MrPinguin's Buffguard

Created by user-100009204 Sep 5, 2017

Last Updated Sep 5, 2017 (Gold Immunity)

Bran Tuirseach

  • Attack 52
  • Ranged 36
  • Siege 37
  • Total Strength 125
  • Total 25
  • Silver 6
  • Gold 4
  • Scrap Cost 5450
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  • 52
  • 36
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Brief Summary of Build

Sup, MrPinguin here.

This is a Queensguards list I built today. The focus is on buffing Queensguards. After two hours of playing i ended 8:1 and the only loss was against Millfgaard. At the first look you might think this list should be really interuptable. But to be honest, there is nearly no graveyard hate out there.

The idea to play Queensguards was pretty simple. After the huge nerf of Mulligan Scoia'Thael and Scoia'Spell the untouched Armor NR should rule the meta, right? Armor NR needs long rounds to win. Which deck is the best to win short last rounds? Lets do it even more optimistic and we play like there is no hate out there!

Turns out it worked pretty well!

Card Combos

Well, the obvious combo is to get as many Queensguards as possible. Furthermore you buff them the whole game. The key of the deck is playing low tempo on purpose. You are absolute fine to win round one with two cards down. But that will explained more later.

Queensguards gets buffed by Wild Meme of the SeaDraig Bon Dhu and Shieldsmith.

Morkvarg gets pulled by his doomed buddy Skjall for tempo, thinning and alternative buff targets.

Warmonger and Raider is the tempo and thinning engine.

Donar to get Queensguards back or even steal the copied one from Operator.

But my favorite combo is "Opponent-not-expecting-any-weather-effects" + "Ragh Naar Roog". I've never wrote the actual card name of Ragh Naar Roog and I am pretty confused right now, because if anyone would had asked me to wrote down this card name it would had been totally wrong.

General Guide

The Genereal Game Plan in Round 1:

There are four possible scenarios how round one could end. Each possible outcome still can lead to a victory.

1) You just outpower your opponent and win on even cards.

2) You are playing low tempo cards on purpose and loose round one pretty early with a few cards down.

3) Round one lasts very long in this case it isnt that important which player can win the round.

4) Your opponent has graveyard hate. This is basically game. But nobody runs graveyard hate to be honest. The only real hate played is Assire and against Assire its still winnable. Its pretty fortunate there are no CaretakerKatatakans or Vico Medics out there.


The Game Plan for Round 2:

If you achieved to win round one bleed your opponent as long as you can. Buff your Queensguards meanwhile. Be careful that you want to trigger Cerys in round 3 and dont trust on topdecks. Sometimes its right to keep two cards instead of one cards if you get the Cerys out with this second card.

Don't be afraid when your opponent plays spies in this phase. In most cases your one hand card can beat three hand cards of your opponent.


The Game Plan for Round 3:

Same plan as every deck in the game. Get as many points on the board as possible.


Role in the Meta:

So far the deck did pretty well against every deck i played. Sure, its Hotfix-Day, but im pretty sure Queensguards can perform pretty well in the coming meta. If Armor NR stays at the top of the meta, Queensguards has his place as the counter strategy.

RNR is a huge surprise factor and needs to be planned patient.


Card Replacements

Cerys is a must have for the deck.

Replacements for CoralGeralt: IgniMadman LugosTriss MerigoldEskel or Regis

Replacements for Wild Meme of the Sea: (Pretty unique role, but i would try either the ones i've mentioned as Coral replacements or...) Ermion or Geralt

Replacements for RNRDrought (or one of the golden cards allready mentioned)


Thank you for reading and if you like the deck please leave an upvote. :)

Best regards,


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