[76% WR] Devouring Relicts [With Guide]

Created by Urp Sep 13, 2017

Last Updated Sep 16, 2017 (Gold Immunity)


  • Attack 45
  • Ranged 44
  • Siege 41
  • Total Strength 130
  • Total 25
  • Silver 6
  • Gold 4
  • Scrap Cost 5000
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Brief Summary of Build

The deck revolves around applying weather Fog/Frost and getting enemy units with Drowners on the row affected by weather, and later in R2/R3 consuming our 11 power Fiends from the graveyard.

I was 4.2k MMR last season and started climbing this season a bit late. I've been only using this deck from Rank 13 to Rank 16 with a very high success rate (26 wins, 8 losses = 76% winrate).

Deck winrate

 If you have any questions, feel free to ask! ^^

Card Combos

Bronze cards:

Fiend - Strong 11 power bronze drop.

Ghoul - Can consume Fiend to create decent (for a bronze) tempo swings.

Drowner - Extremely strong card, can be a 11 power swing and also can get rid of important targets or even play around cards like Cow Carcass or Succubus.

Archespore - A very solid drop, feels especially good to start with if lost coin flip in R1 since it doesn't get killed barely ever and generates value each round.


Foglet - Easy deck thinning with Dagon R1 and later with Woodland.

Clear Sky - I seem to meet a person at least once out of 10 games that runs a gold weather, but also really strong against Frost decks or Axemen. Worst case scenario is you thin your deck by a random bronze which is still a fine thing.

Archgriffin - Also can clear weather, but it has other perks too: you can take an important bronze that'd be resurrected from your opponents graveyard, you can get high strength bronzes to yours to be later consumed by Ghouls, or even get a Fiend to your opponent's graveyard and resurrect it for a 4+14 power drop with Caretaker.

Silver cards:

Crones: They are relicts, so they get your Fiends a buff. Since your only other bad draw is a single Foglet, it's still easy to mulligan with Crones in your deck and can also thin your deck if used early

White Frost - Pretty decent card if used early in a round, Drowners can get very high value with it.

Morvudd - Also a Relict, and very versatile too, lock is strong and can shut down a big target aswell.

Monster Nest - Another Drowner or Ghoul (on steroids) in case you need more or you couldn't even draw one yet.

Gold cards:

Woodland Spirit - Literally synergizes with everything in the deck, it's a must. Relict, so it buffs Fiends. Applies fog so it gets you a Foglet from deck/graveyard and generates value with Drowners later.

Caranthir - Just a solid body with nice effect, very good in this deck.

Caretaker - Next to being a Relict, he feels very strong currently, can allow you to make crazy huge tempo swings (like stealing Djenge Frett before it gets resurrected or get a Dun Banner Heavy Cavalry and use it on a Trollololo), or just using it's very high versatility especially later in the game to disrupt enemy strategies or copy them.

Kayran - I really like him, especially because nobody really seems to expect him, there are many high value targets for him, such as Light Longship, Kaedweni Siege Support, Redanian Knight-Elect etc. Even if you only find a 5-6 power body on opponent's board it's still a 14 or 16 drop, which isn't the best but it's fine.


General Guide

This deck has some pretty obvious, yet strong synergies:

Dagon and Woodland Spirit can get you Foglet out of the deck. Before applying second fog you should wait for the Foglet to die and resurrect it from graveyard.

Caranthir and White Frost, aswell the two previously mentioned cards that apply weather are very strong paired with our Drowners.

Lastly my favourite part - Ghouls consuming the strengthened Fiends, which allows us to drop 15 power bronzes in R2/R3.

Card Replacements

Ge'els - He might be able to take the niche spot that Kayran has right now, Ge'els can thin the deck effectively and also get you a nice topdeck too.

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