[4k MMR] Kambi Dash

Created by Yakin Jul 23, 2017

Last Updated Jul 23, 2017 (0.9.8 Hotfix)

Bran Tuirseach

  • Attack 74
  • Ranged 0
  • Siege 21
  • Total Strength 95
  • Total 25
  • Silver 6
  • Gold 4
  • Scrap Cost 5300
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  • 74
  • 0
  • 21

Brief Summary of Build

This is my variant of Kambi + Ciri: Dash deck. It heavily focuses on consistency, so you rarely lose because of bad draws.

Although this is definetely not a top-tier deck in the current meta, it's fun to play and actually viable even in ranked matches unless you're competing in the highest zone of leaderboard. I've climbed from early 2000's to 4000 MMR at >50% win-rate with this deck. Here is my records:

matchup records

I write a detailed guide below as this deck is not so straightforward to pilot. Hope you also enjoy the golden chicken!

Card Combos

Kambi + Hjalmar is needless to say the win-condition of the deck.

Dimeritium Shackles are used for demoting the opponent's gold units so that they can be burned by Kambi.

Ciri: Dash + Johnny provides you an extra gold unit, which is really important in this deck as it's unburnable by Kambi, no matter what it is.

Sarah improves consistency in the following way for example:

General Guide


Your win-condition is one of the followings:

Plan 1:
  1. Gain card advantage in round 1
  2. Win round 2 with Clan Dimun Pirate Captain
  3. Win round 3 with Kambi + Hjalmar
Plan 2:
  1. Gain card advantage in round 1
  2. Win round 2 with Kambi + Hjalmar
  3. Win round 3 with Ciri: Dash
Plan 3:
  1. Win round 1 with less than two card disadvantage
  2. Recover card disadvantage by a immediate pass in round 2
  3. Win round 3 with Kambi + Hjalmar

Plan 3 is the best way for victory but it's rarely realized. Instead you basically try to proceed Plan 1. However, the opponent doesn't always pass easily in round 2, so you often have to switch to Plan 2. In any case, it's important to gain card advantage in round 1.

Opening Mulligan
Strategy in Each Round

This deck has specific strategy in each round.

Round 1

You don't have to win the round. Your goals in this round are followings:

But you should always give the highest priority to card advantage. Typically you play King Bran + Clan an Craite Raider x 3 on turn 1 and immediately pass after that.

Hopefully you can thin your deck by First Light and so on, or play Johnny in this round, but you must pass before the opponent takes more points than you with the same number of cards as you.

Round 2

Thin your deck by playing Clan Dimun Pirate, First Light and so on, and try to win the round with moderately grown Clan Dimun Pirate Captain (Plan 1). If the opponent pushes this round so hard that you can't beat it, you have to switch to Plan 2.

In that case, thin your deck as much as possible and cycle the deck by Ermion or Svanrige to get Kambi and Hjalmar. Play Kambi when you can't catch up with the opponent any more. The opponent will always pass after you play Kambi, then you play Udalryk and then Hjalmar so that you can go to the final round without card disadvantage, as long as you gain card advantage in round 1.

If you can thin the deck properly, you are guaranteed to have Ciri: Dash in round 3.

Round 3 (Plan 1)

After thinning your deck by First Light and so on, play Ermion, Svanrige and Udalryk for growing Ciri: Dash up and adding her into your hand eventually. Ideally, she can be 18 points without being played on the board.

Play Kambi when 3 cards are left in your hand. The other 2 cards left are usually two copies of Dimeritium Shackles.

Card Replacements

Lacerate is a tech-card slot and thus can be replaced with Mardroeme, for example, depending on the meta.

One copy of First Light or Dimeritium Shackles might also be replaced with Mardroeme or another Lacerate.

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