Tragicstar's Nilfgaard Spy

Created by user-100003012 Sep 3, 2017

Last Updated Sep 3, 2017 (Gold Immunity)

Jan Calveit

  • Attack 41
  • Ranged 41
  • Siege 25
  • Total Strength 107
  • Total 25
  • Silver 6
  • Gold 4
  • Scrap Cost 5350
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  • 41
  • 25

Brief Summary of Build

Hey everyone, Pride here with a deck built by my teammate from idealist, Tragicstar. 

Nilfgaard has been an underrated faction this patch and the spy archetype is still a solid choice when properly played. It can definitely keep up with the meta decks when properly played and has one of the strongest finishers at the moment. From my experience, this deck does well both in ladder as well as tournaments.

There are multiple reasons why you should play this deck, such as:

  1. Extremely consistent
  2. Strong round one, as well as a strong finisher.
  3. Solid power curve throughout every round.
  4. Very fun to play.

You can watch a video guide for the deck here if you prefer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fTQ1GGI1NQ0

Card Combos

[Round 1 Combos]

- Impera Enforcers/Brigades -> Spam emissaries (including the one played from Ceallach).
- Infiltrator -> Nauzicaa Brigade.

You can remove multiple key targets with this combo. Always keep it in mind that you can use this combo as a removal tool. Unlike regular nilfgaard decks from previous patches, this allows you to keep Nauzicaa Brigades in hand and still play them for decent value (up to 16 points bronze when removing a 7 str unit).

[Round 3 Combos]

- Rainfarn -> Joachim de Wett -> Nauzicaa Brigade or any other card as a finisher round three.
- Vicovaro Medic -> Play vilgefortz and target the vicovaro medic.

General Guide


This deck relies on bronzes, silvers and zoltan to win round one and golds+joachim de wett as your winning condition for round three. With that being said, the cards that you should mulligan round one, are:

- Roach
- Vilgefortz
- Rainfarn
- Joachim de Wett
- Cahir

Every silver except Joachim and Roach will usually be very useful to have in hand round one. Look for emissaries as they are needed to keep your deck consistent. Having one vicovaro medic in hand is usually a good call, as it will avoid an awkward situation of you playing emissary and being obligated to play a vicovaro medic, which can often be undesired given that there may not have units in your enemy's graveyard very early in the round.

General gameplay guide:

Round 1:

Ideally, this will be a long round allowing you to get huge value from your bronzes (16+ for every brigade / enforcer). With that being said, it is extremely important to keep in mind that you shouldn't ever go two cards down, so play for high tempo if you have to, and eventually once your Impera units are on the board it will be easy to force your opponent out of the round. Keep in mind that you can only ressurect an emissary with your vicovaro medics once, or else you will overdraw (given that you will vilgefortz on a unit on your side, and play ceallach for an emissary). 

Don't be afraid to chain emissaries once you have your impera units on board, as it will often give you enough tempo to either win the round or force your opponent to go two cards down to take it. Long rounds will usually favor you, as not only your bronzes will accomplish huge numbers, but zoltan will often play for 20+ points (that's not considering roach). You often want to use him to damage your enemy units, since it will add a spy on the board and it also makes you less fragile to certain cards such as merigold hailstorm, peter, d-bomb, igni and so on. Play the impera brigades on different rows as row stacking can be heavily punished.

Even if you lose this round, you will ideally have thinned your deck enough to guarantee solid draws for the upcoming rounds, which should help you to win the match.

Round 2:

If you won round one, then you can try to bleed your opponent enough that your very high tempo cards for the last round will guarantee you the victory. If round one was longe enough, a straight pass will be almost always your go to choice, since that condition has already been met. If you lost round one, you want to survive this round without playing your winning condition (especially rainfarn and/or joachim).

Round 3:

If the previous rounds didn't go completely wrong, you should be able to go into this round with rainfarn in your hand, joachim in your deck, a unit (ideally a nauzicaa brigade) as target for joachim, and at least one more gold in hand. Given how much this deck can thin, with proper mulligan in round one, you will get the key cards needed to win almost everytime, unless you were forced out of round one and your opponent forces these cards out in round two.

As previously said, your golds play for an immense amount of power under the right conditions, and therefore a short round three will be benefitial to you.

Card Replacements

[Unfinished, we will go through this soon :)]

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