Created by user-100014501 Sep 15, 2017

Last Updated Sep 15, 2017 (Gold Immunity)


  • Attack 56
  • Ranged 40
  • Siege 19
  • Total Strength 115
  • Total 25
  • Silver 6
  • Gold 4
  • Scrap Cost 5500
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  • 56
  • 40
  • 19

Brief Summary of Build


Are you bored by the multitude of Dagon, various kinds of Northern realms, and many others meta-cancer.deck infesting the ladder?

Try my new solution! 

I played many different versions of this deck while struggling to pass 3700 mmr and i find this interesting solution combining different lists i saw on the web and I passed the 4000 mmr with an 80%wr from 3700 mmr (I don't use any tracking tool).

Card Combos

Zoltan Chivay + Merigold's Hailstorm (or when you think the opponent can play a merigold storm on your side)

Vrihedd Brigade + Merigold's Hailstorm (or when you think the opponent can play a merigold storm on your side)

Summoning Circle + Opponent's Agent or Yaevinn

Ida Emean for Overdose + Eithnè for Overdose

Hawker Smuggler + Dol Blathanna Trapper

Aglais + Opponent's Merigold's Hailstorm or buffs

Eskel + Yaevinn or Opponent's Agent

General Guide

The deck plays the first turns with hawker smuggler, trying to defend it and make it as bigger as possible. It plays as a control so the key concept of the deck is being always with more cards than the opponent. Try ALWAYS to win the first turn if you have Yaevinn  and especially if you lost the coin (but take a look on card advantage ofc). Instead, try to use Summoning circle on opponent's agent in order to keep always the card advantage. If you managed well the first turns two turns, the last one should be easy. Try to get the maximum number of interactions among the cards and always mull Pyrothecnicians and Morenn. Try to get the best value out of Merigold's hailstorm+Eithnè+Merigold's hailstorm or Merigold+Artifact compression+Eithnè+Artifact compression. The last turn should be focused on recycling your used spells or winning just by having more cards. Try to recycle the best value card with Aglais.

Card Replacements

Eskel > Geralt: Igni

Isengrim > Saesenthessis

Aglais > Schirrú

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