37 Rally

Created by dgthunderer Aug 30, 2017

Last Updated Sep 8, 2017 (Gold Immunity)

King Foltest

  • Attack 38
  • Ranged 20
  • Siege 54
  • Total Strength 112
  • Total 37
  • Silver 6
  • Gold 4
  • Scrap Cost 6110
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  • 38
  • 20
  • 54

Brief Summary of Build

While this deck is really strong, everything is really strong now compared to last patch. Although there's a ton of muster units the fact that your deck is so large mitigates the chance that you draw poorly. Furthermore the Ban Ard Tutor can help fix your draws and/or draw a crucial answer to one of their cards.

This deck relies on getting it's power plays largely from its muster units like the Witcher trio and the Temerian Infantryman. Be careful about when you use these power plays--they're your win conditions. Use Dandelion to add strength to your power plays while also staggering them to avoid Scorch or Geralt: Igni.

General Guide

This is mostly a game of blacklisting. First make sure you blacklist the Blue Stripes Commando, then blacklist Biting Frost. After that you're making sure you only have one copy of your muster groups--Witchers, Temerian Infantryman, and Witch Hunter. Keep in mind that the Ban Ard Tutor can help you fix your hand if your mulligan isn't enough.

If you do have the luxury of trying to find cards (which you should only do if you have a tutor in hand in case you draw into something bad), then try to find ways to get Blue Stripes Scout (BSS) out either by finding them, Reinforcement, Reaver Scout/Marching Orders (if you already have one BSS), or John Natalis/Royal Decree. There's a lot of ways to find then because they're really important. Then try to get Aretuza Adept as they're harder to find since they cannot be pulled from Reinforcement


This is the round where you want to get all three of your Blue Stripes Scout out while also pulling Blue Stripes Commando. Ideally between that and Aretuza Adept you can drain your opponent out of round 1, but if you can't find many adepts you might have to use one or more of your power plays. Make sure to save at least one power play for later or you might have a very hard time winning another round. Commander's Horn, John Natalis, and Witch Hunter are the best round 1 power plays as Natalis helps find your BSS, Horn is certain to get full value, and Witch Hunter are more likely to have a mage target.

If you lost round 1, treat round 2 like it's round 1, but be very hesitant to make power plays. If you won round 1 feel free to bleed your opponent. Without a spy this can be risky as they will quite likely have an extra card on you, but having 1-2 power plays for a several card round 3 is very strong. If you plan to keep 2 muster plays for round 3 it's helpful to have a Ban Ard Tutor in case you get bad draws.

This deck does thin to the point where round 3 has a reliable strategy. It's predominantly based on what you saved in your hand from round 1 and 2. You'll likely have 6-10 cards in your deck with the majority of them being specials, Ban Ard Tutor and a couple elusive golds or Aretuza Adept (along wiht their Biting Frost). That doesn't make your draws very good going in to round 3 so you really rely on saving a power play.

More than specific problem or golden match ups, this deck struggles against anyone who pushes really hard in round 1. If your oponent forces you down to a single remaining power play in round 1 and still pushes you're in a bad situation. Heavy control decks can be problematic as well if they kill your Blue Stripes Scout before you can pull the copies out with Reaver Scout.

Against spy NG look to use Ban Ard Tutor to fetch an Alzur's Thunder to take down their Impera Enforcer. If you go first it's often correct to play the tutor before Foltest to guarantee a thunder. It's also a higher tempo play in case your opponent leads off with Cynthia pulling an Imperial Golem (up to 18 point play if you have a tutor in hand buffed by Foltest). While you can easily deal with Cynthia later on with your Witch Hunter you want to save that play for when the third hunter can reset an Impera Brigade.

Against any NG: It's far more likely that NG decks run Rot Tosser than that they run Scorch or Geralt: Igni. If you find Dandelion, use him to buff 2 Witch Hunter and one of the lower strength witchers to give you the best chance to play around Rot Tosser.

Against ST look for an opening to get a big Epidemic off from Keira Metz. Often they'll have Elven Wardancer and Blue Mountain Commando out allowing you to get 12-15 points from the Epidemic alone.

Card Replacements


  • Dandelion: While he's super useful to offset all the 7 strength units you have to help avoid a giant Geralt: Igni, there are other ways to play around that, making this magnificant bard a flex card.
  • Keira Metz
  • Commander's Horn: This is actually a recent addition. Having the extra power play is really nice, but other viable options are Margarita Laux–Antille, Artefact Compression, or some other meta-specific tech card.
  • Your four spell/alchemy cards are also flex. You need about 4 cards that are either spells or alchemy cards, but what they are is up to you.

NOTE: While Dijkstra and Prince Stennis are very strong cards, they do not fit in this deck for several reasons. First, you need to get all the musters (witchers, Witch Hunters, and Temerian Infantryman) out of your hand as well has have a Reaver Scout target on the field before playing them. Once that's achieved, you often have a lot of very mediocre stuff in your deck. Prince Stennis is the stronger of the two cards for this deck as he only pulls unit. That can be useful to get an Aretuza Adept or a missing muster set, but the fact that he's so situational to play makes him not seem worth. If you didn't have to save a muster power play in hand for round 3 they'd be significantly better.

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