Panda's Mull-again

Created by user-8476113 Aug 29, 2017

Last Updated Sep 4, 2017 (Gold Immunity)

Francesca Findabair

  • Attack 43
  • Ranged 47
  • Siege 52
  • Total Strength 142
  • Total 25
  • Silver 6
  • Gold 4
  • Scrap Cost 5150
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  • 43
  • 47
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Brief Summary of Build

Hey Guys, ImpetuousPanda here. With the release of the new patch, the changes to Mulligan instantly caught my attention and I decided to quickly try to build a deck for the first day of ladder. After a few days, many players can safely say Mulligan is a tier 1 archtype at the moment and I think my variant is at it's core a fairly optimal version of it. Although I easily played within the top 10 the first two days of the new patch, I don't think this means too much, so my reputation as a player will have to back me on this deck this time around.

I stream pretty much every weekday from 4-5PM CET to around 9-10 PM. I also stream some weekend nights from about 10 PM CET onwards. Feel free to follow me on https://www.twitch.tv/impetuouspanda if you want to check out some high ladder gameplay with this deck.


Update v1: Took out last trapper, added third brigade. Going to mess around with -Toruviel +Ciaran, makes Isengrim much more risky but this is a mulligan deck after all. 

Was away at a wedding the past few days, going to play it a bit on ladder and start on the deck guide. Should be completed before the weekend is up. Thanks for the patience.


Card Combos


Bronze Cards


Elven Wardancer: Probably the most important bronze unit in this deck beside Vrihedd Officers. The wardancers obviously synergize well with the mulligan archtype, but their true strength relies on the prevention of the opponent's dry pass in round 2, effectively making these bronze units carryover that can not be played around, as long as some conditions are met. They make the coinflip especially important, as even if you lose round 1, unless they opponent is playing carryover into Round 2, you'll be able to mulligan the wardancers and prevent the dry pass. They can obviously be mulligan'd from hand as an extra +4-12 tempo boost in Round 1, which is never something that should be scoffed at. 

Vrihedd Officer: A truly overlooked bronze unit, the Vriheed Officer has cemented it's place in the meta as one of the most overtuned bronze units at the moment, providing excellent utility in the mulligan archtype in synergy with bricked hands or cards that benefit from mulligans like wardancers and vanguards, while also putting down astonishing tempo for a bronze unit, anywhere from 10-19 single unit points in most occasions. When mulliganing, keep in mind what units officers can pull and always try and have strong units in deck if not extremely necessary in Round 1.

Blue Mountain Commando: Blue Mountain Commando serves many purposes, but all of them are fairly simply to understand. They're a strong 9 strength tempo play, but the most important is that they synergize so well with the rest of the deck. For one, they're elves, and so they have great synergy with cards like Vrihedd Vanguard and Aelirenn . They're also great in a pinch in combination with Zoltan Chivay, as they increase his value by +6 points, from a solid 14 to a fantastic 20 value for a gold card. They also provide extra elf bodies for Saessenthesis to gain value as well as thin your deck by two cards, which isn't quantifiable but certainly very important.

Vrihedd Brigade: These units do very simple things, and although they seem very standard compared to the rest of the deck, they're an absolute gamechanger in certain matchups and provide great utility regardless. Brigade's are a solid 8 body weather clear, but they also have the added ability of being able to drag units between rows, both your own units and the opponent's. This syergizes well against decks that run multiple weathers, or cards like White Frost. Brigades also have great synergy with BMCs in certain situations, as well as Toruviel occasionally. They truly shine in long rounds by further enabling one of the most vital cards in this deck, Merigold's Hailstorm. They aid Zoltan Chivay in lining up enemy units in a single row, and are especially good as utility units because this deck can cycle through bronze units so well thanks to it's mulligan mechanics and Saskia's great ability. They also have the added ability of being able to interrupt enemy units that rely on positioning, like Vran Warriors or Knight Elects.

Vrihedd Vanguard: Vrihedd Vanguards are exceptionally good or disgustingly bad, as depending on the situation in which you play them they'll enable other cards to generate insane value or simply serve as a very vanilla 6-7 value card. Vanguards work best when mulliganed by officers in a medium-long round, as they'll normally add on 7-10 value to the Officers for simply being in the deck/hand, and without even being played. They can also be played from hand in a long round for a solid 10-15 point bronze unit, but they truly shine when paired with Saskia, enabling Saskia to achieve 10+14-20 points in a long round thanks to the double mulligan feature if you have two vanguards in hand.



