Super Control Reveal [with Guide]

Created by StuartWitcher Jul 6, 2017

Last Updated Jul 6, 2017 (0.9.8 Hotfix)

Morvran Voorhis

  • Attack 61
  • Ranged 25
  • Siege 41
  • Total Strength 127
  • Total 25
  • Silver 6
  • Gold 4
  • Scrap Cost 5300
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  • 61
  • 25
  • 41

Brief Summary of Build

Hi guys,
I'm showing you my Super Control Version of Reveal archetype
It's amazing counter to Consume, Dwarfs & mirror reveal.

Guide in polish --> http://gwint24.pl/nilfgaard-odkrywanie-czyzby-nowy-tier-1-po-aktualizacji

Deck submitted by Hen Ichaer Team member - StuartWitcher.




Card Combos

Lider + golems

Vattier + footsoldiers

Alzur Thunder - to kill annoying card

Serrit + Cynthia - read gameplan

Albrich - drawing card, good in this deck, but might be akward to opponent sometimes, also revealing 


General Guide

This deck is very strong in 1st and 3rd round basiclly, round 2 we are
playing straight for CA (card advantage).

First round we want to get off our footsoldiers using Vattier or lider
Remember to use lider ability first to not draw golems !!!
If we manage to get big points advantage you can play Canterella to slow
game down.

Be smart using Cynthia (+ Serrit) in matchup like mirror Reveal, better
hold of Cynthia for later to reveal boosted Spotter and hit it with
Serrit then, same in Spellateal or Discard Skellige.
In dwarfs / monsters matchup you can use her early.

Auckes is for unfun cards like Arachas Behemots, Boats, Mangonels etc.

Assasination / GIgni / Peter Saar are hard removals for big dwarfs, vrans
etc. better to use GIgni frist bcos us having Assasination might be a
suprise for opponent and they become greedy.

Round 3 are easy to win with Tibor / Spotters as last play.

Play around DBomb & Letho !!!!! Put cards between golds , diffrent rows etc.

round 1
golems > spotters > ng knights > alchemist > footsoldiers

we want (best case with Vattier)
1/2 foot soldier, 1/2 knights, some silvers, auckes (depending on
matchup) maybe some cute golds like Vattier :D

I have a lot of fun and wins againts high power decks, countering their
high power cards. Please live a like for my work, thx dude <3

Card Replacements

Assasination - card is very controversial in this deck, in my opinion is better version of Igni, rarely used so have element of suprise to opponent and after playing G:Igni they become less aware of removal like this, I found this card very effective climbing ladder with this deck.

Gigni switchable with Leo Bonkers.

Assassination switchable with Vilgefortz.

Assassination = better Gigni

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