[#1 and #3 ST Pro Ladder] gwentsonneillon's Spellatael

Created by Lorenthiel Sep 15, 2017

Last Updated Sep 17, 2017 (Gold Immunity)


  • Attack 6
  • Ranged 11
  • Siege 27
  • Total Strength 44
  • Total 25
  • Silver 6
  • Gold 4
  • Scrap Cost 5350
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Brief Summary of Build

This is the list that I reached #1 on Pro Ladder for scoiatael section. (Author is #3 now)



DISCLAIMER: Deck is very tricky to play, but it achieves very high winrates if its played properly. Some of the plays might be shocking for you, but overall we always want to be at least on even cards in r3 with this deck. Going -1 is not a tragedy but you need high value cards then to have chance to win, so you have to know your pass spots to not overcommit any round.


In order to see gameplay, please follow me on twitch ( www.twitch.tv/lorenthiel_ ) On Monday I will play some games with the deck on the stream that will take place at 8pm CEST.

Card Combos

Ithlinne  + Quen Sign- Kind of carryover play that gives you protection from merigolds hailstorm. This combo is very strong in current state of the meta.

Spellchains with Eithne - sometimes you can play chain like Eithne-> Nature's Gift-> Marching Orders-> Elven Mercenary -> First Light (Rally) -> Dol Blathanna Protector , that gives big powerswings. Always count what is the best option and pick most accurate one.

General Guide

If you are going first, drypass the round. That way you are assuring that you will be card up, and even if they will play spy next round you will be in good position to play round 3. This deck cant afford going -2 CA and playing spies kindof disrputs element of pulling Farseer from your deck when you dont have it on hand. Sometimes there will be situations in round one, when opponent will play a spy - you can also consider a pass here, if you are in bad spot (say there is weather on your board that you cant deal with).

Mulligan Order: 

Alzur's Thunder > Quen Sign or other bronze spells (we may keep 1 specific depending on matchup) > 2nd or 3rd Dol Blathanna Protector > 2nd or 3rd Farseer > 3rd Elven Mercenary if we have Marching Orders

Cards explanation :

First Light - sometimes useful to clear golden weather or multiple weather effects, otherwise pretty good chain spell that pulls creatre from our deck

Alzur's Thunder - basic removal spell that you should target with Elven Mercenary - in current state removes almost all threats in the meta

Quen Sign [/card] - anti Merigold's tech that is used commonly with [card]Ithlinne - can be used on Elven Mercenary if you dont have Farseer in hand

Lacerate - anti swarm card that can be pulled from Elven Mercenary  - not that great overall, but it has good usages when people are rowstacking when playing into golden weather

Farseer - core of this deck and main point generator in early rounds, try to have at least 1 of them to start generating points while casting spells, be aware that sometimes commiting 2 of them may lead to weird situations in round 3m, where you dont have enough power to win (especially if you commited r1 and lose that one)

Dol Blathanna Protector - finisher card for round 3 that can be played earlier if needed, but try to not overcommit the board with them and save some power for round 3.

Elven Mercenary - basic thinning tool of this deck that gives you decent option to control opponents gameplan

Nature's Gift - most powerful card in the deck that gives you plenty of options and possibilities to react to the boardstate, while mulliganing try to get as much silver cards as you can (besides 1 silver for the Gift)

Merigold's Hailstorm - very good card against rowstackers, works well with golden weather

Artefact Compression - shutdowns single threats that are wither high stated or have some unpleasant effects (e.g. carryover)

The Last Wish - weakest silver in the deck, but it is very decent when you look for some silvers (that normally you dont have access to) or golden weathers. You  can increase odds with enough thinning, so card is viable in this deck

Alzur's Double-Cross - card with which you want to pull Farseer in early R1, that can be used later on to pull out Dol Blathanna Protector

Marching Orders - card with which you want to pull Elven Mercenary to thin your deck froms spells in early R1, that can be used later on to pull out Dol Blathanna Protector or  Farseer 

Ithlinne - mainly target for Ithlinne will be  Quen Sign but sometimes its really handy to use her with  Alzur's Thunder to remove threats or combo pieces

Drought and Ragh Nar Roog - weather cards that threatens with big value if unanswered - and if if it will be unanswered it gives you around 8 point across board or Dol Blathanna Protectors

Aglais - card that was underestimated for a long time that has a lot of uses (it can create chains of spells just like Eithne) especially against NR. Sometimes might be a dead card, but overall she is still worth playing. 

General gameplan :

Important: Always try to calculate the best possible option, and possible opponent plays to not find yourself in situation where you need to spend your key cards or even 2 cards to catch up.

Round 1 (or 2 if you are going first): If you are going first - dry pass. Otherwise if you have Dol Blathanna Protector [/card] in hand, try to setup [card] Farseer first (or you can be greedy to cast Ithlinne [/card] to cast [card] Quen Sign to Farseer [/card] and [card] Dol Blathanna Protector  ) then if there is no threats that needs to be removed immidiately, play your weather and try to thin your deck using Elven Mercenary . Try to not overcommit all your creatures since you need have some power for round 3. Be aware of possible carryover and if opponent has any then try to be at least on even cards when he might decide to pass.

Round 3 - till that point you should have powerful Dol Blathanna Protector  to finish the round . Try to save your Eithne for round 3, since its your most valuable card in this deck.

Matchup tips :


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