[Top 5] Redrame's Riderdin w/ Guide

Created by Redrame Sep 28, 2017

Last Updated Sep 28, 2017 (Agile Update)

Eredin Bréacc Glas

  • Attack 37
  • Ranged 22
  • Siege 33
  • Total Strength 92
  • Total 25
  • Silver 6
  • Gold 4
  • Scrap Cost 5050
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Brief Summary of Build

Update: No deck update :lul:.  After trying a lot of things briefly, I wasn't incredibly sold on any of my changes.  Dorregaray over Abaya is probably the closest thing I had to a good change.

Hey guys, it's Redrame with another homebrew.  This deck relies on the unfairness of weather and Drowner combined with Wild Hunt Rider, Iris and Caretaker to produce instant huge point swings. 

Quick disclaimer: the deck is slightly weaker now since the meta has shifted heavily towards Henselt, which is this deck's worst matchup.  I hit rank 4 about a week ago, and top 10 several different times.  I was planning to hit rank 1 before posting the guide, but then struggled to get past rank 15-20 over the next few days and then started experimenting with other decks and fell off the radar.  It's still the best way to play Eredin by a significant amount, so if you want to play Eredin in particular rather than just playing a good deck, then I absolutely recommend this one.

 EDIT: CDPR really likes buffing my decks right after I post them.  Axemen were meta-dependent enough that this actually hurt them, but tis Eredin list is independently strong in addition to having some anti-meta tech.  I expect this deck to be super good, go get your freelo.

EDIT: A startup Youtuber by the name of MedievalHistory featured my deck and asked if I could share his content.  Given that I don't have any personal clips for this deck, Iit seemed fitting to include the link to the video here:



Card Combos

Why WIld Hunt Rider?

Wild Hunt Rider is one of the most underrated Bronze cards right now.  Many people compare the card to being a highly conditional Temerian Drummer, and therefore conclude that it is a bad card.  However, there are a lot of subtleties that make Wild Hunt Rider good that most people skip over:  

-It can insta-kill Iris.  That in itself is really strong.

-It can be played proactively when combined with drowner.  This is a really big deal for monsters

-It can be pulled by navigator. 

-It doesn't die to Alzur's Thunder.

-It increases the hard removal potential of your drowners.  A single drowner into a frost with one rider can deal 7 damage to a target, which normally requires an entire bronze card just to do.  2 riders + drowner kills Avallach, often fucking over mill decks.

-If you weren't running riders in this deck, you'd just be running a crappy monster bronze like longship instead.  Drowners are so overstatted right now that the other monster bronzes have been weakened accordingly, meaning that the threshhold for a good bronze card is lower in MO. 

Other Bronzes:

Wild Hunt Hound: Spam spam spam the frost.  If you're player 1 and have a drowner in hand, lead with this card.  You'll occasionally get outtempoed, but winning 2 cards down isn't a  bad result against tempo decks  if you have a long round 3.  If you're player 2, this  card is really good for forcing them to pass early or lose on even.

Drowner: 11 points and a move is stupidly good, and even stronger with frost than it is with fog due to removal potential.  Be careful against mill, since this card is the best Sweers target by far.  If you have frost on an empty row, you should usually play this card as soon as possible rather than getting greedy with it.

Wild Hunt Warrior: Can kill Iris if your frost gets cleared.  Mainly it's just a proactive 11 point play that can be used with navigators.

Wild Hunt Navigator: I only run 1 because Eredin usually makes another one, and there aren't that many opportunities to use them.  However, 3 free points and thinning is really nice, especially in a deck that can generally beat mill.

First Light:  Good in this deck, since the only possible bad rally is Navigator, which is easy to play around.


Iris: The point of the deck.  Play it for 25 points, and optionally use Caretaker on it for 29.  Sometimes you will need to use Caretaker on other targets or to make tokens so that Iris can hit 5 minions, which is perfectly fine.  Play her when you need points, saving for round 3 isn't usually correct, especially since you can just use Caretaker instead.

Frightener: Still an OP spy in a weather deck.  There's so much bullshit you can do with this card.  Usually you want to save it for round 3.  If you're going to open a round wiith Frightener, play it in the ranged row in case you draw White Frost.

White Frost: Moar frost = moar wins.   I tried running the deck without it and found that the frost got disrupted way too often.  White Frost is a particularly strong weather card right now because it is not overly weak to clears like gold weather is, but still generates huge amounts of value.

Jotunn: 15 points in terms of vanilla, kills tokens vs Dagon and sets up weather vs. other decks.  All of those things are very solid.  The fact that he can be a high tempo play is really important since your only other options are Immlerith and Eredin unless you have a rider iris combo set up.

Abaya: Strong weather clear that can also kill iris and/or deny Commander's Horn.  15 points for a silver is also perfectly on par.  Rain is sometimes  useful when you have no other weather to enable Drowner in longer rounds as well.  If you decide to cut First Light for whatever reason, then Abaya is completely mandatory.  Otherwise, Abaya is optional but still recommended as of current.  I've ran into a lot of gold weather lately so I don't plan on removing Abaya right now, but the meta is still in an early phase.

The other two silver slots are pretty flexible in this deck.  I posted the set of silvers I was running when I hit rank 4, but have also had success with Dorregaray, Myrtabrakke, Summoning Circle, and Nithral, all of which are not in the list. 