Silver Cards


Merigold's Hailstorm: The insanse amount of power creep in this patch has made Merigold's Hailstorm an autoinclude in most decks that have space for it, and Scoia'tael synergizes especially well with this card thanks to Zoltan Chivay and Brigades, who are able to forcestack the opponent's units in to a single row, as well as Yaevinn, as Merigold's Hailstorm is the only spell in this deck and so it will always be drawn if not already in hand. Merigold's Hailstorm allows this deck to play into a long round against almost any faction, a feat cards like Saskia and Vanguards wouldn't able to hold up on their own as other factions tend to scale much more exponentially than the Mulligan Archtype. 

Toruviel: Toruviel is one of the weaker cards in this deck, but it enables Isengrim to get full value consistently, and is still a 14 value silver card that has little counters other than locks. In a meta where Merigold's hailstorm is very strong, a card that forces you to stack at least 4 units in a row isn't ideal, but I believe it's still a necessary inclusion if we choose to continue playing Isengrim. Toruviel also has the added synergy of the elf tribal tag.

Morenn: Morenn is especially strong after the patch, as she can no longer be punished as a low tempo play considering she will flip regardless of a pass, adding a meager 8 points but enough to justify her play from a tempo perspective in most situations. Although she is not an elf, she still provides a solid 13 value play with little downside, and is a perfect partner in a short round 3 with Isengrim providing a realiable 20 points of value while also punishing cards with low strength values and deploy abilities if the opponent doesn't play around her correctly.

Yaevinn: Yaevinn is a flex spot in this deck, although he helps immensely in regaining card advantage against decks that run carryover into Round 2 and can't answer back with a spy of their own. I also find myself using him in Round 1 most of the time, as if pressed this deck can outtempo most other decks significantly and so the spy value doesn't really hinder their gameplan, while also fixing the coinflip in some occasions or forcing the opponent out of round 1 or two cards down in others. He also essentially becomes a six point spy if you have Merigold's hailstorm, and you always will as he'll either draw it for you or you'll have it in hand. Warning: Yaevinn will count as a spy on the opponent's board and can summon Aelirenn. Also a great card to draw with Officers for the +12 boost.

Ciaran: Another flex spot, originally Commander's Horn. CH is punished too heavily in a Merigold's Hailstorm meta, and so Ciaran has once again found a spot in the deck. Used essentially for stopping carryover against some decks or snowball long round 1 effects in others. Also a fairly weak silver card considering the lineup and can be swapped out for others depending on the meta. Most decks that have snowball cards normally have multiple of them, and so Ciaran doesn't do as much in stopping a gameplan altogether, this is the case with cards like Drummer, Supports, Knight Elects, Longships, etc.

Aelirenn: Solid card used for thinning, yet another elf body and strong +6 tempo play added onto turn 2 or 3 of Round 1. Can be triggered by an opponent's Yaevinn, and can be used occasionally with Toruviel for a +20 point bamboozle which might win a surprise round, or at the very least acquire extra card advantage if the opponent misplays. 


Gold Cards


Zoltan Chivay: Zoltan is Merigold's Hailstorms best friend, and together these two cards will combo from 40-100 point in a long round against most decks in the current patch. Zoltan also had the added bonus of being able to target both sides of the board, and his recent buffs maybe him an unquestionable 14 standard value with added utility, being able to also combo well as an anti-weather cards, Toruviel enabler or Merigold's Hailstorm enabler, while also having added synergy with Blue Mountain Commandos and being able to manipulate enemy units that rely on positioning like Vran Warriors or Knight Elects.

Saskia: One of the great mulligan combo pieces and an excellent card regardless. In the worst case scenario it allows you to fix a bricked hand while also adding 10 points to the board, best case scenario it can achieve upwards of 30 points of value in a long round with two vanguards in hand while also drawing you into tools like Brigades or Officers when necessary. 

Isengrim: A extremely solid burst play, a much needed Round 3 finisher for this deck. Ideally he'll end up being a 20 point one card combo in Round 3 which is a very solid finisher. Also has added elf synergy and the mulligan archtype is especially helpful in making sure he isn't dead in Round 3 and can draw into either Toruviel or Morenn.

Saesenthessis: The only flex spot in this deck, can be swapped depending on meta. Gains solid value in a long round while also not interfering with Merigold's Hailstorm value in most situations. Can get upwards of 20+ value in a long round while also having very important removal. Possible replacements are Iorveth, Geralt:Igni, or Aglais among others. 

General Guide

How to play the deck, mulligans and matchups coming...




Hotfix came sooner apparently. ST is kill.

Card Replacements


Silver Cards: Ciaran  can be replaced by Commander's Horn

Gold Cards: Saesenthessis is the only real flex gold in this deck, the others are too important. It can be replaced by any gold that you find will fit your meta or provide value consistently, for example: Geralt: Igni, Iorveth, Aglaïs, Renew, etc.

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