(Updated saovine) DaWeather_V1

Created by user-100005324 May 30, 2017

Last Updated Nov 21, 2017 (Saovine Update)

Eredin Bréacc Glas

  • Attack 75
  • Ranged 21
  • Siege 13
  • Total Strength 109
  • Total 25
  • Silver 4
  • Gold 4
  • Scrap Cost 4710
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  • 21
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Brief Summary of Build

Hy ,

I start playing Ranked again in Open Beta Today , was Rank 15 lst season , and picked up Weather Monster from the beginning of closed beta.

this is the weather build i am trying out at the moment , i will update it the next days, after a bit of testing .

 the core is really solid and its not weak  against Ragnarok/draught ( OP Weather ) , because you can stack mellee row and clear weather with Archgriffin.  

 If you  have any questions or a advice to improve the list feel free to comment :-) 




Card Combos

Update 31.5. : played a few more games and king of beggars , really surprised me a bit how well it worked out , often you lose early tempo with  weather , so catch up mechanics like  Wyvern and KoB are a nice addition . Kayran is  really underrated and won me some games singlehandly against Spell'tael and in the Weather Mirror, because how massive the 22-25 gold points are in this matchups.

 Update 1.6. : currently on a winstreak  , went from Rank 6-8 with 100% winrate . its really important to push the round 1 as hard as you can, but still have 2-3 cards left. skip round 2 and play a long round 3 with Avallac'h to keep the Weather running. the biggest Problem for this Deck is the huge tempo plays from Brouver Hoog/John Calveit Leader Ability. 

Update 2.6. : lost like the first 4 of my games ,reason behind this is nearly every deck plays 2-3 Weather removal and dwarfs have zoltan. wouldnt recommend this deck for now , maybe the fact that  RNR is a thing hurts weather a lot . the good matchups are rare at the moment sadly :-/....

my next cards for testing will be scorch and Fiend, because i hope it will help against Dorfs/Nilfgaard.

Update 3.6.: havent played much monster today, i am preparing decks for the Gwentlemen Tournament at Saturday, I will try to build decks to beat Nilfgaard/ Skellige , i guess these are the decks to beat right now.

 Update weather Patch: I made a lot of changes to the deck with the new patch , often i lost to much tempo against Skellige so i added the Crones. Nithral was also underwhelming . if you face a  lot of spell decks you can add Regis:higherVampire instead of carantir.

 Update 20.6: switched Earth Elemental for a First Light . Just a bit better against skellige .

Card Replacements

King of Beggars : good synergy with  weather in general to chesse wins when behind . Even up points up to 15 and then deal weather Dmg is a really nice play . 

Eredin : Always think of using Eredin to spawn Wild Hunt Navigator (if you have Wild Hunt Hound out)     --->pull Hound from deck --->pull Frost  to thin out the deck instead of only spawning Wild Hunt Hound. Reason for this is the Hound plays a frost from you Deck , if you spawn one from Eredin , there would be one Hound left in the Deck without frost. Basically you have one "dead" draw in your deck . Alternative use would be to spawn a Wild Hunt Rider (as close to Ciri as it gets ) if you won round 1 and want to bleed out the oponent round 2 . But with this build i go for Navigator most of the time. 

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