[4k MMR, 63% WR, 37 cards] Zerglings

Created by selanor Jun 25, 2017

Last Updated Jul 3, 2017 (Weather Update)

King Foltest

  • Attack 44
  • Ranged 36
  • Siege 43
  • Total Strength 123
  • Total 37
  • Silver 6
  • Gold 4
  • Scrap Cost 5960
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  • 44
  • 36
  • 43

Brief Summary of Build

Edit: A highly modified version to survive the current meta: 37 card Antispam Spam

Edit: Posted this deck at 3.7k, I now finally managed to reach 4k MMR. Rank 22 global. It is all smooth sailing after you get past the Axemen-Netdecks. http://imgur.com/a/BG4lH . You can find me on Twitch from time to time, https://www.twitch.tv/wololorogan .

Disclaimer: This is not a joke deck, I just reached rank 18 with it. Yet, small offerings to Rngesus are recommended, but not as necessary as one would believe. 

The basic idea is to win R1 by brute force or trickery. After that, you drain the enemy to the last card in R2 and ruin their win condition. Having 20 to 31 power in your last card gives you lots of wiggle room there. 

Most of the cards pull 1 - 2 other cards. If played well, you often end up with a similar amount of cards in your deck in R3 as most of the trimmed netdecks.

This deck works fine against the current Skellige-meta and other NR, does quite well against Monsters and just destroys Nilfgaard. Current stats/rank: http://imgur.com/a/jRfYv

I have to admit though, large parts of this deck work because the enemy does not know what to expect while I know the entire decklist of the enemy. At the MMR I was playing only netdecks exist, successful experimenters are above, the others below.



03.07.17 - Removed Dethmold, added Margarita. Removed Trissb, added Gigni.
Reasoning: Teching against Monster-Ekkimara-Carryover
Reached 18 global after the change: http://imgur.com/a/FNZT2 . Overall winrate went down a bit due to even worse axeman-decks, and not being able to farm noobs anymore. Most of those Nilfgaard losses were against the same player even, who always had 1 rot tosser more than I had medics.


Card Combos

In this deck, everything is a combo. Remember, cards displayed on gwentdb don't display buffs. The pure value of Foltest and Kaedweni Sergeant alone is nasty as hell. 

Reinforcement is your most valuable card. Only your imagination is your limit if you draw it. You can use it to fix missing cards to allow your Reaver Scouts to get to work. If possible, always draw using a Reaver Scout instead of the desired card directly. Also useful to pull out Thaler, the mage or witchers. Bonus points if you hold onto it into R3, breaks my heart every time I turn a Witcher + Reaver Scout into a Witcher + Witcher hand.

Reaver Scout + whatever : The core cards of this deck. This deck has way too many cards, and these guys get you what you need more of.

Blue Stripes Commando + whatever  :  Avoid playing directly. Amazing early tempo. Good second choice for Field Medic (are at 3STR after recycling, which means they will be pulled out of the deck again by Reaver Scouts)

Thaler + Dun Banner Light Cavalry : Enemy leads with 10pts? Why not make that 21pts. If he passes, you won the turn. If he does not, you got a free card and 4 / 7 / 10 (!) points of value. Even playing Thaler into a 19pts loss is easily recoverable in one card. Temerian Infantryman with a commando is a 16pt swing (without Sergeant buffs!). In a perfect world, you can pull of a 49pts swing.

Dandelion + Witchers : The win condition. Using the third buff on Infantry or Cav can be helpful to avoid fog, igni and the like. Also, Dandelion shows you the sorting of your deck, he does not reshuffle. Adding the third buff to a card you are likely to draw can helpful. 

General Guide


Your worst enemy. You will very likely end up with a non-perfect hand, but it is rare that nothing can be recovered. It's all just happy accidents that allow you to get some low-tempo turns out. Your mulligan will not be about getting cards you want, but getting rid of everything you do not want.

What you do not want, sorted by priority:

  • Royal decree and all golds at once
  • More than 1 Temerian Infantry
  • BS Commandos
  • Dun Banner Light Cavalry
  • Weather (depending on how many adepts you have. You want the full offensive firepower.)

