Type 2000 Nekker launcher

Created by user-100004326 Aug 30, 2017

Last Updated Sep 7, 2017 (Gold Immunity)

Unseen Elder

  • Attack 54
  • Ranged 47
  • Siege 26
  • Total Strength 127
  • Total 25
  • Silver 6
  • Gold 4
  • Scrap Cost 5450
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Brief Summary of Build

Hi there,

My name is A-, I've been playing Gwent since march of closed beta and have thoroughly enjoyed my time with the game. I'm consistently around the top rankings (1-250) and would love to pour my knowledge out to help both new, and even experienced players, with the game.

Also, you can find me streaming here twitch.tv/a_minus_ where I will be streaming my adventure through the pro ladder and messing around with a few special decks in other modes.

Today I'm bringing you a guide to one of the decks I find the most fun during the start of this new patch.

Monsters has always been my favourite faction due to the array of creatures it offers and so this is why I have chosen to start with this deck. The general idea of the deck is to buff up your [nekker]s and to use them as a removal tool with the new [cyclops] card. This results in a very strong bronze play as you aren't losing points when you destroy the card. It also uses [nekker warrior]s to reload your nekker launcher.


Card Combos


[Nekker] : Your primary tool for fueling the deck archetype. Always try and blacklist to have 1 of these in your hand, however if you are against a deck where you can judge they will be able to lock/banish your initial nekker then keeping 2 in hand is absolutely fine.

[Cyclops] : Your primary tool for executing the deck archetype. They are used for removal of priority targets using nekkers as an allied unit to fire. I've found keeping just one of these round 1 is most efficient as you generally want to use round 1 to stack points on your nekkers and build up ammo, but then having 1 for insurance is useful.

[Celaeno harpy] : Used to activate the consume engine and to generate points throughout the round. It is also handy for scenarios where you need extra carry over between rounds to deny a drypass tactic.

[Vran warrior] : A consume trigger which helps buff up your nekkers for the barrage and also to accumulate points in conjuction with celaeno harpy. This can also be used to retrieve extra nekkers that may not have been used in the onslaught.

[Nekker warrior] : Reload function for your nekker launcher. MORE NEKKERS.


[Morvudd] : Your standard silver lock. It can be used to unlock your nekkers if they get locked and it can be used to deny an enemy unit's ability. Very versatile.

[Shadow] : Used for consistency in nekker targets. If you didn't draw any nekkers or you have no morvudd available to unlock your nekker on board, you can use this to pull them from your deck.

[Operator] : MORE NEKKERS. Targets to copy in order: Nekker warrior -> Cyclops -> Nekker -> Vran warrior -> Celaeno harpy

[Dorregaray] : A very versatile card. [Ekimmara] is this card's primary use, which in combination with [harpy egg], can trigger its ability and provide extra carry over. Drowner is probably the second most useful card within this deck as it can be used to set up [Geralt: igni] targets. Wyvern can be used if the damage is critical to winning the game, however this isn't often its use. DON'T choose savage bear.

[Summoning circle] : This card has way too many uses to write out, so I will highlight the 2 most frequent uses I have for this card.

  1. Copying the opponent's spy when he plays it for card advantage.
  2. Copying a nekker warrior that the opponent has played from operator.

[Abaya] : (previously Water hag) Used to counteract full board weathers such as [Ragh nar roog] and [White frost]. Frost really hurts this deck as it usually kills of nekkers before you can cycle them out and also denies the consume value of harpy eggs. Even if there is no weather on board [Arachas venom] is a great play for points/removal.


[Kayran] : Very unique card that allows you to deny an opponent's unit from having an effect and is also synergistic with the consume mechanic to buff nekkers.

[Geralt: igni] : A great card for removal of large unit(s) from the board. Capable of high point swings.

[Regis: higher vampire] : Great gold card as it has consume synergy to buff nekkers, but also used to deny units. Try to eat targets that disrupt an opponent's strategy (not always the highest base strength unit) such as [Clan dimun pirate captain].

[Eskel] : A high strength body that can be used to remove a high priority target before it gets buffed or a very large high base strength unit. The main targets I have found for this are [Farseer], [Mahakam marauder] and [Clan an craite greatsword].


General Guide


  • Always make good use of blacklisting. The order of priority to blacklist here is:

nekker -> cyclops -> vran warrior -> nekker warrior -> calaeno harpy

  • Having 1 cyclops, 1 nekker, 2 calaeno harpies and 2 vran warriors in your round 1 hand is most optimal


If you go first, don't be afraid to open with a nekker. This is probably your best chance of getting it on the board without the threat of a pass from your opponent to send you 2 cards down. However, if you go second, starting off with calaeno harpy is good to guarantee an early start to the consume engine. Then continue to play the round out by optimising nekker buffs to use in later rounds.


This deck is mostly favoured in a long round, so drypassing round 2 can be a good play. Although, if you know you need to bleed the opponent's deck then you can play round 2 out as long as possible (tip: if you do this try not to use all nekkers in round 2 as nekker carry over into round 3 is very strong by this point). In a long round try to cycle your nekkers as much as possible into the nekker launcher, while simultaneously buffing them further with any consume cards that remain.


Card Replacements

  • [Abaya] -> [Katakan] (If you don't need the weather clear in your mmr's current meta)
  • [Kayran] -> [Caretaker] (If you are running into a high percentage of decks where this tech card will gain a lot of value such as skellige)
  • [Summoning circle] -> [Monster nest]

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