Baby It's Cold Outside (WH Frost)

Created by user-100012982 Aug 29, 2017

Last Updated Sep 8, 2017 (Gold Immunity)

Eredin Bréacc Glas

  • Attack 48
  • Ranged 54
  • Siege 5
  • Total Strength 107
  • Total 25
  • Silver 6
  • Gold 4
  • Scrap Cost 5050
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  • 48
  • 54
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Brief Summary of Build



This list has a strong weather presence with the ability to apply frost to 6 rows in total throughout the game. Weather is a great mechanic and with some high base strength cards and big hits this list is a great way to enjoy the new patch.


Ge'els and Royal Decree are similair cards, except Royal Decree is worth 1 more point (as it boosts units by 2 and all the other golds are units, whereas Ge'els has a 1 body) and allows you to choose the gold card  you want instead of random out of cards in your deck, however Ge'els allows you to find Silver Cards too and both Nithral, Jotunn and White Frost are just as important in situations as the Gold cards so that is why I picked Ge'els. 

Caretaker is the expendable gold but I couldn't really think of a unit that would provide better value in most games. Old Speartip is a great card and row stacking is a feature of this deck but I feel that by damaging the row you are wasting frost damage especially if you have riders down and are ticking for 3-4 damage per turn. Caretaker provides value on your side of the board so it doesn't interfere with frost.

Imlerith is a 9 point card that can do 8 points of damage in frost or 4 outside, even if you dont get it's full damage off it is a great card and provides removal if needed that can work on golds. 

Caranthir is basically your frost on a stick and frost is the core of this deck so he is useful. An 8 point body is great too and allows you to pull a unit if they are trying to dodge weather. 

Morvudd is a great card that can be used to control your opponents units. Now that Gold units are interactable you can use him to lock units like Triss Butterfly Spell and deal half their health. In worst case scenario you don't need the lock, targeting an 8 point bronze will be a 9 point play which is still not terrible.

Nithral is a lot better than he used to be and is very similair to Imlerith but with a bit less power and more conditions. You will hopefully have a wild hunt unit in your hand since there are so many in this deck allowing you to hit for 7 strength on a 5 body. This is a 12 point play with 7 removal which can be really useful and doesn't even require a unit to be in frost. 

Jotunn can be great if you opponent has used all his weather clears and you have few weathers left, allowing you to pull up to 3 units into the frost and deals bonus damage if they land in frost, dealing 3 damage to each and setting them up for frost damage and other cards. He is a 15 point play if you pull 3 units with above 3 strength into frost which is great. 

Dorregaray is a completely new card and fits in really well with this list. In most games I use him as a tutor to spawn a drowner to pull units into frost. He is a 2 body that spawns a 7 strength drowner that pulls a unit into frost and deals 4 damage to it. This is a 13 point play and sets up weather which is great but even if this situation doesnt arise you can use him to spawn an ekkimara which is an 8 point play and gives you 6 points of carry over. The savage bear can be useful too but I would rarely use the Wyvern in this deck.

White Frost allows you to apply frost to two rows and since frost is the core of this deck is great. It takes a while to get ticking but can be a great generating a maximum of 4 points a turn (unless boosted by riders) and helps your other cards like Wild Hunt Warrior, Imlerith and Nithral work. Worst case scenario it can be used to bait clear weathers allowing your frost hounds and Caranthir to frost for you.

Artefact Compression is a new card that i'm trying out but has proved useful removing either high point value cards or cards with passive effects or abilities which acrew points over time. It's a bit like a single target scorch that you don't need to worry about your own units getting scorched. It also banishes the card removing cards that could have been useful in Skellige like queensguard and since you use frost the 2 point body will usually die to frost anyways.




Card Combos

If your opponent runs a lot of single lane weather clear units or clear weathers you can play around this well with a number of cards in the deck.

Caranthir can pull a unit and create a new frost for you if needed.

Jotunn can pull 3 units into a weather row and do bonus damage.

Dorregaray can be used for a number of options such as ekkimara for carry over or to use a drowner to pull a unit into weather also dealing bonus damage.

 Drowners can pull a unit into frost and deal 4 damage needed.

General Guide

This deck has proven efficient at providing big tempo rounds and lots of frost ticking damage to keep you in the lead. If i use the coinflip I usually start by putting down a wild hunt longship as it is a very non-commital play and allows you to save your reactive weather cards for when your opponent plays. Winning the coinflip is great in this deck as you can react straight away with a wild hunt hount and get the weather ticking.

You can sometimes apply another frost to a row once your opponent has set units in it and check to see if there are weather clears. Most decks nowadays run very few weather clears so if you time your weathers right your opponent will not be able to clear all of them. Once the clears are gone you can frost the board up and move units around to try and keep units in the weather at all times, allowing you to use cards like Imlerith and Nithral and Wild Hunt Warriors for their full points. If you can stack as many units on a row as possible it is good to use your Wild Hunt Riders to deal bonus damage with frost and allow it to cut through your enemies units quickly.

There are a few proactive card choices in the deck like Ge'els to give you options for cards to play, Dorregaray to give you the option of carryover, moving units into frost and more. Also Fiend is a great tech card as it can be used to lock gold units and is great with dealing with passive effect golds like Triss: Butteryfly Spell and Yennefer: Conjurer as it doesn't kill them. Artefact Compression is showing to be a useful card but is a tech choice again, working a bit like scorch but has been useful so far as the strength of your own units doesnt get in the way and you can freely remove the 2 strength artifact with frost the turn after.

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