Swim's Queensguard Harpooners

Created by swim Sep 10, 2017

Last Updated Sep 11, 2017 (Gold Immunity)

Bran Tuirseach

  • Attack 76
  • Ranged 21
  • Siege 14
  • Total Strength 111
  • Total 25
  • Silver 6
  • Gold 4
  • Scrap Cost 5600
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Brief Summary of Build

Hey guys Swim here, with my Queensguards Harpooners list I made over the last few days on and off stream.  Whale Harpooners offer a large amount of consistent value to the queensguards package, in addition to giving you long-round value, particularly when combined with lacerate.  This deck takes advantage of this meta having very little carryover; the discarded Olgierd here will allow you to give up round 1 for a 1-card advantage, then controlling the rest of the game with the queensguards package and harpooners.  Don't be afraid to give up round 1 very easily with this list, as long as you have developed your Bran. 


Building This Deck

Crafting Order: Sigrdrifa -> Olgierd -> Draig Bon–Dhu -> Summoning Circle -> Gremist -> Cerys -> Coral -> Madman Lugos -> Regis

You can replace any cards you don't own with:
Gold replacementsHjalmar, Eskel, Birna Bran, Geralt: Igni
Silver replacementsDorregaray, Udalryk, Holger Blackhand, Donar an Hindar

Check back tomorrow for my VIDEO GUIDE to watch me play this deck with commentary, or free to check out my stream to see me create more decks like this, or to ask me any questions.  :)

Update 1

Sep 10: -Regis, +Geralt: Aard
Aard here is actually a great 15 point play that allows potentially more value from harpooners and lacerate.  If you have Aard in hand, try to stack the opponent's row that aard can push into (ranged or siege).

General Guide


This deck has a slightly tricky mulligan, simply because there's a lot of cards to avoid. Your objective is a hand with 1x queensguard, and no raiders, Olgierd, or Cerys. Blacklist raiders and queensguards first, depending on which one has more copies in deck, then proceed to kick the others.  If you have a hand that requires more mulligans than you're able to do, prioritize keeping a raider in hand over Olgierd or Cerys.  

Note that you'll often decline your between-round mulligans if there are raiders in your deck.  


General Gameplan

Your gameplan here is to give up round 1, hopefully with a card advantage.  Typically you'll Bran for 1x queensguard, cerys, and olgierd, and then play a Warmonger or sometimes Madman Lugos to discard your other queensguard.  You can play deeper into the round using any other noncommittal tools, although after this point don't give up an opportunity to pass for card advantage.  Round 2 will start with your 5 points from Olgierd, and you'll be able to stay ahead of the opponent easily with the tempo from queensguard and cerys, plus the control and long-round potential of harpooners and lacerate.  Regardless of whether the opponent draws out this round or not, you'll be in good shape to take the game.  

Round 1 

If this deck can give up round 1 for a card advantage, it will always take that opportunity.  Use Bran (play him siege) for 1x queensguard, cerys, and olgierd. If your opponent uses Archgriffin or Donar to take a queensguard, use Summoning Circle to take it back. Follow up with Warmonger or sometimes Madman Lugos to discard your other queensguard.  If you find an opportunity to drop Draig (buffing your queensguards), do so.  You can play deeper into the round using any other non-freya bronzes, although after this point don't give up an opportunity to pass for card advantage if you can force a card out after your pass. If you can Draig multiple times with Summoning Circle and Decoy, you can go for that; with multi-draig-buffed queensguards, you don't mind going 2 cards down to take the round.  This deck was designed to not mind losing round 1, although if you force it deep and the opponent gives it up, don't be afraid to take it either.  If your opponent develops 5+ points of immediate carryover, try to end the round with Cerys 1 tick from going off, to boost your own immediate carryover to 12.

Rounds 2-3

Often you'll have lost round 1, hopefully with a 1 card advantage at this point.  Your higher carryover will block out the pass from the opponent, who won't be able to catch up at this point, against queensguards and harpooners.  It shouldn't matter if they extend round 2 or not here; you're prepared for both a short round 3 (queensguards cerys combo) and a long round (harpooners and lacerate).  If the opponent uses a spy at the start of round 2, clone it with Summoning Circle.  

Matchup Tips

Movement/Weather: Use and re-use Gremist aggressively for clears.  Save Summoning Circle for Gremist or Vrihedd Brigade.

Consume: Use Harpooners aggressively to disrupt Vran potential

Greatswords: Use Harpooners aggressively on Longships to disrupt Greatsword potential.  

Mill: Lugos to kill Avallach when it comes down.  Save Summoning Circle for Assire.  Decline all your Warmongers' effects.  This matchup should be very easy.

Northern Realms: Lugos the first blue stripes scout with a queensguard (or sometimes a raider).  Try to Summoning Circle a Dun Banner Heavy Cavalry if you get a good opportunity to do so, and try to play for ressing it in the later rounds as well.  Against Henselt, you'll often give up round 1 relatively early after they develop a high-tempo henselt play.  

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