Specimen's Hybrid Consume

Created by Specimen Sep 8, 2017

Last Updated Sep 10, 2017 (Gold Immunity)


  • Attack 23
  • Ranged 34
  • Siege 46
  • Total Strength 103
  • Total 25
  • Silver 6
  • Gold 4
  • Scrap Cost 5350
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  • 23
  • 34
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Brief Summary of Build

I've started streaming in the past couple of months and it would be sweet if you come and join me on my twitch channel, where I will be playing this deck and other creations:

Full Video Guide and Gameplay: https://youtu.be/N35hGzSoJ1s

Final Edit:  This is the strongest Monsters list around right now, it just edges out the Ciri Dash variant.
Short video explaining the differences between the two lists:



This is a natual progression from the  Ciri Dash Dagon consume however I felt it needed its own guide due to the Ciri Dash being unique and still extemely competitive - this is, I believe, a more refined list of the deck which plays extremely similar, as a result much of this guide will be taken from the Ciri Dashsters guide.

You can find my Dash-sters deck guide here: http://www.gwentdb.com/decks/30598-ciri-dash-sters-dagon-consume-by-specimen

The most noticeable change is the lack of Ciri Dash :( - This was no easy desicion as I absolutely loved having Ciri in the deck and she performed fantastically for me and the Ciri Dash version is only slightly weaker than this. I have replaced the utlity of Ciri Dash within the silver list, and it frees up a space for a different gold card.

The bronze list stays exactly the same - i'm very happy with how the bronze list but you could try adding in a few tech opitions such as a nekker or a lacarette instead of 3 Ekimmaras.


  1. Ciri Dash - :(
  2. Roach
  3. Morvudd (Silver Lock)

Roach being in the deck is less important without Ciri Dash, and his removal makes the mulligan much more consistent (This was the main downside of the Dash-sters deck).

Morvudd is a loss however the Kayran allows you to stop many units that would already be a lock target, e.g. Imperia Enforcers, Axemen and Kwadweni Siege Supports.


  1. Kayran
  2. Royal Manticore
  3. Katakan

I've essientally replaced Ciri Dash with a silver - Royal Manticore. Royal Manticore allows for the Toad Prince combination to still work and this is strengthened further with the addition of Katakan. This is a play that nets you 34 points in two turns! The added bonus is 6 points of buffs to Nekkers!

You can also do this exact combination with Frightener meaning he can still be used proactively as he could with the Merigold's hailstorm combo.

Kayran offers a 16 point play + removal and 3 points worth of buffs to Nekkers. He is really great in tonnes of match ups and is a fantastic option to have in the deck. Kayran also offers flexibility in using Renew as straight up removal can be more important than 2 woodland Spirits in certain match ups. You can consume your own Kayran in order to use it twice in the same round! This is great vs. Imperia Enforcers which can often pop a tonne of your eggs. 


This deck has undergone a lot of progression through the course of this week, and i'd like to thank everyone that has given me constructive criticism on the guides I have posted, it has helped me to see where the weaknesses were in the deck and I believe this is the final solution. 



Card Combos

Consuming Royal Manticore with Toad Prince is a 17 point play + a draw + a point buff to each Nekker. 

consuming Royal Manticore is also a 17 point play + a buff to Nekkers.
This is 34 points from 3 silvers slots played within two turns + 6 points total buffs to Nekkers!

You can also complete the exact same combination with Frightener - this is a great bit of flexability to have as it allows you to prioritize carry-over above playing your spy Round 2.

Other Combos

  • Woodland Spirit = Fog + Foglet +  3 Rabid Wolves + Harpy = 18 point swing + 2 damage every turn. It is possible to play two harpies alongside Woodland Spirit for 22 point swing!
  • Celaeno Harpy ---> Vran Warrior --> Harpy. Set up consume trains to buff up Nekkers. Eggs are also strong targets for Ekimmaras for a 12 point play + ensuring carry over. When both eggs are popped you will summon a Harpy from your deck.
  • Nekkers --> Ekimmara/Vran Warrior will spawn in the next Nekker. Good high tempo play when you need it, be careful not to remove your carry over if that is more important.
  • Toad Prince can be used to fix your hand somewhat if you have a terrible draw.
  • Consume --> Foglet --> Dagon/Woodland. As you only have one foglet it will resummon when you play another fog if you already consumed it.
  • Consuming Woodland Spirit/ Ge'els / Kayran to use them again in the same Round through Renew. 




General Guide


Due to the removal of Roach the Mulligan is far more consistent. Don't tempt your fate too much with the mulligan though as it will harm the consistency of the deck. Make use of blacklisting.

What to mulligan in order of importance: 

  1. Harpies 
  2. Spare Nekkers
  3. Foglet

In very rare cases you may not be able to get rid of all of this, if this is the case it may be worth putting the foglet back in the deck over having one Harpy or extra Nekker in hand.

Round One

Play to win the round or if you lose it ensure you have more carryover than your opponent to avoid a dry pass round two.  In rare situations where a short Round 2 is looking likely playing down Nekkers can be a good opition as one will carry over to Round 3.

You want to thin your deck as much as possible with the exception of all your Nekkers, this is achieved through consuming eggs and/or consuming Woodland Spirit!

Proritize using a fog and setting up a consume train to maximise points and buffs to Nekkers.

Round Two 

If you won round one you can dry pass if you'd like, though usually it is better to drain the opponent of cards and get yourself carry over for round 3. This can be slightly risky however as Merigold's hailstorm Frightener combination is no longer possible so try to maintain card advantage where possible.

If you lost round two you should a least have secured carry over so the opponent can't dry pass on you, they will likely use there spy which you can eat with an ekimmara, or place a Nekker down if you didn't in Round 1. 
If your opponent continues to play just make sure you stay ahead on points while securing as much carry over as possible, this can be done through Vran warriors buffing up Nekkers also. 

Round Three 

You should usually have a decent amount of carry over

Get any fog you have ticking along nicely, consume any excess nekkers (make sure you have a Renew target). 

Woodland Spirit is great in a long or short round and often a key win condition.

Having Toad Prince + Manticore  + Katakan can offer you incredible points in the final round, and don't be afraid to consume your Frightener for the same comibination!

Card Replacements

The Ciri Dash version is still extremely competitive and if you want a different take on this deck try it out: 

If you are not running into much weather then Merigold's Hailstorm for Abaya would make this deck even stronger. However on the Pro Ladder there is a tonne of Gold Weather and Axemen deck meaning Abaya is essential.

Succubus for Kayran is a higher potential but also far more risky. 

Iris, Commanders Horn and Merigolds Hailstorm are all fantastic in this list, however if you are going to include either Toad Prince, Katakan or Manticore you should include all three as they work fantastically as a package. If you want a more flexible silver list play the Ciri Dash version.

Bronze tech options (Most likely in place of the 3rd Ekimarra): 

  • Archgriffin 
  • Lacarette 
  • 3rd Vran Warrior 
  • Clear Skys 



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