As dorf as it gets

Created by Bogobulj Sep 26, 2017

Last Updated Sep 30, 2017 (Agile Update)

Brouver Hoog

  • Attack 51
  • Ranged 57
  • Siege 15
  • Total Strength 123
  • Total 25
  • Silver 6
  • Gold 4
  • Scrap Cost 5350
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  • 51
  • 57
  • 15

Brief Summary of Build

Name says it all, really. Was thinking about calling it POWER OVERWHELMING. Let that be it official middle name.
It also happens to be a really high power, generaly great and fun to play deck. Main reason for submitting was the stupendous win streak (20/2) I got and the ranks I gained on the back of it. Mid level ranks, but still...
Yes, I hear you say, this deck could actually be more dorfy then it is.True, true. Can it get more point heavy? Not that i can see!

I am fairly myopic.

Card Combos

Main combo, and my personal favorite in gwent, are the multiple Dennis plays. Up to a maximum of 3 (Milva in to decoy or vice versa). This gives you a LOT of power for the duration of the game. It also takes the defenders out of alzur's range . If you have the marauders down, it can give you decent tempo as well.

Zolatan can line up ignis, or save you from them. He can also be used to strip boosted units of their protection from Eskel. He can save you from weather. He is one of the best golds in the game, period.

Barclay is a combo in and of himself. Best used to pull defenders or Yarpen (for more carryover), or marauders (for sheer points),not that there is much to be done about the RNG.

General Guide

Brouver is there to give you a guarantee of at least one Dennis play. In some match-ups it can pull you that Cleaver that you really need, or it can simply give you great tempo with Barclay. He also has the benefit of never really being bad.

Agitators are a amazing tutor-like card that give you more of want you want. Which is powered up dorfs.
An argument can be maid to have three of these in stead of 2 (dropping a skirmisher, maybe). Do as you prefer.

Guards are there to boost your carryover, or for pure points in the last round.
Can also be argued for 3 over 2. I like this argument less though (target dependent buff).

Defenders are resilient. Nuff said.

Dennis is the for the combos described above.

Cleaver locks, and is dorf.

Mercenaries are one half your movement utility (Zoltan being the other), they can also buff and protect from eskel, or they can "heal" your carryover.

Marauders are great for cock-blocking weather or other damaging effects. They also like their buffs. Great card all round.

Igni, post nerf, still wins you rounds. And games. It is probably the one card I am most interested in finding a replacement for (the other zoltan maybe), not because it's bad, mostly because I've been using it since the closed beta in almost every deck.

Eskel is a beast against many match-ups (hensalt,other dorfs). He is also never bad. Well, almost never.

Milva might be might be my favorite card in Gwent. Nobody sees it coming, which you can tell by the rabid mouse-overs. It is so much fun to pull it on people, and is a core part of your main combo. More cards like this CDPR.

The skirmisher is mostly there to make Eskel more usefull more often. You can also kill some odd 3 strengths with it (nekkers come to mind).
Mostly there for variety and flexibility. Can be cut with a clear conscience.

Barclay is described in the combo section. In short, core dorf.

Yarpen is your carry over with a dash of tempo. Try to bait out some locks and removal before you plop him down.

First light clears the skies. Musters sometimes. There for gold weather, for the most part.

Thunderbolt is there to protect/heal carryover.

Mardrome is always good tech, in my opinion. Can also heal your resilient dorfs.

Decoy is the bread and butter gwent card. Bounce Dennis, bounce Barclay, Cleaver, no longer resiliant units, your mom, what ever your heart desires!

Hailstorm is a OP piece of sh... Great card in almost all matchups. You can even help it with your movement cards. It is a disgus... amazing thing to see.





Card Replacements

Dig for agitators, and have at least on copy of the dorf you want in the deck so they can pull him.

You also want as many non bronze cards, golds especially, as possible (per usual).

Good rule of thumb is to have one of each dorf (excluding agitators and possibly the skirmisher).

Dig for first light, marauders and movement against Dagon, dig for madrome and movement against consume.

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