#1 Consumedin (Open Beta)

Created by S1M9L3 May 26, 2017

Last Updated Jun 15, 2017 (Weather Update)

Eredin Bréacc Glas

  • Attack 54
  • Ranged 4
  • Siege 29
  • Total Strength 87
  • Total 25
  • Silver 6
  • Gold 4
  • Scrap Cost 5300
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  • 29

Brief Summary of Build

#1 on 6/15/2017


This is something of a consume control deck. The idea is to generate insane tempo with Celaeno Harpies + Vran (6 + 5 + 8 + 8 = 27 points for 2 cards not including nekker value. 33 with Nekkers (after consuming two eggs)) while simultaneously pressuring your opponent with weather effects. Ekimmaras are used to carry this strength to later rounds. 

Here's my twitch if you want to see gameplay.


Card Combos

Vran + Harpy Eggs : 33 value if your enemy lets you eat them.

Eredin + Hound : You almost always use hound and generally in the first round. It deck thins your Biting Frost, is 10 points and the Frost effect itself has huge potential value.

Frost + Frightener : Frightener allows you to pull units to frost. A lot of the time you can play a Frightener, pull a unit to the frost row, and still be above tempo.

Frightener + Succubus : Frightener allows you to manipulate what your succubus pulls if needed.

Caranthir + Succubus : Same synergy as Frightener. It should be noted that Caranthir has to pull 5 units. So if you put him on a row and there are only 4 units on other rows you have to pull all 4. Don't pull things away from Succubus :D

Vran + Nekker/Ekimmara + Nekker : Generally you don't want to Vran Nekkers until the last round. If you have 2 Nekkers in deck and one on the field It's not bad to Ekimmara the Nekker for tempo + keep.

Crones + Vran : Sometimes you can't get Harpies out, so you eat Crones and then Eki the big Vran later. Also helps you eat for your Nekkers strength.  

Nekkers + Harpies : Harpies that spawn from eggs have an ability. They trigger the death wish of adjacent units. So if a harpy lands next to a Nekker it will pull a Nekker from your deck. Which is pretty cool, and a lot of tempo. However this can be bad if you want Nekkers for the 3rd round for example. If you have a Nekker on the field and you're eating eggs you might want to place a unit to the right of the Nekker to guarantee that Harpies won't pull more Nekkers. 

General Guide

1st round Mulligans : Biting Frost, Crones (keep 1), Nekkers. If Avallach is in first hand Mulligan ALL Crones. 

2nd round : Extra Crones. Extra Nekkers (keep 1)

Round Strategies:

If you are playing against Skellige you need to get your Celaeno harpy out as fast as possible (before they play a Savage Bear). It's also not a bad idea to mulligan all but 1 harpies if you can, because it's likely you won't get a chance to put more than one down. 

If Avallach and no Crones open with Avallach

If Avallach and Crones save Avallach until after you have played Crones

1st Round: The goal here is to deck thin with Eredin and Crones while pressuring your opponent with Frost and using Vran + Celeano Harpies to get a ton of tempo. Close out the round with Ekimmara to maintain your strength. 

2nd Round : Pressure your opponent as much as possible. Use Nekkers/Harpies/Ekimmara to have massive carryover for round 3. Vran eggs if you have Ekimmaras in hand. If you lost first round you might have to eat harpy eggs in order to get the tempo to win. You can eat eggs with Ekies, for 9 strength carryover and a decent amount of tempo. 

3rd round : Huge carryovers from round 2. Use any additional Vran or Ekimmara to pull your remaining Nekkers. If you have a harpy its + 8 for you to eat an egg, so if your Nekkers aren't higher than that it's better to eat eggs. Also if a Harpy lands by a Nekker it spawns another Nekker. So probably better to eat eggs in most cases (taking a %33 chance that you'll spawn a Nekker anyway.) If you have Crones (Avallached first round, or had 2 Crones in your hand that you Mulliganed every round) it's a strong finish as well, but Crones 3rd round isn't necessary.

Card Replacements

Tech Choices : 
Igni : good against NR and usually finds a decent amount of value in other matchups

Succubus : insane against SK right now. If you hate SK play this card. Take their Morkvarg. Eat him with Ekimmara/Vran. Get insane value and free win. You can also use Succ to steal big Axemen if Necessary. It should be noted that everyone is playing Renew at the time of writing this so they can take Succubus and Succ you back. Save an Ekimmara to move your unit away in the last round if you are afraid of this. Or keep your lock though locking Succubus is less reliable as they can unlock her then you can't react to her anymore. 

Regis: Higher Vampire : Seems pretty good in general. Destroys Spell'atael. Another +3 for Nekkers. Deck thins for your opponent though.

Ciri : Generally a good card

Woodland Spirit : I used to have this card in my deck. More weather is more pressure. 8 strength card + fog SeemsGood

There are probably other totally viable options. Gold cards aren't exactly set in stone in this deck. Caranthir and Avallach are very close to set in stone though. 

WHY AVALLACH???? (said twitch chat a milliion times)

Avallach increases the consistency of the deck considerably. More deck thinning is always good, (though deck thinning seems to be an outdated idea) and you can potentially ruin your opponents hand if you lose the coin toss, or they don't immediately play their muster cards. Longer rounds is also beneficial to weather effects. (Mulligan ALL crones if you have Avallach) If you have Crones in your hand probably save Avallach for later rounds. 


The deck suffers most from not drawing the bronze cards you need. Gold cards are always good, but if you don't have a Vran + Harpy combo in hand you are considerably weaker, or if you never get a Nekker for example. Silvers aren't that important either, because 3 slots are dedicated to Crones. Basically bronzes are super important so we don't want to cock block them and Avallach is great for increasing our chances of getting the bronze cards we need. Ge'els is more viable in variations that don't run Crones imo.


I'll make a YT guide soon hopefully. Have fun Consumedining people!

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