Remember, if you have 2 Cav and 1 BS Commando, mulligan the BSC first to blacklist it. This way you are less likely to draw a shitty card when getting rid of the Cav.




The strength of this deck lies in the buffed witchers. In a perfect world with all buffs, they are at 31pts. Other decks require multiple cards for their win condition, having it in a single card is the strength of this deck. Bleed them dry in R2, knowing you got your 24+ point swing on the last card. Watch them take longer and longer to decide which vital card they are going to sacrifice. Watch them pass on their last card, trusting in their 23pts lead.

R1 is usually won by either pulling off a successful Thaler + Dun Banner Light Cavalry trap, or just spamming the board with stuff. Blue Stripes Commando turns nearly all your cards into at least a 10pts drop, in addition to their effects. In addition, Temerian Infantryman is at Crone-level after just one Kaedweni Sergeant

Never pass R2. If you pulled off a Thaler-trap, you will not be down a card. Bleed them dry until only the Witchers are left. If you do not have card advantage, try to read your enemy and sometimes dare to toss your Witchers in at the end. Few decks can generate 20+ point swings with just one card. Most likely they will be holding on to some enabler for their combo that has little value by itself, like a renew, priestess or my personal favorite, Kambi.

In R3, according to my math, in 60% of the cases you have 2 cards on your hand and win. In 40% of the cases the enemy has 3 cards and pulls off his combo. 

This deck works quite well against weather decks (Monster/Axemen). Field Medic allows you to evacuate rows. If it's not axemen, I recommend waiting until the units are at 1str, simply to rub it in. Use Blue Stripes Scout sparingly, as they make their row just a bigger target afterwards. Try to bait out more weather first by creating more juicy target rows, then throw in a DethmoldTriss: Butterfly Spell can be used to stop the effects of frost in a pinch.

Against Skellige:

  • Make sure to wait and see if he is not playing two bears before you weather the row
  • Bears are bugged. If you play a 5str, it will be shot to 4str and you won't pull a 5str BSC. Neither will you if you play a 6str that is shot to 5str
  • Most of your strength is buffs, very few Shieldmaiden targets. If you notice him trying to create an opening for them, call the Field Medic
  • If you have 2 Kaedweni Sergeant, play just one to put them at 5str. If he drops his Halmar, drop the second one to get the Giant to 6str. Then play Triss: Butterfly Spell to rub it in.
  • Never play Triss: Butterfly Spell against Axemen, you want your stuff to die
  • But play her to heal wounds to keep those nasty Shieldmaidens away

 Against Monsters:

  • Easy matchup. Dance around his weather with Medics, toss your weather, become the monster yourself (See this comment for an example of how to do it with what the player had in his hand)
  • Laugh all the way to the bank when he pulls out his second class Witchers
  • Know when to reset his Ekkimara, and when to allow him to carry over to get Dun-Banner out.

Against Northern Realms

  • Not a waste to have Dethmold zap a siege support
  • Keep Ballistas in mind, cry a little if he has them
  • Even if he buffs his revived Witchers, they have lost the Foltest buff. Together with Shani they are the same as yours, though. Roach could be dangerous, make sure to pay attention during his Nenneke. 

Against Scoia'tael

  • Mostly Spelliatael, just follow one of those counter guides.
  • Always go deep in round 2.

Against Nilfgaard:

  • Collect cow corpses with your Medics, hope you draw them to toss them back
  • Collect spies with your Medics, toss them back
  • Make sure to give him the GG at the end, so he at least gets something out of it

Card Replacements

You can not really tech anything into this deck. Everything that can not be drawn by the other cards ends up as a dead card. But you do not need to shackle the Halmar if you force him out in R2.

With Golds, Dandelion and Royal Decree to make sure you get him are important. The other two golds are free choice, not like you will see much of them anyways. Triss is useful for the sheer pressure she puts out, and for causing lots of miscalculated passes. Roche simply because Temeria is all that matters. Seriously though, Regis: Higher Vampire might be a better choice, simply to mess with combo stuff even more.

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