*GUIDE UPDATE* (37 Foltest) NR is not dead

Created by Venis90 Oct 7, 2017

Last Updated Oct 8, 2017 (Agile Update)

King Foltest

  • Attack 68
  • Ranged 16
  • Siege 45
  • Total Strength 129
  • Total 37
  • Silver 6
  • Gold 4
  • Scrap Cost 6260
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  • 68
  • 16
  • 45

Brief Summary of Build


I will make guide after 5 likes :)

No likes. FeelsBadMan But this is guide. 5 likes PogChamp wow thank you. First sorry for bad grammar. English isn't my first language

Why Foltest?

Foltest boost all cards in our hand, deck and board, so more cards we have in our deck , Foltest is stronger.

Why you don't play dun banner light cavallery?

This deck is about very high tempo plays so cavalery is dificult to pull without Thaler. I played 10 games with cavalery and they have never got pull.

Why no Thaler?

Silver slots are to tight to fit spy. And with this build spy would have very high chance to draw blank card.

Why Ves? 

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Ves really helps you with muligan. The only oficer in the deck is John Natalis, but i think she is still good. She's soldier so you always can pull her from Reinforcement

Why gigini?

"Nobody runs Igni" - Swim 2K17

Of course you can try every card you like. This is my version. You can modify this deck as you like. I'm open to discusion about the deck.

General Guide

How to muligan with this deck?

blue stipes comando ==> multipe temerian infantryman ==> biting frost ==> witch hunters ==> witchers ==> potions

If you win coinflip you can open with Aretuza (1 more frost tick) and then play Foltest. 

Matchups guide:

Dagon Swarm:

Play round 1 until Woodland Spirit. Then Try to pass with 1 card up. Don't be afraid of using your high tempo play(witchers, temerian infantryman). When opponent Renew into Woodland in 3 round use Yennefer to counter it. Aretuza Adept and Battering Ram are useful for breaking harpy eggs. This muchup is 10x easier when you have access for Yennefer, so don't waste your Royal Decree. Without Yen it will be tough.

Discard Skelige:

Use frost to kill Morkvarg. Be aware of Gremist(Sigdrifa/Restore). Don't be afraid of going for 2-0.

Mill NG:

37 card deck? EZ

Spy NG:

Use Frost to kill Impera Enforces. Witch hunters are MVP here. You can reset Impera Brigade or Joachim de Wett target. In this matchup you can keep multipe Witch Hunters. Keep your high tempo plays for last round. 



Card Replacements

The only gold that i think is replaceable is Geralt: Igni. Keira Metz, Eskel, Philippa are solid options. Vesemir is really interesing idea (i will test him later).

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