[TOP 1] LifeCoach/JJ Consume Monster! Updated

Created by Puzzle666 Jun 13, 2017

Last Updated Jun 14, 2017 (Weather Update)

Unseen Elder

  • Attack 46
  • Ranged 9
  • Siege 46
  • Total Strength 101
  • Total 25
  • Silver 6
  • Gold 4
  • Scrap Cost 5300
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  • 46

Brief Summary of Build

Hey All! I'll update this as quickly as I can. Hope all is going well!

Note: Net decking is alright since I know everyday folks work and may not have time.

ALL Decks have flexible slots. Thus tech cards are placed. So you do not have to copy everything. Figure out what works for you!


www.twitch.tv/Puzzle666 [I'm a new streamer so I hope you come and watch}


The deck is consume monsters. Eat away at Celaeno Harpy eggs & Arachas with Vran Warrior. Arachas Behemoth will always generate and popout all of you other Arachas so try to get his effect off early. Nekkers are also good targets to consume, but if you do you will lack their tempo in the later rounds.

Card Combos

Vran Warrior with Celaeno Harpy eggs are great tempo gain. This also can trigger Arachas Behemoth's effect. Once that happens all of your Arachas come out of the deck. Thus deck thinning to draw those key cards as well as most valuable tempo. This much early tempo you can make have a safe pass against weather decks (since they can't get as quick temp).

Card Replacements

Hey Guys! So as the deck evolves new decks also evolve.

Here is a list of cards that are changeable with others that may help in your need.

Renew for Igni or Succubus

Roach for Giant Toad

Necker Warriors are changeable for any tech cards. Maybe Archgriffins another Ekimmara.

Lastly Crones can be changed for any good Monster Silvers honestly.

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