H-A-R-D Core

Created by McBeard Jul 15, 2017

Last Updated Jul 19, 2017 (0.9.8 Hotfix)


  • Attack 43
  • Ranged 21
  • Siege 42
  • Total Strength 106
  • Total 25
  • Silver 6
  • Gold 4
  • Scrap Cost 5300
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  • 43
  • 21
  • 42

Brief Summary of Build

Henselt Armor Redanians and Dijkstra - It's H.A.R.D Core Northern Realms!

Current flex spot is Sile - I think she can be replaced, but this deck has preformed well for me, climbing from R18

Based of LifeCoach's blueprint - I have made a few changes to improve consistency 

Card Combos

Henselt into Redanian Elite or Knight-Elect usually. When winning the coinflip, I've had success playing Witchers R1 and spamming Knight-Elects, protecting them with Immune Boosts, and forcing passes. Usually oppt plays spy and we pass, or they pass.

Redanian Knights mess with Weather decks, and can absorb pings.

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