee and ranged rows, and after they've weathered the melee and ranged rows you play the Crones, and only once they weather the crones you use first light to clear their weather on all 3 of your rows (or you first light whenever RNR or drought is played in most cases of course). If your opponent has weather you can't deal with in round 1, you should usually try to play ciri if you can, and then you'll usually either win the round after they pass or you'll get a lot of card advantage even after losing the round.


Card Replacements

The wyverns, drowners, archgriffin and lacerate aren't strictly necessary, but I haven't found anything I like more than them (you could swap out archgriffin for another wyvern if you wanted to though). Against NG Wyverns can help for lining up fog to hit multiple units, and they always are at least 11 points since NG puts a lot of strength on the board early on, and against SK wyverns are good at shutting down Brokvar hunters and the ships in round 1 as long as you either draw a frightener or go second. Against SK wyverns are also always doing 11 damage in rounds 2-3 (unless you're already winning by a large margin) due to their carryover.

Caranthir can be swapped for another gold if you want to (Igni is still a decent choice if you're seeing a lot of NG) - if you do swap Caranthir though then I'd recommend putting a 3rd fog back in instead of one of the bronzes. Ge'els can be swapped if you don't have him but I don't recommend swapping him if you don't have to.

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