28 Card Midrange [Rank 21]

Created by user-27359314 Jul 24, 2017

Last Updated Jul 31, 2017 (0.9.8 Hotfix)

King Foltest

  • Attack 32
  • Ranged 31
  • Siege 27
  • Total Strength 90
  • Total 28
  • Silver 6
  • Gold 4
  • Scrap Cost 5490
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  • 32
  • 31
  • 27

Brief Summary of Build

Hey guys! Here's my take on Foltest inspired by Shadoaze that I was able to pilot to rank 21 with a 67% overall winrate

I believe this variant is a tiny bit more consistent as it has an additional tutor for your main win conditions in the face of Alzur's Double-Cross and I felt like Olgierd wasn't making enough impact in most of my matchups. If we play ADC we should also play a 28th card to prevent overthinning, and that's why Blue Stripes Scout is in the deck, while also providing a lot of value vs monsters.



Card Combos

I won't go all in detail in this section, but I'd like to give my thoughts on playing Thaler with Dun banner light cavalry .

If you have a way to play Thaler in hand, try to play as low-tempo as possible or bait your opponent into high tempo plays if you're willing to take the round. In some matchups, it's better to pass r1(mainly vs monsters) as there'll be a point at which you'll not be able to stay in the round if you didn't answer their weather perfectly. Then you can either cycle Thaler r2 to trigger cavalry with their carryover, or start r3 with low tempo and hope for your opponent to allow the play.

Another tricky one is Operator in mirror. If you won the coinflip, wait for him to Foltest (usually turn1) and then immediately use OP on one of your Kaedweni Sergeants . That way he'll end up with a dead sergeant and you'll be in a very favorable spot.

You shouldn't be afraid to play Reaver Hunter prior to r3 if the opponent decides to go for 2-0, for example. Either you'll proceed to r3 with card advantage or still have a finisher like Dijkstra or Temerian infantry left for a powerplay.

General Guide

Speaking of mulligans, you always want to blacklist a card you have a 1 of first, as you're more likely to draw into it(e.g. 2 BSC 1 Cavalry hand, mulligan cavalry first, then blacklist the BSC's). Additionally, it is always better to get rid of something fully, rather than splitting the mulligans(2 BSC, 2 Temerian infantrymen, 2 Cavalry hand, mulligan 1 cavalry=>mulligan BSC=> Mulligan another cavalry). That way you can still make a powerful play while thinning the deck, so you can mulligan your other combos in later rounds.



Favored: Dwarves ST, Control ST. Control Radovid, QG Skellige, NG in general

Even: Any monsters build, mirror and Henselt NR, Axemen SK

Unfavored: Discard SK

Card Replacements

Keira Metz => Philippa Eilhart as a budget option, but it's a much more one-dimensional card. Other cards are not replaceable if you want to play in competitive ranks.

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