McBeard's "The Specialist"

Created by McBeard May 27, 2017

Last Updated May 27, 2017 (Open Beta)


  • Attack 13
  • Ranged 23
  • Siege 18
  • Total Strength 54
  • Total 25
  • Silver 6
  • Gold 4
  • Scrap Cost 5450
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  • 23
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Brief Summary of Build

Hi all, thanks for checking out my Patch 0.9.6 Public Beta Control Scoia'Tael. It's early in the Public Beta at the time of this writing, so this deck was played in late placement casuals and early ranked climbing (Rank 6-7)

If you like the guide, and want to see this, and other decks, please follow me at https://www.twitch.tv/mcbearded. On May 26, I played this deck on stream for 5 hours.

This deck establishes gold strength in round one and controls until the opponent passes (which is not uncommon with Ciri and.or Villentretenmerth on the board). Dol Blathana Protectors will help you close out a game, while Ciri and/or Yaevinn will allow you to catch up on cards. This deck is extremely flexible, often having an answer or multiple answers for any given situation. If you catch your opponent without a clear, you can weather their whole board reliable with some combination of Nature's Gift, Skellige Storm, Aeromancy, and Eithne's ability to re-gift and/or re Aero -> Storm.

Pros: This deck deprives your opponent or their own control options by giving them little to no priority targets. Your opponent will be forced to have multiple weather clears, or use them all early. This deck can control a board with surprising flexibility, thanks to Merc decisions, variety of specials, Eithne's special-copying ability, and Ithlinne's double-tap.

Cons: Some draws leave you without a valuable action early on. Some games are lost because you just didn't get a Merc. You can still win if all your weather is answered, but that definitely takes a lot of power away from the deck.

Card Combos

Ida Emean -> Quen -> Dol Blathana Protector: This combo is particularly powerful on these units, as they grow with every special played. When Ida casts Quen, the special is played and place in the graveyard, making this unit experience a 3-boost Quen. Ida's weather clear does not proc the Protectors, but since this deck doesn't care very much about weather, this is usually not a problem

Natures Gift -> Aeromancy -> Skellige Storm // Eithne -> Aeromancy -> Skellige Storm: There's a lot of ways to find weather, reweather, and re-reweather thanks to the special resurrection abilities of both Aeromancy and Eithne. By chaining together these spells you can control your opponent while thinning your deck and buffing your Protectors multiple times.

Hawker Support -> Dol Blathana Protector: Classic Scoia'Tael hand-buffing for a solid 20+ last play.

Yaevinn -> Ithlinne -> Epidemic: Pavetta reborn. Executing a big swing feels damn good. (especially if you can kill Yaevinn early in the round)

Ithlinne -> Rally: This can absolutely slam the door in round three if you hit Buffed Protectors, but it's not even bad if you hit Supports and/or Mercs. This depends on how your cards played out.

Ciri -> Triss -> Villentretenmerth: You set your board at 20 str and dare your opponent to fight against a flurry of spells, weather and scorches. This is often a solid round-one win, but obviously very draw dependent. Each of these gold cards can be considered for round one winning

General Guide

This is a very agressive deck that stifles your opponents strategy and their options. Play Ciri, Triss and Villentretenmerth in round 1 if possible and control from there. Play supports when you know you wont Scorch/Epidemic them. They are to future proof your game. All non-gold troops are expendable in this cold and heartless deck. You can always Storm or Scorch multiple times in a game, so use your control and weather VERY liberally. Winning round one allows you to harass all round two, sometimes out-right win if your opponent doesnt have the answers for weather or the power to beat out your buffed protectors.

Use Elven Mercs whenever there's something on board to damage or remove. You'll often find something that helps. Play Elven mercs on the same row as the opponent's unit in case you pick up Lacerate.

Late-game, just keep controlling until you drop your Quen'd buffed protectors.

Matchups are a work in progress because I'm still getting into ranked. This deck beats a lot of archetypes but can struggle against Queensguard Skellige.

Card Replacements

I would only replace special cards.

Frost or Stammelford's Tremors can absolutely be replaced with Shackles. Still testing this.

Lacerate could be replaced with Arachas Venom in some metas.

Triss could be some other power Gold but her removal and baseline 7 str is important in a control list where your Gold strength is very important.

Ida Emean is not required, but the Quen has great synergy. I may experiment with Decoy.

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