Panda's Hybrid Consume

Created by user-8476113 Sep 7, 2017

Last Updated Sep 17, 2017 (Gold Immunity)


  • Attack 36
  • Ranged 23
  • Siege 31
  • Total Strength 90
  • Total 25
  • Silver 6
  • Gold 4
  • Scrap Cost 5400
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  • 36
  • 23
  • 31

Brief Summary of Build

Hey Guys, ImpetuousPanda here. With the release of the new hotfix and thanks to Petrify's persistence, I've returned to the Hybrid Consume deck that I played and optimized for oh so long during the last patch. It's looking stronger than ever with the new harpy changes and the changes to gold immunity, renew, and solid new cards like Dorregaray, Kayran, and Eskel.

I stream pretty much every weekday from 4-5PM CET to around 9-10 PM. I also stream some weekend nights from about 10 PM CET onwards. Feel free to follow me on https://www.twitch.tv/impetuouspanda if you want to check out some high ladder gameplay with this deck.

Testing out Hybrid consume this patch. Cards currently in testing are Morkvudd and Lacerate, others are pretty core for now.

Update v1: Took Morvudd out for Toad, then Katakan out for Abaya(Water Hag). Seeing a big resurgence of golden weather in some decks and some axemen/full frost eredin stuff that this deck has no answer to, thus Abaya. Also should find decent 15 value with arachas venom most of the time, which is similar to Katakan and less vulnerable to merrigolds/lacerate(heavy melee stack with nekkers/vrans r3).

Lacerate is doing fine, getting decent value and punishes rowstack, almost like a mini merrigolds. This deck is demoralizing because of mulligans, especially if you lose a lot of coinflips. If you draw semi-well it really does perform, after 70 games in pro ladder I can say it's looking really good.

Update v3: Revisited deck. Katakan and Giant toad are in, as with Merrigolds. Roach made the mulligans too inconsistent so he's out, swapped Eskel/Igni for Caretaker, more value in current meta with NR being dominant. Also swapped out 3rd Vran for 2nd Ekkimara, much better this way I think.



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