[Gwentlemen Meta] Nekker Consume

Created by jdb100 Aug 31, 2017

Last Updated Sep 16, 2017 (Gold Immunity)

Unseen Elder

  • Attack 32
  • Ranged 30
  • Siege 32
  • Total Strength 94
  • Total 25
  • Silver 6
  • Gold 4
  • Scrap Cost 5450
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  • 32
  • 30
  • 32

Brief Summary of Build

The deck was just recently featured over at: http://gwentlemen.com/snapshot

The deck creates an extremely strong round 3 that can easily surpass 200 points making no other deck able to keep up to the tempo of this deck. The changes to the gold immunity and harpies means consume is stronger than it has ever been before. The deck is able to consistently get both succubus(up to twice) and grave hag off by running so many units that require removal or a lock to deal with.

The deck is fine with losing round 1 as long as it has more carryover than your opponent and then after winning round 2 will simply out power round 3.

The change to gold immunity means that succubus can now be used twice in 1 round fairly easily by using unseen elder or dorregary to consume succubus after she steals a card and then renew for her again. This with the Nekker and Harpy spam results in an unparalleled amount of points.

Update: After testing more the Manticore is not as neccesarry for stammelford scoia'tael as originally seemed. This allows more flexibility in silvers than before so I have changed it for merigold's hailstorm. It could also be changed for grave hag but I am not done testing yet but merigold is better than manticore at the moment.

Update 2: I have decided to change shadow out for Grave Hag because although shadow was good for consistency it also appeared that more often than not shadow was always overshadowed by its other silver counterparts. The change of shadow for grave hag is not necessary but i have found to be quite useful and as such i made the change.

Update 3: Sorry for the long wait for this update I wanted the meta to settle first. Earth Elemental has been replaced by Ekimarra as it is always more value and another consume trigger. Earth Elemental was originally run with shadow to help make sure that shadow was never a dead card. With the removal of shadow the ekimarra will consistently provide 12 value compared to the 10 of earth elemental. A nekker warrior has been switch for a vran warrior. The third nekker warrior frequently was unneccesary where as a third vran warrior will increase the strength of the nekkers and ensure that we will have one for each of out harpies. Kayran was tested as a replacement for caretaker however i still found caretaker to be more valueable consistently.

Update 4: Thanks to swim for some of the suggestions. The deck now runs cleaver instead of morvudd because cleaver is much better defensively since he got buffed. monster nest is very good to situationally change between drowner and arachas behemoth and easier to get full value than horn. gold weather has forced the change for grave hag to water hag.

Card Combos

Last 5 turns(Requires Succubus, Renew, a consume card)

-When you have 5 cards you play succubus, 4 cards anything, 3 cards(succubus just stole) consume succubus, 2 cards renew succubus, 1 card anything(preferably grave hag), 0 cards(succubus just stole again and grave hag goes off) pass. Your last 5 turns are insanely strong since most decks do not have much removal at this point let alone 3 types of removal.

General Guide

This deck plays differently from a regular consume deck and instead wants you to have multiple nekkers out at a time meaning for mulligans you do not have to worry about nekkers much.

Round 1 you want to get a nekker,  a celaeno harpy and as many nekker warriors out as possible. If you have frightener they can be played  as well. After that try to pass so you are up 1 card or even when you lose the round.

Round 2 you should have more carryover and as such you must just stay ahead until they pass. you can play another nekker at this point.(If they bleed you out they will simply lose from your carry over)

Round 3 is how you win play your celaeno harpies out and start consuming them with vran warriors once they have a large unit use succubus to steal it and then unseen elder and eat succubus and the 2 nekkers then renew again later to get a second succubus.

Card Replacements

Kayran - I tried kayran instead of caretaker however I still found caretaker quite a bit more valuable.

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