McBeard's Avalanche NR

Created by McBeard Aug 30, 2017

Last Updated Sep 7, 2017 (Gold Immunity)

King Radovid V

  • Attack 17
  • Ranged 42
  • Siege 53
  • Total Strength 112
  • Total 25
  • Silver 6
  • Gold 4
  • Scrap Cost 5150
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  • 17
  • 42
  • 53

Brief Summary of Build

Hi everyone! McBeard here :) As some of you may know, I was a big fan of Northern Realms in the closed beta, where I played an aggressive Foltest list into the top 1000. In Public Beta, with the removal of old King of Beggars and old Priscilla, NR just hasn't felt the same... until now! I've been playing this list and I feel it captures the feel of older NR with explosive turns and passive point generation. I've been doing well so far, even in the face of other "OP" decks that are getting popular.

Card Combos

Most of this deck revolves around Prince Stennis, who single-handedly changes how an NR deck can play.

John Natalis -> Marching Orders or Reinforcements -> Stennis: This is how I begin most games. Stennis will likely pull a "snowball" unit like Reinforced Trebuchet, Knight Elect, or Drummer, and begin the passive point generation that will ultimately allow you to pass while ahead, or catch up.

Shani -> Stennis: Great round 2/3 tempo in a long or short round. Great finisher as well.

Decoy -> Stennis: It's like a second Stennis

Reinforcement -> Nenneke -> Stennis and Reinforcement: If you draw Natalis late, this is a deadly combo, allowing you to use Natalis to Reinforce out Stennis. This combo is the main reason I run both Marching Orders and Reinforcement together.

General Guide

Play as many "Snowball" units as possible and pass when your opponent would have a difficult time overtaking you, or when they give up and play a spy. Thunderbolt Potion is very useful to reactivate your Knight Elects, combat any weather you might encounter, and almost always has three units to hit, thanks to Poor Flanking Infantry, and the sheer unit output Stennis provides. Stennis also supplies your units with armour, and is armoured himself, making Stennis a safer round 1 play even in the face of Warships, Mangonels or other pings and AOE. Use Artifact Compression to save the game if you get hit with a bomb unit... if you pressured well, you should be able to keep up in cards and have the last say. Use Shani or Dijkstra as a finisher in a short round 3. Try to bleed round 2 if you win, or just 2-round your opponent outright, as this deck thrives in a long round.

Card Replacements

Keira Metz is likely replacable, but I'm not sure what's better. Vesemir feels like almost a 1-to-1 replacement, although he does thin.

Artifact Compression is a meta choice against some of the huge units dropping onto the board. Could be swapped out for other cards like Commander's Horn, Thaler, or your favourite Silver.

Radovid is actually interchangeable with Foltest, but I find the swing and utility of Radovid to be superior.

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