EDIT: Right now, Dorregaray is probably the highest priority fit.  I'll be keeping my eye on performance since I entend to play this deck a bit more before I find some other meme to make a deck out of.


Immlerith: High value gold for a frost deck, and also a huge play against Marauders.  Punishes people for playing cards into your frost to stop Drowner.  Can also kill Iris in a pinch.

Ge'els: Useful to tutor, and puts your high value cards on top of your deck.  This card can be awkward when you draw all 4 golds but none of your silvers, so consider tossing Caretaker or Caranthir in those situations.  

Caretaker: Combos with Iris, or generically hits a lot of value on DHBC, silver mages, big skellige minions, etc.  Usually summons at least 2 bodies, which is also very nice.

Caranthir: He's never blatantly overpowered, but always pretty strong.  Being able to play a weather that comes out as a 10 point play is really useful in a lot of situations.  The move combats rowstacking and disrupts some decks, and he spawns a frot, which is often more useful than the weather spawned by Woodland Spirit or Drought.  Additionally, if you don't draw Woodland Spirit, you end up eating the Harpy and Foglet a decent amount of the time with Eredin.




General Guide


Skellige: Your opponent will probably set up carryover turn 1, so know that you can't afford to win -2.  Luckily, they don't have many good tempo plays, so this should be doable.  Focus your efforts on killing Morkvaarg, but watch out to make sure that Cerys doesn't put your opponent ahead.  If your opponent is too unwilling to pass, pass on them once you have a 15 point lead since they can't produce this many points and you can scorch Ekimmara.  Because of this, your opponent will likely pass pretty early, in which case you should be able to bully them with a long round 3. Try to avoid playing frost on the siege row to avoid giving them restore targets or the ability to replay Gremist.  You want to commit to either playing everything on the same row or splitting the rows as evenly as possible to play around Whale Harpooner.  

Caretaker has a lot of great uses in this matchup outlined in the comments.    

Spellatael: Going 2nd=free win.  Eredin is a really good choice vs. this deck, and that is one of the big incentives for running Eredin.  Don't use scorch round 1 unless it guarantees a win on even or you really need points.  Bully the shit out of Farseers with Drowners, Warriors, Riders.  They have no way to deal with your bullshit.  Lead frost on melee or siege row (so that you can play White Frost if you need to, though you usually shouldn't).  

Mill: Play frost on or drown minions that have more than 8 health or can grow to be more than 8 health.  Try to get 2 riders down and keep a frost on that row.  If they play avallach, kill it with drowner+riders if possible, otherwise scorch.  Watch out for Sweers.  Caretaker is usually best played on Assire if possible.  This matchup takes a little getting used to, but is very rarely not a free win once you learn it (usually you lose to a highroll Sweers or random bullshit like triple standard bearer + first light).  If you are really struggling with this matchup and don't run into a lot of weather, consider cutting First Light for 

Dagon: Most Dagon decks are now token-based.  This is a problem because Harpy Eggs and the little Harpy shits clog up your riders, while most of the minions that they play are also capable of undercutting your Scorch.  Woodland Spirit is very scary for a deck without good tempo plays.  Expect to win 2 cards down if you lose the coinflip and your opponent draws the Woodland.  If you win the round, it is very rarely correct to do anything other than instant pass here.  It is very tempting to instant pass against this deck as player 1, but doing so almost always ends badly.  

If you're lucky to find a consume variant instead, beating that with Eredin is significantly easier, since Vran Warrior makes for a huge scorch play while also enabling Iris for you.  Vran Warrior is the most overpowered spy in the game :).  You will likely have to take round 1 2 cards down regardless, or 1 card down while they have carryover.  But as long as round 1 isn't long, this is fine for you.

Spies: Hahahahaha spies.  Drowner trades for impera enforcers with a net of +5 points.  That's just nuts.  Lead with frost on siege or ranged, depending on the situation.

NR: Ayy lmao patch.  I honestly think Henselt would still give this deck problems, but the meta currently thinks Henselt is dead so it doesn't matter (and for good reason... I tried playing henselt in TGO earlier and kept finding spell decks).  Foltest is quite possibly stronger than Henselt, but probably also easier for Eredin.  

On a side note, I'm glad that Northern Realms is finally an underdog again, since I really enjoy NR deckbuilding when it doesn't involve the exact same cards every time.  Expect me to try to make a decent NR in the future (though honestly I might fail).




Card Replacements

Bronzes: Pretty set in stone, unless you run Woodland, in which case you can cut First Light and one Rider for Harpy and Foglet.  Rider->Foglet is optional since you can't replay it if the weather gets cleared. 

EDIT: One of the toughest post-patch matchups (and the only one I found myself struggling with at all) seems to be the token variant of Dagon.  If you're looking to maximize this matchup, you can add a Lacerate or possibly even 2 of them to help out here, since the card is pretty good in general thanks to Jotunn.  I am going to experiment with fitting Lacerate in for various bronzes, but so far I haven't concluded that it's obviously superior, especially since you really want multiple copies of the Wild Hunt units. 

Silvers: Mentioned Above in the Card Combos section.

Golds: Woodland or Drought for Caranthir.  If you choose Woodland, cut First Light and either navigator or one rider for Harpy and Foglet.  Admittedly, I haven't tried Drought yet, but it's the theoretical next best gold for sure.  

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