Created by Blaazs Sep 11, 2017

Last Updated Sep 11, 2017 (Gold Immunity)


  • Attack 41
  • Ranged 25
  • Siege 54
  • Total Strength 120
  • Total 25
  • Silver 6
  • Gold 4
  • Scrap Cost 5150
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  • 41
  • 25
  • 54

Brief Summary of Build

HeyGuys! Blaazs's here. 

I proudly introduce my slightly new version control ST deck. Currently I'm on a 10-0 winstreak with it at 4K MMR.

Here is the thing:


Please forgive me for my english. England is not my city.  

(Edit: Check out my NR version of this archetype. Its mulligans are far better, but your spy is not so accessible)

Card Combos

Royal Decree - Here for tempo and consistency. Can pull out Eskel or Isengrim according to your needs.

Yaevinn will pull your Drought or Merigold's Hailstorm, improveing the consistency, and ofc it is necesarry for GAMEPLAN B (can be pulled out by your leader!)

Sarah - is here to have the +1 mulligan if you need it, since there is a lot of problem with mulligan. Once again, improveing consistency.

General Guide


You build insane tempo with Royal Decree -> Insegrim (pulling out Roach) -> Toruviel + Blue Mountain Commando(+ future Aelirenn when opponent passes, since Toruviel is an elf too, and when turns over it pulls alrien and THEN buffs!).
This is a (2+7+4+3*3+6+14) = 42 POINTS, 2 CARD PLAY. Dont worry if you have Roach or not have Royal Decree in your hand after mulligan, 36-40 points are still FINE. Then you pass, and usually will have 1-2 CA. If you win the round with this play, you will 90% sure win, just drypass ROUND 2 (or play your spy, if your opponent's spy is not smaller) and you will have a long ROUND 3, where your Drought and Merigold's Hailstorm will get extreme values.

Mulligan is a problem. However, you can always mulligan your not wanted silvers. Having 2 Blue Mountain Commando in hand is fine when you have Sarah, so you can throw one of them, and then go for PLAN A. Like nothing happened.

Yeah, Blue Mountain Commando are vulnerable. If you playing against decks you know have the abilities to disrupt your PLAN than you have to improvize. You can still won without these plans easily. Other decks like this dont eveny rely on plans and can still win, so you can too. PLANS just the spice for the original formula.


You start with your Yaevinn (easily accessible through your Brouver Hoog). If your opponent comit after this, you have 2 CA so you just PASS. If your opponent passes after you played your spy, you will play Eskel (pulling out Roach) to kill it and win the round with EVEN CARDS! So you will drypass ROUND 2 to get 1 CA and will have a long ROUND 3 which is obviously in your favour.

WARNING: if your opponent starts with a card that is buffs your Yaevinn when you play it, then you wont be able to Eskel it down!!!
Note: If you playing against Henselt and he goes first with a Kaedweni Siege Support you can just Eskel it down, instead of playing your spy. That means you will have 11 points lead with Roach (13 if you used Royal Decree). Henselt decks cant easily do over 11 points when their board is empty, and you dont have a Battering Ram target. The only way they can do it if they use DJ Extra or Stennis. Even a poor Stennis can ends up with pulling a Ram or a Siege Support or a PFI and can meet your points at 13 which means good news for you.
Or if you can pull out Eskel with a Royal Decree you can start with the spy still. If he passes then you can even his points with Royal Decree (2) + Roach (4) + Eskel (7) = 13 and kill the kaedweni Siege support with Eskel, so he is left with the buffed Spy at 13 too. Now you have a tie and will have a long last round with even cards, which can be akward for them.

Card Replacements

You can change the gold weather, but I like Drought over Ragh Nar Roog cause you often want to kill units, that generate value over time.

Sarah -> whatever you want.

Roach -> if you think you have enough tempo, you can replace it, but it is often necesarry at plan B to pulled out by Eskel to win the round surely.

Royal Decree is a must for the PLANS. Zoltan Chivay is just too much, lost his potencial cause you have easily enough tools to move your opponents units. 

Eskel -> Regis - can work when your spy is buffed, but Eskel has the better ability since he can kill units that generates points over time.

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