Control everything ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Created by Rakka777 Sep 13, 2017

Last Updated Sep 13, 2017 (Gold Immunity)


  • Attack 33
  • Ranged 22
  • Siege 32
  • Total Strength 87
  • Total 25
  • Silver 6
  • Gold 4
  • Scrap Cost 5450
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  • 33
  • 22
  • 32

Brief Summary of Build

That's my and Azard's 96 idea for the actual meta deck, that we have created 1 week ago.
It has no problems with decks like consume monsters, axemen or even Nilfgaard spies.

With an amazing deck thinning you can reach almost every card in your deck.


Shani - the core of this deck 

Dijkstra - extra thinning, can pull huge values

Keira - an additional buff and a weather counter with Redanian elite

Fillipa - amazing control card, can deal with 2 oponents cards, like Impera enforces, etc.


Reinforcement - you can pull Stennis and every bronze card that you want
Dethmold - clear sky, important in this gold weather meta, can kill oponents important cards
Stennis - armor and deck thinning
Margarita - every faction buffs their units, she can debuff them, also and additional lock for Succubus etc.
Merigold's hailstorm - you don't need an explanation
Thaler - card advantage

Card Combos

Shani -> Stennis

Redanian Elite + oponnent's weather or to make Morenn useless

Dun Banner Heavy Cavalry Redanian Elite

General Guide


Easy mulligan, you don't want to have blue stripes commando and more than 1 temerian infantryman in your hand.


Round 1:

Try to push your oponent, thin your deck using blue stripes scouts, temerian infantrymen and Stennis and win, max 1 card ahead.

Round 2:

If you're on the same number of cards as your oponent in round 2 or you have a spy, try to bleed him, as much as you can, leaving for the 3rd round only your Shani and Dijkstra. If you don't have the equal number of cards, and you don't have Thaler, pass.

Round 3:

FATALITY with Shani + Stennis combo


Matchup Tips:

Movement/Weather: save your Dethmold for weather
Consume: try to save 1 of your blocks for the last round in case of Succubus
Greatswords: block or use your spies to avoid the damage caused by the drakkars
Northern Realms: if you are facing Henselt, kill the buff card that he wants to Henselt, if you fail, use Radovid and destroy his dreams :')


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