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Created by ShoePlays Aug 29, 2017

Last Updated Aug 30, 2017 (Gold Immunity)

Emhyr var Emreis

  • Attack 44
  • Ranged 46
  • Siege 78
  • Total Strength 168
  • Total 28
  • Silver 6
  • Gold 4
  • Scrap Cost 5490
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  • 44
  • 46
  • 78

Brief Summary of Build

This is a classic mill list which revolves around replaying draw cards such as [Avallach] and [Albrich] many times in order to run your opponent out of cards so that you can achieve more value and card advantage over them. The deck gets some cool new tools, most notable [Magne Division] and the new [Alba Spearmen]. I'll be playing this deck extensively on my stream over at https://www.twitch.tv/shoeplays if you want to check out some gameplay. I will be adding more detail to the guide as I get more experience with the deck so please check back for updates.


EDIT 1: After some more test runs I've made some modifications which I think improve the deck's consistency. Renew got replaced with [Vilgefortz], which gives you some utility to be able to remove big threats while decking your opponent or further drawing though your deck. I've added [Dimeritium Bomb] to the deck as another way to demote your [Avallach] with additional utility to be able to reset buffed units, which I believe is very valuable at this point in the patch with lots of greedy decks out there. [Assire Var Anahid] allowed me to cut the deck down to 28 cards, which makes finding your draw mechanics easier, while also ensuring that you do not deck yourself. [Sweers] was added because I had difficulty decking people. I believe this is because it is early in the patch and many people are still running un-optimized decks. This should become less of a problem as the days go on and the meta stabilizes. Also one [Clear Skies] was added to improve the matchup against spell and weather heavy decks, which can punish you hard if unprepared. 

Card Combos

[Dimeritium Shackles] and be used on [Avallach] to enable him to be played repeatedly with your bounce effects such as [Cahir] and [Decoy]. Try to play around removal!

[Alba Spearmen] receives buff every time you or your opponent draws cards. So it is buffed by cards such as [Avallach], [Albrich], [Daerlan Foot Soldiers], [Cantarella], [Magne Divsion], Alzur's Double Cross]. Nearly your entire deck will buff the spearmen, which is why they are a great inclusion.

[Combat Engineer] is mainly used on [Alba Spearmen] for great carryover. Although resilience only carries over base strength, the spearmen actually grow at the starts of rounds 2 and 3 due to the draws that occur at the start of these rounds. 

[Magne Divison] are meant to be played when you believe your opponent has no more bronze cards in their deck (usually when there are no cards left in their deck). This will draw you a card for free while they get nothing in return. 


General Guide

The game plan is simple. You draw your opponents cards until they have none in their deck. Then you can play cards such as [Albrich], [Magne Divison], [Vilgefortz], etc. without any of their negative drawbacks. This is mainly done by demoting [Avallach] and replaying him over and over with cards such as [Decoy] and [Cahir]. 

Round 1 you want to have access to [Avallach] in some way. You can either have him in your hand, or put him on top of your deck with [Stefan Skellen] and draw into him. So you want to mulligan hard for one of these two cards. You also want to keep any bounce effects in your hand if you have access to [Avallach]. You're also looking for [Sweers] early in the game, so you can discard the maximum amount of bronze units from your opponent's deck. You should always mulligan [Magne Division]. These cards are only good once you've run your opponent out of cards. You are looking to use them as your finisher. 

The goal is to play out [Avallach] in a safe manner. Then you want to play out [Emhyr]'s ability to demote him with [Dimeritium Shackles] or [Dimeritium Bomb] and return him to your hand all in one turn. From here you can replay him several more times to draw your opponent through their deck. If your opponent is running a reasonable amount of thinning mechanics (rallies, tutors, muster units, etc) you should be able to deck them effectively. Ideally you want to win the first round with this deck, so that your opponent cannot pass. You having to play after they pass is very bad because your card draw cards do not draw if your opponent has passed. If you need to go down a few cards to win the first round, it is alright. You will recover this card advantage when you draw cards from their deck and they draw none. 

Once your opponent is out of cards, you can go crazy drawing cards from your deck. Your deck is thick enough with 28 cards and [Assire Var Anahid] that you should not deck yourself until well after your opponent does. You can then get massive value out of your drawing cards which should help you wrap up the game.

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