Spell'tael Control (Streaming Later)

Created by SirPumpkn May 26, 2017

Last Updated Jun 19, 2017 (Weather Update)


  • Attack 27
  • Ranged 6
  • Siege 0
  • Total Strength 33
  • Total 25
  • Silver 6
  • Gold 4
  • Scrap Cost 5250
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Brief Summary of Build

I have not tested this deck much, but will update it when I do change things.

I will be streaming on twitch most days of the week if you're interested in watching.

Stream:   https://www.twitch.tv/pumpkinshlt

EDIT: I replaced roach and lacerate with ADC and tremors

-ADC increases your Yaevinn pull which is very important, also I found that Roach died a lot of the time and ended up doing nothing.


I highly suggest you read the guide before playing, this deck is not easy to navigate.  If you copy the deck and go into ranked you have a high chance of losing if you haven't practiced in casuals.

This deck relies on Saskia/Roach/Eithne combo and spells to win the first round and Dol Blathanna Protector (DBP) to win the third.

(Credit to Nucleus_84)

Card Combos

Using Eithne the first round will give you a total of 17 + a spell for a large burst first round. 

If you have Yaevin and scorch opening hand you can do the following: Use Scorch on a decent target (6+). Yaevin. When they see the massive strength difference they will pass.  You will Eithne+Saskia+Roach+Scorch for a 29 Strength Swing.

Shackles is for Tibor and Hjalmar

Using Ithlinne first round is a great way to control the board, using 2x epidemic with her is very strong.

Note: Ithlinne pulls roach

Ithlinne allows for some crazy combos, such as Ithlinne and 2x epidemic or save it for your DBP and 2x swallow potion on one of them.

General Guide


Always Mill Roach, Saskia and a First Light/Protector if you have 2(combined) or more

Note: if you mill 2 cards and none of them were Roach or Saskia, I highly advise from milling a third time, there is a low chance that you draw one of these two cards, but if you do your chances of winning the first round drop dramatically.

First Light will only be used to pull DBP, which means going into the third round you only want three DBP combos.

Ex: Three First Light Zero DBP, Zero First Light 3 DBP or some variation in between.

Playing First Round:

If I have Yaevinn and scorch/natures gift in my hand, I always drop him and scorch after, otherwise I will rain a row.

  If you have Yaevinn and neither scorch or natures gift then you can wait till turn two to play Yaevinn.

Basically you annoy your opponent until they pass then use Eithne+Saskia+Roach+Spell Combo to finish off the round.

You MUST win the first round, so using a DBP to ensure this is sometimes necessary.  If you have to lose card advantage it's worth it.

Second Round:


Even if your opoonent has a resilient unit for round two you MUST pass.

Third Round:


Going into the third round you should have a minimum of 5 cards.  

 The ideal combo is too have Villentretenmerth and play it when you have it, your protectors and 2 other cards.

Example: you have Villen, 3 protectors and 4 other cards.  Play 2 of the specials, play Villen.  Now you play two more specials and Villen procs and destroys some enemy units, you follow up with your protectors winning the game.

If you don't have 3 DBP in your final hand because of unlucky draws you can always use Ithlinne and 2x First Light to summon two of the DBP.


If you are new to the game or have few cards, I do not recommend this deck, there are easier decks to climb the ladder.

I have had very good results with the deck, but it takes time to learn, don't give up!

Good Luck!

Card Replacements

The only gold that is flexible is drought, you can replace it with Yen Con or Shiruu.

If you're running into a lot of NG you can replace an epidemic with a thunder.  Epidemic can be useless at times when you have pesky 2 drops on your board.

Lacerate and Tremors are tech cards (not set in stone), so you can put in another shackles instead of a tremors if you feel it's better vs the current meta/decks you're playing against.

The reasoning for Drought over RNR is targeting the lower Strength cards is more important to ensure your Villen gets the most value, same goes for rain over fog.

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