GumGum´s LubberKing

Created by user-14594156 Sep 6, 2017

Last Updated Sep 8, 2017 (Gold Immunity)

King Foltest

  • Attack 34
  • Ranged 36
  • Siege 18
  • Total Strength 88
  • Total 25
  • Silver 6
  • Gold 4
  • Scrap Cost 5450
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  • 34
  • 36
  • 18

Brief Summary of Build

A rather straight forward list, but netherless a really really strong deck in the current meta.
This deck has a variety of options for high value-plays (Shani, Infantryman, Witch Hunter, Keira), but also offers strong control tools (Dethmold, Scorch, Eskel, Hailstorm, Phillipa) ,  Cardadvantage and carry-over (Thaler, Botchling/Lubberkin).

While this deck does decently well in long rounds, many of the current decks have a even better long round. Make sure that they only get to play 1 long round against your deck and force them to play out their key cards early on.  

Mulligan priority: Commandos->Temerian Infantryman->Witch Hunter-> 2nd Botch/Lubb. In most matchups everything else is likely a good keep.

Be aware of Blacklisting for the mulligan and be careful with your 3rd mulligan!.

Card Combos

Usually you want to play 1-2 PFI´s (depending on situation sometimes more) and 1 Blue Stripes Scout (depending on boardstate and how many you have in hand) before playing Foltest to maximize his point-value and get a commander off of him as well.

Botchling/Lubberkin: Usually a card you want to play when you dont need the tempo and can afford to play lowtempo.
Often it will be locked, but there is no real downside to that as they just merely go even on the tempo play, often commit a silver as well on their side (margarita, Auckes, cleaver, fiend, ciaran, donar) and you still got a 13 strength Botch/Lubb left in deck, which you very often still can use to get with Shani-> Lubb/Botch in round 2 and have a 19str unit on board for round 3.

Card Replacements

As many people are not a fan of them Lubberkin/Botchling are replaceable with Margarita, Cleaver, Commanders Horn or even Roach.

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