Spot the Geralt (17str Spotters) Updated!

Created by user-100013227 Aug 30, 2017

Last Updated Sep 17, 2017 (Gold Immunity)

Morvran Voorhis

  • Attack 26
  • Ranged 69
  • Siege 36
  • Total Strength 131
  • Total 25
  • Silver 6
  • Gold 4
  • Scrap Cost 5300
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  • 26
  • 69
  • 36

Brief Summary of Build

In the recent patch CDPR addressed the "unga" cards by reworking all of them and hopefully remove high power bronze finishers on round 3.
However the recent buff to standard Geralt and the extra card revealed from Movran was enough to bring back one of the best finisher in this game.


Card Combos

Any reveal card -> mangonel
Leader/Cyntra/Albrich -> golems 
Alchemist/Vattier -> Daerlan foot soldiers/fire scorpion
Leo Bonhart -> Geralt/cantarella 
Spotters-> Revealed cantarella/geralt/enemy spy
Summoning circle -> See general guide
Stefan Skellen -> Daerlan foot soldiers.

General Guide

Mulligan all imperial golems then roach then some spotters if you have 2+

In round 1 always lead with mangonel and then whether it survives or not play cyntra if you have it.
At this point go for the leader ability revealing
2 cards from opponent and daerlan/fire scorpion -> if you have a albrich in hand or if you played cyntra. 
3 cards from opponent and daerlan/fire scorpion -> if you don't have albrich or didn't play cyntra.
If you need to leave the round remember that you must always have at least revealed geralt or have leo/vattier/alchemist to reveal him.
In round 3 play all the spotters in separated rows to play around igni

Updated 17/09/17:

The bronze core is still the same as reveal is really streamlined and it's highly unlikely you can change much more.(I'll try later with the alba spearmen)
However enough with this chaff let's talk about the real changes.
Cards removed :
Albrich because altough you benefit from extending the round without a gold weather this card seems loose way more than it is useful and the mangonel stop shooting at some point.
Roach: With the introduction of stefan skellen you need less thinning to setup your combo or have the right card in your hand at the proper time
G:Igni -> as the meta evolved this card feels like it isn't as necessary as before.
Cards Added :
Vanhemar is a MUST lately. The uprising cometh of 1-2 gold weather in a lot of matchups is crazy and vanhemar helps mitigate that.
Summoning circle : Honestly this is still a flex slot but i want to give you an example of some plays i had the pleasure of doing with this card:
Copying spy -> Fairly obvious Dah
Vanhemar Clear drought; Opponent RNR Summoning circle on vanhemar
Often enough your 4th spotter if they play a special/gold card in round 3
Lock on mangonel -> Summoning circle to unlock it
This card has honestly surprised me way more than it has disappointed me so i feel that it deserves a spot at least as of now.
Stefan Skellen: Stefan is still a tech card that i added because it sinergyzes very well with the daerlan allowing you to draw the exact card you need right on top.  A few examples are vanhemar vs weather decks or using him to take the round putting spy/summoning circle on top for Round 2 draws or honestly getting any part of the combo, spotter or a gold is still great.

Card Replacements

Bronzes: Swap as you wish Alchemists and fire scorpion. Altough i like this mix you can tweak it as you desire. ( You can also swap this 3 cards for 3 alba pikemen netting you even more thinning. If you do so i recommend to Swap stefan for something else.)
Silver: You can swap summoning circle for Roach or albrich or anything you desire
Gold: Stefan skellen is my tech card of choice to give you great consistency and comboes very well with Daerlan foot soldier draws. He's replaceable for literally any gold you like.

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