4300+ 70% WR Discard Cerys

Created by user-100010688 Jul 21, 2017

Last Updated Jul 22, 2017 (0.9.8 Hotfix)

Bran Tuirseach

  • Attack 61
  • Ranged 24
  • Siege 37
  • Total Strength 122
  • Total 25
  • Silver 6
  • Gold 4
  • Scrap Cost 5400
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  • 61
  • 24
  • 37

Brief Summary of Build

This deck is incredible fun to play with lots of choices which will affect future rounds. I haven't seen any deck like this so far. 
I managed to climb from ~3470 to 4300+ MMR with a ~80% winrate. Altough the winrate have dropped to roughly ~70% win rate since 4150+, the deck is still going really strong so I'm certain it can climb much higher.

Why Cerys without queensquard?
You can summon Cerys 2-3 rounds every game which is a 14-21 power gold you don't even play from your hand. The deck has in total 3+3+3+2+1 = 12 resurrects. So the power in the deck comes from the discard archetype + reliable ways to resurrect Cerys with high tempo plays.

...But why no queensguard then?
They are really don't needed to be able to resurrect Cerys and they can easily be countered which is pretty frustrating and destroys your gameplan.
They also add 2-3 more units that needs to be discarded and that's too much. Queensquard are really not that good without strength increasing units which usually provides low tempo such as: Clan Tordarroch Shieldsmith and Draig Bon–Dhu

This deck is a lot harder to punish, mostly because the opponent don't know how to.

Card Combos


King bran: Always able to discard Cerys + two more targets... he is core.


Cerys: 14-21 power gold over 3 rounds which you will never play from the hand. The whole deck is built around her. Remember that all resurrect effects will trigger her counter.

Madman Lugos: Discard + great power. Fits the archetype. 

Coral: To good to not include. Auto-win vs dwarfs.

Ermion: Discard + card draw. Super good when drawn but games are still very winable even if he's not drawn.


Sigrdrifa: Great unit to resurrect silvers / bronzes. 

Morkvarg: High prio discard target that will resurrect 3 times during the game. Not a tragedy if played from hand. 

Olgierd: This unit will resurrect 2 times during the game if played during r1. Should be played from hand but can be discarded if there are no better options.

Donar an Hindar: Lock which synergizes with the discard archetype and can give you good res units.

Gremist: Can be a life saver with weather clears. Always good with the bear.

Udalryk: CA and synergizes with the discard archetype. 


Priestess of Freya: Unit to resurrect bronzes. 

War Longship: Insane in round 1. Will give huge tempo if opponent leaves 1 or 2 alive.

Clan An Craite Raider: Discard target that will resurrect when discarded, which will trigger the Cerys counter.

Clan Tuirseach Skirmishers: Discard target that will be huge in round 3 (around 17 power) if you can res it each round. You mainly want to use your freyas on this target.

Clan Dimun Pirate: Fits the discard archetype and provides deck thinning. (2 ships out = 14 power play)

Clan Dimun Pirate Captain: This unit will grow to 11+ in r1 and around 16+ in r3. Should mainly be saved for as long as possible but don't be afraid to use these in r1/r2 to win the round or to save better cards that can trigger Cery's resurrect for example.


  • War Longship + hero power and cards that discard. Provides great value.
  • Priestess of freya into Clan Tuirseach Skirmirshers or other bronzes. Remember Donar an hindar can steal pretty good bronzes.
  • Sigdrifa into silver units for weather clear/lock/bear. Bronze targets are also fine to resurrect if needed.
  • Priestess of freya / Sigdrifa into discarded Priestess of freya for more resurrects to trigger Cerys
  • Udalryk on the row where the opponent has the most power (or resilient units) before nuking with Coral. 
  • Madman lugos your  Clan Tuirseach Skirmirshers if you are able to resurrect it (not vs. monsters, read guide below) or a Clan an Craite Raider. Otherwise ships.
  • Gremist your Morkvarg (with more than 1 str) for an extra resurrect to trigger Cerys

General Guide

Mulligan (cards to keep):

2-3x War longship
1x Ermion (If you have this card in the hand, also keep two discard targets = Morkvarg, Clan an Craite Raider, Clan Tuirseach Skirmirshers
1x Clan Dimun Pirate
1x Priestess of freya (sometimes two if you think you need to resurrect a ship)
1x Olgierd (you primarily want to play this from the hand).
Rest of silver and golds

General gameplay

  • The goal is to win round 1 with the tempo gain of the ships and to bleed the opponent on round 2. Round 3 you will want to resurrect Cerys again combined with Clan Dimun Pirate Captain and a huge Clan Tuirseach Skirmirshers. The game is, however, far from over if you lose round 1!
  • You will want to resurrect Cerys as many rounds as possible by discarding cards that will be resurrected and by using Priestess of freya/Sigrdrifa. Otherwise you can resurrect ships if needed, pirates or bronzes stolen with Donar an Hindar. You mainly want to resurrect your silver targets with Sigrdrifa but it's OK to resurrect bronze targets if necessary.
  • Always keep track of the Cerys counter to know when to resurrect her. Sometimes it's the right choice to not trigger her during round 1 or 2 to be able to resurrect her the next turn instead. 
  • Try to not waste resurrect cards when she's already out. But depending on how the opponent plays, it might be difficult. Make sure you can resurrect Cerys atleast two times per game.

General starting sequence:

1. Start by playing all War longship
2. Use Hero power to discard Cerys  (always pick as first unit) + two discard targets = Morkvarg, Clan an Craite Raider, Clan Tuirseach Skirmirshers. In the case you start with Cerys + Ermion in the hand, you will want to discard her with Ermion before using Hero power.
3. Clan Dimun Pirate before Ermion so you don't draw more pirates.
4. Ermion + Discard targets
5. Adapt to the game... try to resurrect Cerys and win r1 without wasting to many resurrect units. 

Important notes when discarding.

  • The order when selecting targets to discard with Heroi power / Ermion is important! Always select Cerys first when choosing discard targets. This is because the resurrect counter will not be triggered otherwise. 
  • It's OK to discard freyas as they can be resurrected by other freyas and thus chaining a resurrect combo which will trigger the Cerys counter.
  • Ships are mainly only needed to win round 1. In round 2 and 3 they can be discarded/mulliganed.

Important notes vs. factions:

Don't discard/resurrect Clan Tuirseach Skirmirshers more than necessary due to Katakan and Caretaker. Always prioritize Clan an Craite Raider unless the opponent have played the cards or you will go first on 3rd round with a res in hand. The card is NUTS vs other factions but it will backfire vs monters. You really don't need it to be able to win.
Also: Donar and Lugos is your only counter to hag. Or force him to play it r2 and you will usually win with Mork + Olgierd + Cerys r3.

Beware of overextending with ships due to Keira Metz

ST (Dwarfs):
Coral is MVP here. If you got her in the hand, you will most likely win the 1st round (remember to use Udalryk before if you have him in the hand). You know the drill, if you lose the 1st round when the opponent got lots of carryover, you lose the game. So if you can't beat him on round 1, go for high tempo plays and pass early.

Reveal NG / Discard Skellige
If you go second and he starts with Mangonel/ War longship - Don't play ships first as they will be destroyed. Play Olgierd, Lugos or something else if possible. 

Card Replacements

Probably Gremist / Donar and hindar for other silvers such as Svanrige. With the extra discard you can also swap Madman lugos for any gold of your choice.

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