Shadoaze 27 card Foltest deck GUIDE

Created by Audien Jul 18, 2017

Last Updated Jul 18, 2017 (0.9.8 Hotfix)

King Foltest

  • Attack 48
  • Ranged 21
  • Siege 20
  • Total Strength 89
  • Total 27
  • Silver 6
  • Gold 4
  • Scrap Cost 5460
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Brief Summary of Build

Hello guys! So , I saw yesterday that Shadoaze posted his NR deck with which he played 200+ games and eventually reached the #1 Grand Master rank! To my surprise I was actually running a very similar 30 card Foltest deck but with same gameplay in mind , I did decide to switch to his with 1 change (-Keira +Philippa) as I don't have Keira and personally think Philippa is better. So far in my second run I'm 13-3 with it sitting at 3,9k MMR. Obviously the deck can and will go further than this , I aim to reach 4,1k very soon. So , this is my take on how the deck should be played. I know I'm not the deck creator or best player there is but I truly wanted to help people out there.

All credits for the original idea goes to https://twitter.com/ShadoazeKM?lang=en


If you guys wish to see me playing with this deck I'll try and record a youtube video with few matches and even live commentary explaining my thought process.

Card Combos


As with any other NR deck , almost everything here is a combo and you should thin your deck as much as possible to ensure a wincon.

Kaedweni Sergeant + Blue Stripes Commando is a basic one no need to explain this I think.

Dandelion + Temerian Infantryman + Dun Banner Light Cavalry + Reaver Hunter - You want to buff ONE unit of each.

Reaver Scout + Kaedweni Sergeant early r1 or Reaver Hunter late r3.

Thaler + Dun Banner Light Cavalry - Also a well known combo , depends on flow of the game when to pull off.

Olgierd - Protects the row from G:Igni or board from Scorch , best played r1 but r2 is fine as well. Provides some carryover.

Dethmold - Clears fog if you need to get rid of multiplied foglets or acts as a removal card with alzurs thunder. Can also break eggs and control with rain. Don't clear weather unless you really have to as this is your only clear and in weather matchup you'll opponent will have more than 1-2 weathers. Clear only if you want to stop Nekker Warrior combo with foglets or to remove them later in the game when he pulls out 5 / 7 of them.

Margarita Laux-Antille - Great lock in current meta. Usually used on early on Behemoth from Monster Nest , Vran or any other unit that needs locking. Also can act as a Mardroeme with 4 str body.

Operator + Reaver Hunter - Self explanatory , it will happen that you don't draw the 3rd without Operator and the fourth one also buffs them so can be played at different row if you have other 3 in hand to avoid rowstacking. If you do not have any RH in hand , Kaedweni Sergeant is a valid target for Operator especially if you have only 1 in hand.

Dijkstra - Best used r3 to pull remaining Reaver Hunters (or Reaver Scout into Reaver Hunter) and another card left in deck. You usually won't have ANY dead cards in your deck that late if the game went as it should be so Dijkstra provides immense value late into the game , can also add some points to the row in case you are missing some for G:Igni.

General Guide


With this deck it's hard to have a 'perfect' hand but with proper blacklisting and a little bit of luck it'll get there. So far I haven't got a single AWFUL opening hand but it's quite possible.

General rule of thumb is to not have any BSC , Cavalry , Dijkstra , more than 1 Infantrymen and more than two Reaver Hunters.


If you have both BSC and Cavalry , get rid of one Cavalry first then all of the BSC then remaining Cavalry if you have redraws left.

If you have both BSC and more than one Infantrymen , get rid of the one BSC first then as much Infantrymen as you need then remaining BSC if you have redraws left.

If you have both Cavalry and more than one Infantrymen , same logic applies as above.

All the other cases you'll have to mulligan based on experience and what cards you have in hand.

Round 1

You want to push Round 1 hard as you have the means to do so. Open with Foltest and then play all Sergeantsfrom hand (don't rowstack) and then RS into Sergeants in case you didn't draw them all. Can also use Reinforcement early into RS and then into Sergeants. From only 3 Sarges you'll have great tempo and even if you failed to achieve so , Thaler + Cavalry always has your back. You should usually play Thaler when you are 10 points down as even if they pass Cavalry will still come out. Playing him if you are down less is risky and I don't advise you this , although due to the size and popularity of the deck not many people expect it. As for your control options (Philippa , Marg , Deth , G:Igni) play those as your matchup unfolds , can't really say when is the best to play it. Some common situations I explained in Card Combos section. You usually want to win r1 but sometimes it can happen that you simply won't. If this is the case , save the Dandelion + Infantrymen combo to push them out of r2 early as they won't dare bleed you if you have a 25+ lead. If they do , sometimes passing is good if you think they can't reach your lead. 

Round 2

This round should usually be really short as you'll either drypass from winning r1 to keep CA (Olgierd helps with this) or you lost r1 and you are playing your infantrymen as the opener to push them out of the round immediately as in 90% of the cases they will pass. This deck is capable of going for 2-0 but only with perfect hand. In this case having all 3 RH in your hand or 2 RH + Dijkstra.

Round 3

Your finisher is RH + Dijkstra. Play 1 or 2 RH first and then play Dijkstra before the last RH or if you don't have the last RH play Dijkstra to hope to get RC to combine with RH. Put Dijkstra on a row you mean to G:Igni if you are missing the points to do so or to block enemy from consuming or buffing. Sometimes you might have your Infantrymen saved but that will be a very rare occasion as you'll need them to win r1 or r2. If that's the case , play them first before RH. If you are playing against Consume expect a Grave hag so it would be nice to save your Dethmold or Marg for this even if you risk playing 1 or 2 RH before them in previous rounds. Even Philippa can help , either pulled from Dijkstra or saved.


This is just a general guide , the deck is NOT autopilot so you are expected to know your matchup and mulligan and play according to it.

Card Replacements

You could swap out Philippa for Keira to mirror the original but the gameplay will change a little as you'll use Keira to Quen your RH 80% of the time and the rest is probably epidemic vs token decks. Both options are strong imo.

G:Igni could also be swapped for something else like Roche , Regis or something third. But it's still pretty good , especially since the deck also plays spy.

Olgierd could also be switched to Scorch or Alzur Double Cross (for Operator + thinning) if necessary. Be careful not to mill yourself with ADC though , this is only if you have troubles consistenly thinning the whole deck and pulling Operator.

Rest of the deck is pretty tight and I doubt you could switch anything and achieve results. Maybe Dethmold for some other silver? Really depends on the matchups you are getting.

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